Wednesday, 21 September 2016

US hate pastor banned from South Africa and UK :)

Hate pastor goes whaaaaa........
I've known of the Pastor Anderson for some time. Lately he was one of the church pastors who were celebrating gay deaths in Orlando

He was planning a US christian missionary hate tour of South Africa preaching US fundamentalist christian hate against us gays. However after online campaigns and outrage, South Africa has banned him from Entering the country.

So he decided, it appears, that he decided on Botswana and his new place of hate preaching, sort of a sad second to South Africa. But unfortunately for him he can't even travel through South Africa to Botswana, and had to do some major reorganising of his travel to even get to Botswana.

Also unfortunately for him his travel arrangements have now been even more fucked up. He was to connect through the UK to South Africa, but the UK has also banned him from entering their country. My my, this bloke must be a real piece of christian work eh?

So his travel plans now involve 2 days of travel just to get to Botswana in a very roundabout way. Watch in this video as he whinges about it all. Poor persecuted precious christian.....