Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Is Abbott buying facebook "likes"?

From New Deli? 395,000 likes? Oh please.......


Townsville protests Abbott climate change denial :)

This anti-Abbott protest is catching on. Here is one from Townsville in far north Queensland, right smack in the Great Barrier Reef area :)


"Abbott is poison" - Victorian Lieberal election campaigners

Abbott is being kept away from the Lieberal Victorian election campaign. Voters will toss out the Lieberal Victorian gov this Sat after only one term. Lieberal campaigners have called Abbott poison.

Seriously, why haven't the Lieberals turfed him by now? Oh yeah, they're completely out of touch.....
“He’s box office poison,’’ a Liberal campaign strategist said. “It’s not the sole reason we’re in trouble of course, but Tony Abbott and the Abbott Government is a piece of the pie. 

“The higher education reforms are just killing us. “The $100,000 degree thing has just stuck. It’s common knowledge that after the federal budget a lot of the state candidates were told in May to get out of field. They were told to stop campaigning. It was counter-productive. They stopped door-knocking.’’ 

Mr Abbott has visited Victoria just three times during the campaign. 

Last week he travelled to Melbourne to attend a dinner for visiting Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi, but he did not campaign. 

Mr Abbott also appeared at a closed event on November 8 for the media to announce a $250 million upgrade of the Tullamarine Freeway. 

Previously, he announced a joint police taskforce into Industrial Criminality and Corruption on October 31. 

During the event, there was an awkward hug between Mr Abbott and Mr Napthine that prompted one of the Victorian Premier’s staffers to say, “Oh s---’’, in front of reporters, a moment that was recorded on a journalist’s tape recorder. 

Asked about the pair’s relationship, Mr Napthine said at the press conference that he had a “positive relationship”, before the Prime Minister put his arms around him and squeezed him in a hug. more  

Victorian councillor tries to ban LGBT promotions

Beware the Rise Up crazies are about. This one in the form of a councillor who has put up a proposal to ban all LGBT promotions in the city of Casey. The first vote failed as half the council walked out in disgust, there's another attempt Thursday.
Her motion also called for council’s public relations department to stop issuing media releases relating to sexual orientation or anything LGBTI-related, that council staff’s LGBTI diversity training should stop, that signs by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria (GLVH) should be taken down, and that council committees should not be used to promote LGBTI-vested interest.

Speaking to the Star Observer yesterday, Crestani defended her proposal, saying the “special treatment” given to LGBTI people meant they were also “continuing to discriminate against the heterosexual community”.

She said she did not believe one group should be favoured over another, and did not believe LGBTI people were a marginalised group. more
Related is some Lord from somewhere who has come to her defence thus:
Meanwhile, she consulted an expert in non-heterosexual lifestyles, who confirmed that the QWERTYs were far more promiscuous than the heterosexual community: Official survey after official survey had shown that homosexuals had an average of 500-1,000 partners in their sexually active lifetime, and that some had as many as 20,000. One wonders how they found time for anything else. 

The wages of promiscuity is deadly disease. It is now at last admitted, even in official circles, that HIV is chiefly a disease of homosexuals and drug-abusers – and that a far greater percentage of homosexuals than heterosexuals do drugs. AIDS, then, is at root a “gay” disease, and officialdom’s terrified refusal to admit that fact has killed 36 million worldwide. 

Councillor Crestani was so shocked by the official mortality figures for homosexuals that she proposes to circulate a memorandum to all councillors and staff giving them detailed statistics for promiscuity, prevalence of HIV and many other sexually transmitted diseases, and for the consequently short, miserable lives and high death rate of homosexuals. 

As the experts she has consulted have pointed out, the QWERTYs – who represent about 0.5 percent of the population – have brilliantly promoted themselves by carefully shifting the debate away from what homosexuals actually do to each other (just ask any proctologist: all of them are heartily sick of trying to repair the gross damage caused by deviant sexual practices) and on to “celebrating” what is misleadingly presented as a “valid alternative lifestyle.” Deathstyle, more like. Read more
I note said councillor is an upper house candidate for the Victorian state election. Like I said, beware people, the crazies are about.

Update sicko neighbour

Well the plot thickens.....

Turns out the sicko who peered into the bathroom window whilst David was peeing, then laughing at him through the window when he reacted, has some history of being pulled up over loitering around the common areas and making a general nuisance of himself. Things like pissing in the common area gardens, not to mention the trouble he created generally recently by lying about things.

Turns out also the picture I took out the back door the other day that he denied running in and saying some crap about an evil picture taking car plot, had his head in the background looking directly at the camera. Busted. I emailed it to the other neighbour asking him why he was protecting this dickhead liar. Neighbour friend came over apologising profusely. So now neighbour friend is bloody pissed off with sicko neighbour too.

So anyway I emailed the real estate agent/landlord who I get on very well with asking if something could be done about it, explaining the cops had been called on him already. Landlord is now on the case. This could get interesting. I wonder if an eviction may be threatened? Perhaps, we shall see.....  

Monday, November 24, 2014

"Don't Send Renewable Jobs Offshore!"

"Promises, Broken"

Shorten carpet bombs Abbott - Canberra :)

Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten today clobbered Abbott and his pissy gov big time. I've always had faith in Shorten. He is an extremely intelligent man. I'd put that intelligence up with Keating and Hawke. 

Many have harassed Labor online, saying Shorten was missing in action when Abbott was declaring war on the poor. I disagree completely. He was simply biding his time, giving Abbott enough rope, presently seeing Abbott hang himself at the G20 and more presently hang himself over his no cuts promise the day before the election.

