Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Had a terrible day yesterday

Cat's are very soothing :)

Far out. Don't want another day like that in a hurry.

Woke up aching all over, but it seemed to be coming mostly from my back and radiating from there. Got up and sat in a chair for a bit, but it kept hurting more and more. Back hurting top to bottom, shoulders and neck, and the pain going down my arms. Even the thighs were sore. 

Of course eventually there came the change in breathing, shortness of breath, anxiety and panic. I've seemed to be having a few panic attacks like this lately, which all seem to have started from severe back pain. Hands went a bit numb, and then feeling like I was going to pass out. Could barely get back to bed and just layed there trying to think of something pleasant.

Luckily Natasha the 14 year old cat was luxuriating on the bed next to me, which was very pleasant :)

Later on after calming down somewhat, tried getting up again and sitting in a chair. Same thing happened, only worse the second time. Took a while to settle after just getting to the bed. Nearly told David it might be time for an ambulance I felt so bad, however eventually equilibrium returned.

Later on tried a third time and thankfully was OK enough to sit and watch telly for a bit. Felt tired from the experience though. We just watched a couple of movies quietly for the rest of the afternoon and evening, had a nice meal (home cooked of course) and went back to bed.