Thursday, 22 September 2016

Discrimination case has escalated to Victimisation as well

A lady from the anti-discrimination board rang yesterday and had a long talk about the discrimination complaint against the Oxford Hotel, and the homphobic thug they had for a bouncer that night a while back. 

On discussing with us the case has escalated. I've addressed our emials as from both of us in correspondence with them, so it's not just me making the complaint it's both of us. 

Also David has now been banned from 4 premises over it including the Oxford Hotel, where the event happened. I suspect the security company is the same one at all 4 premises. They wouldn't let him in at one pub is how we found this out. Bouncer told him these other venues had him banned (including The Oxford) and so had the pub we were trying to enter. Also to talk with management about it. 

Which I did via email telling this new pub that they were involving themselves in a complaint that is presently being investigated by the anti-discrimination board against the Oxford Hotel. Management completely backed down and said he was really only banned for that night because he was "intoxicated". A lie but I was pleased to know that he wasn't banned indefinitely as the bouncer first said. Victory.

So the lady in the phone yesterday from the anti-discrimination board was very interested in this further event in the case against the Oxford. After talking about it with me for some time she decided that the complaint should now be expanded to include Victimisation.

That's quite an escalation. Doubling the complaints, and adding another violation of the law to the complaint :)

Good job. Nobody should be treated like were were that night, particularly by an inner city Sydney pub. A pub that proclaims gay friendliness and makes bazillions at Mardi Gras time, should not have a six foot tall thug homophobe bouncer at it's main entrance door. After all, they're the ones ultimately responsible for what happened by having such a dense knuckle dragging anger filled moron there.