Monday, October 20, 2014

The private debt real budget emergency - 150% GDP

Oh look what's happened since Reaganomics fucked up everything:

Look at the gov debt in the black line and notice how low it is even now, yet the gov is trying to fuck us over justifying it with a gov debt "budget emergency".

Note the large elephant in the room, in this case the red line representing private debt. You know, those "market forces" type people. Oh........  fuuuuccckkkkkk........  

Now what do you think a gov should do about this private debt emergency, presently running at nearly 150% of GDP? Oh yeah, get me to pay $7 to see a doctor. Yeah right, that'll fix it. Trying to get blood out of a stone doesn't look to me like any sort of effective remedy here :s
After the onset of the GFC, the non-financial business and non-banking financial sectors sharply deleveraged, but household debt continued rising. Mortgage debt reached a new peak in 2014, narrowly edging out the previous peak established in 2010, which coincides with the latest housing price booms in Sydney and Melbourne. 

The following figure compares consolidated federal and state/local debt to consolidated household and non-financial business debt, where consistent long-term data are available. Clearly, the problem is not public debt, but private – and this departure is without precedent.more
I note that much of this private debt is tied up in Australia's massively outrageously over priced real estate, with mortgage debt reaching a peak this year. Hmmmmmmmm....... Things are all lining up here....... 

OK, massively overpriced real estate in a 30 year built up bubble, The bubble reaching a new peak this year as mortgage debt hugely contributes to a national private debt equaling 150% of GDP.

Enter Abbott.

Destroys car industry, destroys renewables industry, backs a loser being coal, outsources Australian jobs to overseas, preaches "market forces austerity" and tries to starve economy of gov money, sacks thousand of workers (public servants), wants to bring in laws to reduce penalty rates and wages, and on and on...... unemployment suddenly at a 10 year high.......

And suddenly people can't afford to service their debt.......


Coal industry value dives 60% in two years

With the capitalist maniac "markets will solve all" doctrine of the Abbott gov, you'd think they'd listen to something like "market forces" and take responsible action for the future as a gov.

But no, with the coal industry losing 60% of it's value in the last two years, Abbott wants to dig up the Reef to mine more coal. Imagine running a company like that? The shareholders would string you up.

Collectively, these companies were worth $15 billion in January 2012 but as of September 2014 were a shadow of their former selves, losing over 60% of their collective worth to be now valued at $5.9 billion. 

Even the big, diversified miners have struggled. While the ASX 200 has grown 40% since January 2012, both BHP and Rio have underperformed the market, only briefly poking their share prices into relatively positive territory. more  

Seriously demented Ebola politicking - US

I'm almost speechless. What is wrong with these people?  I've seen some crazy political shit come out of the US but honestly this takes the cake. 

I see now how HIV became so politicised in the US. They're doing to Ebola what they did to HIV.

BTW for what it's worth, I'd not wish the US health care system on my worst enemy, let alone Ebola. 


MH17 shot down with captured missile - German intelligence

Tony Abbott's "shirtfronting" threat now looks even more embarrassing for him. Putin has always said that Russia wasn't responsible for shooting down the plane. Now according to German intelligence, this wasn't the case at all. They reckon it was shot down by pro-Russian rebels who captured the missile from a Ukrainian base.
German intelligence has reportedly accused pro-Russian rebels of shooting down a Malaysian passenger jet over Ukraine using missiles captured from government forces. 

Kiev and the West have previously charged that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was blown out of the sky in July by separatist fighters using a BUK surface-to-air system supplied by Russia, charges denied by Moscow. 

But the head of Germany's BND foreign spy agency Gerhard Schindler said intelligence indicated the rebels had captured a BUK system from a Ukrainian base and fired a missile that exploded directly next to the plane, Spiegel magazine reported. Read more 
Shit Tone, what have you done? Let's see you extricate yourself out of this fuckin mess you've got yourself in to. Perhaps a grovelling apology to Putin in front of all might suffice?


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Most beautiful New Zealand gay wedding - Australians

Gay Aussies are flocking to New Zealand to get married. Another way Abbott has fucked up the Australian economy. How much money was spent in NZ on this wedding?

It's just beautiful the whole thing.

Angela & Sophie's Wedding Film from Side Project on Vimeo.

WTF is going on with my Google+ profile?

Nearly fainted. Don't have much to do with that Google+ thing these days. Tried it for a while on a gay community but it was too restrictive. There were moderators there (gasp) who took it upon themselves to censor the place so severely that people got the shits and stopped posting. Including me. I'm not good in groups. I like to be able to say what I like without being fuckin censored. Common sense plays the biggest role in that.

Since then I've not bothered going back to Google+ for anything. I hated facebook, this tiny little strip in the middle of the screen that I could barely read the words they were so small. And navigating around facebook was the most frustrating experience. Nothing seems to be where you'd expect it to be.

