Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Barnyard Joyce flounders over $50k donation from Gina Rinehart

Barnyard at "arms length" from Gina XXX

Our illustrious acting Prime Minister Barnyard Joyce, from the barely relevant National Party (what percentage of votes did they get in the election to have Barnyard now as acting PM?) has been grilled in an ABC interview about his party getting a $50 donation from mining magnate Gina Rinehart.

This at a time when the Lieberals are throwing Molotov cocktails from their glass house at the Labor party and Senator Sam Dastyari taking an under $2,000 donation from Chinese.

He claims that he is at "arms length" from political donations to his party. Does the picture above look like arms length?
LEIGH SALES: Why I keep labouring this is because I think that it's the sort of question people at home want explained. 

BARNABY JOYCE: Yeah, sure. 

LEIGH SALES: When somebody gives money to a political party, whether that money is spent on campaigning or whatever, they presumably give it because they want something in return, they're not just giving it for fun? 

BARNABY JOYCE: Well, like there's individuals who give money to political campaigns, they give it to a political party. It is auditable. There is an arm's length between the individual and that person, via the political party. The political, if you want to test it, I have been fighting against the unrestricted movement of mines on to farmlands for as long as we've been talking to one another. That has never changed, it has never changed lately. It's never changed in recent time. ABC