Thursday, 15 September 2016

"We would have to get divorced" - Janet Rice on Aust marriage laws & plebiscite

One of the best speeches I've heard against the current Australian marriage laws, against the plebiscite, and a way forward with a free vote in parliament.

For those who may not know, Janet Rice (of the Greens) has been married for 30 years to her partner. When married he was Peter, but has now transgendered to Penny. Under current Australian marriage law if Penny was allowed to change her birth certificate to Penny a woman, then that would make their marriage of 30 years illegal. Thus they'd have to get divorced. How completely absurd and antiquated.

So not only are the current marriage laws preventing same sex marriage, they're putting existing marriages under threat. They're a complete anachronism.

Rice also lays out clearly why the plebiscite is so wrong. News flash, the LGBT suffer from depression more than the straight community. Myself included. Have been seeing my psychologist since 2009 when I went through 6 months of being intensely suicidal. Long story there, but one of the issues was getting diagnosed with HIV.

Imagine a young person struggling to self identify with who they are being subjected to $7.5million of hate speech against them?