Google plus is a bit better but not much. It still has those terrible restrictions and you have to make everything you want to say fit into this tiny little box thing that hardly anyone can see my age it's so fuckin small. Haven't been back there for months and months.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this:

1.25 million views? WTF? 

Obamacare reveals doctors on the take - US

Utterly corrupt.

Obamacare it turns out has a surprise provision that nobody noticed until recently; that the doctors have to reveal how much big pharma is paying them off. Shit, they're not gonna like that one!

This is what happens when health care is handed completely to private industry.


Corporate media goes bananas about Ebola - US

Far out. ISIS and Ebola? Oh please.......


China is now the worlds biggest economy

Well it has happened. The US is no longer king of the castle, as China takes on the mantle of the worlds largest economy. Yes folks, the times they are a changing.

There's a general trend away now from the US and it's crazy economic ideology. Honestly, China and Russia must be collectively scratching their head at what those fuckin looneys are up to in Washington. Not to mention Canberra, indeed Pravda described Abbott to a T, being in the hands of corporate interests.

So whilst the west is locked into an almost financial civil war with itself as the capitalist corporations have a go at usurping our sovereign gov's for the mighty $, China, Russia, India see our folly and are going about things in their own way. Not bound by corporate doctrines, their economies are doing much better than ours. In fact economies always to better with gov involvement, despite what the Washington maniacs will say. In essence, the west has lost the economic plot.

The new economies will be in the east and the Asia Pacific. 
Especially as, in addition to crossing this threshold, the US, after having tried to impress the world with an overflowing militarism during the Ukrainian crisis, is revealing a major strategic weakness in its “management” of the Iraqi crisis. A strong-arm policy which seemed to require the world to remain under US tutelage for an as yet undefined time is coming to an end. 

Both these two indicators enable us to see the beginnings of a major turning point in the unfolding of the global systemic crisis: a tilt from a US world to a Chinese world… more  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hello Kenya :)

Oh how utterly marvelous! For the first time ever the views from a country in Africa have made it onto the top ten views list for the last week. That being Kenya.

Hello to any of the darlings in Kenya reading this xxx


Australia's growing poverty crisis

Forget your fuckin balance sheet SSJoe. If this isn't a crisis I don't know what is. If these numbers keep going up there's going to end up be a very lot of disenchanted members of the community out there with no faith in the society in which they live. Quite apart from anything else, social order comes to mind. 
On Sunday 12 October 2014 ACOSS released a new report revealing that poverty is growing in Australia with an estimated 2.5 million people or 13.9% of all people living below the internationally accepted poverty line. 

The report provides the most up to date picture of poverty in the nation drawing on new data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Income and Expenditure surveys for 2011-12 and previous years. It found that 603,000 or 17.7% of all children were living in poverty in Australia. more
I'm not betting on Abbott doing anything about it. Apparently we all deserve poverty because we're not catholics lunching with Pell. 

What does a corporate run gov care about poverty? Nothing I'd suggest. Those bloody gov's that hand out our corporate dollar to the poor! How dare they! Bloody leaners! Get a fuckin job! bla.....


Pacific Climate Warriors protest in path of coal ships - Australia

The times are a changing baby. I remember in the early 80's when protestors stopped a US nuclear powered warship in it's tracks in the middle of Auckland Harbour. Now in Australia, members of Pacific Island countries are protesting the coal ships leaving Australia. Literally.
The Pacific Climate Warriors have traveled from 12 Pacific Islands to Australia, to take the fight to save their homes directly to the fossil fuel industry. 

Using traditional canoes, 30 Pacific Climate Warriors paddled into the oncoming path of coal ships in an effort to shut down the world’s biggest coal port for a day. 

We know the Pacific Warriors actions are going to be so powerful the fossil fuel industry will need to launch their multi-million dollar PR machines in an attempt to dismiss them. But we are going to make so much noise that that we will be impossible for even the most mighty PR machine to dismiss. 

Stand with the Pacific Warriors and show the fossil fuel industry, and the world, that they are not acting alone by adding your name to the letter of solidarity on this page. 

By signing on this letter you will show the fossil fuel industry that the Pacific Climate Warriors are supported by people from around the world. sign  

Climate action rally - Perth

An excellent report from Perth on their climate action rally they recently had as part of the world day of action.

I note what's said near the end; that we the people have to be stronger than the corporations running our gov.


Ebola is gods revenge - christian meltdown

Far out, this is really something to see. I dunno where to start with this. The guy is obviously psychotic. That's the only explanation I can come to. He's living in some imaginary world.

Interesting again though. The third time this week I've come across maniac christian bla-ing about Ebola. Looks to me like it's replaced HIV as the gods-revenge-death-plague.


Divestment Day in dirty fuels

I only just saw this, a day when people close accounts at their bank because of it's dirty fossil fuel investments. There's a bit of a blog thing going about it. Wonder what the banks think about this then?