Tuesday, 27 September 2016

"You can't negotiate against prejuduce" - Penny Wong, Q&A

Penny Wong remembers the last time Pauline Hanson came to power in Canberra as back then Hanson was saying Australia would all be swamped by Asians instead of Muslims now. Ironically this time around with Hanson, Wong still remains in her sights with Wong in a same sex relationship and advocating for marriage equality.

Hanson the other day told us gays to piss off overseas and live in a country where gay marriage was legal if we didn't like it here not being able to, as well as ridiculing the effects a plebiscite would have on young Australian LGBT.
In an interview on the gay and lesbian radio station Joy FM in Melbourne, the One Nation leader also said she believes fears about hate speech and the mental health risks to young people of a plebiscite, which she wants delayed and held alongside the next federal election, are being overblown. 

"I think you are actually blowing that out of proportion to make that an excuse why you shouldn't have a plebiscite," she said on Saturday. 

Challenged on the mental health research from groups like beyondblue, Senator Hanson said: "I disagree with that; I don't believe there's going to be hate. I think it would be a balanced debate." Sydney Morning Herald
This seems to be the line adopted by the Lieberals, saying that the LGBT are overstating mental health issues and that the debate will be respectful (despite already three Lieberal party members from NSW being caught out behind an anti-gay marriage leaflet full of lies). In fact Turnbull himself has been getting up in parliament saying how respectful it's all going to be.

I myself have had the same thing told to me online, that we're making this stuff up and "nobody kills themselves over a vote". It just shows complete ignorance of the LGBT, and complete arrogance that people who know nothing about us would be so confident in making such judgements about us.

The very same people that would be voting in a plebiscite.

Wong states here that the plebiscite isn't about marriage equality, but the internal politics of the Lieberal party. No wonder the negotiations fell down over it the other day with Labor. The Lieberals wouldn't budge, didn't even bring anything to the negotiating table. Just kept on "plebiscite, plebiscite...."  After all, you can't negotiate with prejudice.

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