Saturday, 10 September 2016

The death of David's PC

Actually I'm not surprised. He's used the thing to death. For someone who wasn't into PC's when I met him it's been surprising how fast he took to it. That and the internet is our main source of entertainment. Torrents aplenty... what are adds? It's excellent for those days when we've got no money and just sitting around at home.

But alas David's Dell PC has died a particularly fatal death. We're talking the dreaded blue screen of death, with no chance of resuscitation. It says the hard drive isn't installed, so it may very well have been corrupted somehow.

He can get another one for the replacement value so that's OK. However he's a bit of a procrastinator at times and hasn't gotten around to going to the shop to get a new one. Which means his PC habit has been temporarily transferred to mine. Cripes, I can't get near mine half the time! Although I have been very tired and run down lately so the sleep is doing me good.

Haven't been impressed with Dell at all. The thing's had hiccups ever since he bought it. My one's a full year older than his was and haven't had any issues at all. Is an HP. Won't be getting another one.

On this occasion it started going really slowly for no reason. I suggested a system restore, which it did but was never able to restart.