Saturday, 17 September 2016

QLD finally passes equal age of consent laws for LGBT

I didn't know this, but until yesterday a young sexually active person could face up to 14years jail in Queensland for engaging in anal sex with someone under 18. In other states the age of consent is uniform for both gays and straights at 16.

The law has finally changed, bringing Queensland into line with other states at 16. A big win for HIV prevention. I mean who would go to get checked out by the doctor if they might end up in jail for 14yrs?
“By removing anachronistic value laden language and ensuring equality in the age of consent, the bill will not only improve sexual health outcomes, but also mental health outcomes for young Queenslanders,” said the Queensland Health Minister Cameron Dick. 

The Queensland AIDS Council executive director Michael Scott said, “We were concerned that with the inequality of age of consent, young people who are sexually active are reluctant to access sexual health services including HIV and other STI testing and preventative health education for fear of being prosecuted.” Junkee