Tuesday, 13 September 2016

School boy bullied over plebiscite debate travels to Canberra - tells Turnbull off

Eddie, traveledto Canberra with his mums over SSM debate
Letter from Eddie to Turnbull

The raging loonies christians have been going about saying all sorts of things simply from the idea of a plebiscite. Some of the Twitter comments have been positively grotesque. For me it's laughable, but I'm not young in a school playground.

So one of these kids, Eddie, traveled to Canberra with his family to watch parliament debate the plebiscite. The opposition took up his cause and used it in question time. Turnbull's reply that it was all political disgusted everyone, including Eddie, who then wrote a letter to Turnbull telling him "That really upset me".

Good isn't it how kids can get straight to the point :)
Eddie, the 13 year-old son of a same-sex couple, became a focal point of plebiscite debate in parliament during question time on Tuesday.

But the community had always been welcoming and Eddie, 13, has never had major problems at school.

"Our family was a non-event," Claire Blewett said.

That was until this year, when Eddie started high school and the bullying started.

"People were saying stuff about my family - that it's not normal, it's not right," Eddie says.

As well as the new school, Neroli Dickson thinks the national debate about a plebiscite on same-sex marriage played a part in the bullying.

"It has given people permission to say things in the playground - to pass on what they've heard at the dinner table," she says.

Things got so bad for Eddie that Claire and Neroli pulled him out of the school and enrolled him at a new one.

The name-calling has now stopped. But they are worried a plebiscite campaign would make other kids to go through what Eddie did. Sydney Morning Herald  

Eddie with his two mums