Monday, 19 September 2016

ACL forced to cancel hate event at Mercure Hotel - thanks to Pauline Pantsdown :)

More love from the christians.....
Good job Pauline!

The Mercure Hotel at Sydney airport was to host the Australian Christian Lobby in another of it's hate filled events against the LGBT. However word got out about it, and our dear LGBT warrior Pauline Panstdown lead the charge against the hotel hosting the event. 

The hotel was forced to shut down it's social media accounts as the LGBT sent it's online ratings through the floor as well as the hotel recieving a number of phone calls about it. In the end the evil haters the ACL were forced to cancel at the hotel.
Pauline Pantsdown

Although there wasn't any threats of violence, the ACL said they cancelled over "safety concerns". Oh please..... scared of being glitter bombed perhaps? Typical of them, project their own hate on to us.
‘The ACL have advised their event will no longer be held at Mercure Sydney Airport due to safety and security concerns for guests and staff.’ 

A representative from Mercure’s parent company AccorHotels Australia group, Ginni Post, was able to confirm with SameSame that the ACL booking had been cancelled. 

Post cited safety and security concerns for hotel guests and staff as the reason for the cancellation, telling SameSame that they had received a number of phone calls in addition to the social media posts. 

When asked if the decision to cancel was brought about by the hotel, or the Australian Christian Lobby, Post indicated it was a joint decision, telling SameSame it had been ‘reviewed on all parts.’ 

Post made the point that all AccorHotels remained neutral when it came to the content or subject of their event bookings, and are proud of their diversity track record telling us, ‘as an organisation, we’re very welcoming.’ 

When asked how the hotel would have responded to an LGBTIQA community member staying at an Accor group hotel feeling unwelcome or unsafe in a venue hosting the ACL, Post declined to comment., telling SameSame ‘We’ll have to leave it there.’ 

Activist Pauline Pantsdown, who lead the online action calling for Mercure to cancel the booking, has congratulated Accor in a Facebook post. Same Same