Thursday, 8 September 2016

Carers allowance on the chopping block - Lieberals

The gov chopping block (via Greens email)

Good grief. Is there no end to this gov's inhumanity?

Now that they've booted a whole bunch of people off the Disability Support Pension and put them on the dole and told them to get a job, they're now looking at the measly pittance payment called the Carers Allowance. All of about $120 a fortnight. Fuckin penny pinching Scrooges.

The Carers Allowance was bought in by the Howard gov and is paid to people who look after the ill at home. It saves the gov much money in otherwise providing services for care. Again, it's only $120 a fortnight

It seems they're wanting to do to the Carers Allowance what they did to the DSP, by linking it to the mind boggling disability tests that were bought in the other year. 

By Labor BTW. I claimed the DSP a few months after the new tests came in. The gov is now applying that new criteria to those under 35 who have gotten the DSP before that. Hence the reason why many have been chucked off the DSP and put on Newstart. Some of those people are in wheelchairs FFS. Apparently being in a wheelchair isn't disabled enough :s
The government began a ­review of these payments last year, looking at the test of what and how much caring was involved because “the current asses­sment process may not be targeting payments ­appropriately”. 

Government sources have told The Australian there was “clear room to move” in the area. 

Any changes to the payment would be similar to those brought to bear on the Disability Support Pension when impairment tables were reformed under Labor and more stringent medical tests ­applied under the Coalition, changes that have significantly slowed the growth in value. The Australian (Lieberal bugle)