Watch as Shorten annialiates the Abbott gov today in Canberra, in such a Keating fashion.....



Walking dead latest - crazy priest nutbag? *spoiler alert*

The priest escapes from his church by ripping up floorboards and crawling out underneath. He stumbles on a bloody great nail that looks like it about goes through his whole foot. He proceeds on. The resolution to the priest will come in further shows. Will he turn into some kind of maniac priest nutjob?

The plot thickens....... 

Psychologist appt

Been out most of the day. Had two appts. One the psychologist and the other at the dental hospital. Had to get the partial plate repaired. After nearly a year a couple of the clamps had broken off so they were getting a touch loose. 

The psychologist appt was very full with much to discuss. Certainly the happenings of yesterday took up a large part. Mind you the psychologist was rather glad the neighbour was now no longer a friend. The guy has a dubious character at times. He's very happy with David's influence in that area :)

Discussed also my ending as a client with BGF. Explained the absurdity of what they expected at every turn, and the final straw of the prescriptions. He thought describing it as being treated like a "suspect" was an interesting way to put it. Also interesting was that he'd heard bad things about BGF from other people as well. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pervert neigbour - cops called

Good grief, what a bullshit event today :s

So there's been a bit of a happening last couple of days. Basically it involves a neighbour causing trouble between other neighbours (us being part of that). Both David and I gave this fuckwit a bloody big piece of our minds, in a very Australian way. Other neighbour apologetic but still loyal to said fuckwit neighbour. Myself I've known them for nine years nearly, one of them I'd considered one of the few friends I'd managed to accomplish over life (have never been good at making friends). The other a friend of his that I considered no more than an acquaintance; my mate's friend not mine but happy to have a laugh socially with him. However it all turned to shit yesterday.

The acquaintance decided to create trouble yesterday. I took a pic of an interesting car of a mate of my neighbor mate, thus:

Said acquaintance was watching, went to said neighbour friend of mine, who the car was his mate's, and went mental saying I was doing some evil car taking picture thing. The bloke who is the friend of my neighbour mate took extreme offence at said "evil plot", and my neighbour friend came over asking me about it.

Which led to a ballistic response from both of us going over there ballistically. To all. I myself went bananas at said acquaintance who caused all of it, very severely I might add. Called him a fuckwit trouble maker. I was over with the acquaintance and I. After 9 years living here this was the end of that relationship. My so called mate defended said acquaintance. That cemented the rift.

Today something utterly ghastly happened. Shocking and ghastly. I still can't get my head around it as it's so majorly outside of my experience ever ever. 

David went to the toilet and was peeing in there (he has a very big manly bladder darlings that releases about a litre every piss). Acquaintance (BTW his name is "Dave", not to be confused with my "David") dave decided to intimidate. Whilst David was pissing he walked right up to the little gap in the toilet window not more than 6cm away peering into the toilet whilst he pissed. David freaked, came out of the toilet, and rung the cops. I backed him up all the way.

Cops came. bla. Presently it's going to court. Enough..... 

Hello New Zealand :)

It's taken nearly a quarter million views but finally it's happened. For the first time ever New Zealand has entered into the top ten list of views for the last week. I nearly fainted.

I was starting to wonder if they even had the internet over there. Whenever I email anyone there I'm lucky to get a response within a month, and then only short stuff. My brother in Taranaki owns a business and everything, but is lucky to check his email once in three months :s  

Scott Ludlam's rally speech :)

This was at the protest against ABC cuts, but he mentions also the broader issues of the Abbott gov itself. Brilliant speech. Do you get the feeling there is change in the air?


"Falsehood and Plunder" - Victorian Trade Union Choir Nov 2014

With the Victorian Lieberal gov about to go down, the Victorian Trade Union Choir has put together this little gem. Would be a nice song to be going through your head whilst in line at the ballot box :)


QLD Lieberal corruption - in bed with coal and gas

This is the Queensland gov that wants to build one of the worlds largest coal mines in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. A gov rotten to the core. Does it get any clearer than this?
Lock the Gate president Drew Hutton said the Newman government had made the system of environmental protection around mines “so heavily weighted in favour of proponents that it is virtually impossible for other stakeholders to have any hope of having their concerns addressed”. 

That system had been “broken for many years”, he said, adding there had “never been a coal mine in the history of this state that has been through the approvals process and rejected on environmental grounds”. 

“Instead of attempting to remedy this, the Newman government has taken a chainsaw to the ramshackle system under the cloak of removing red and green tape, leading the observer to believe [it] must consider the public interest to always and completely align with the private interest of the developers,” Hutton said. 

“In short, the Newman government has reduced environmental regulations to a low level that has not been seen in Queensland for decades.” He said the Newman government had tried to “freeze the community” out by passing laws that made it impossible for all but directly affected landholders “to object to a mining project in court”.


Lock The Gate’s submission also detailed some $17,324 worth of hospitality given to senior Queensland government bureaucrats by mining companies in the two years to September 2014. 

They ranged from private meals to State of Origin corporate box seats to bottles of wine and Christmas hampers. more
The article also goes into the senate inquiry uncovering secret donations to the Lieberal party from coal seam gas companies, despite Lieberal denials.

So this is what the Reef is up against. A gov system that has never seen a coal mine not go ahead because of environmental danger. Everything gets approved. To me it looks like the only way to save the Reef is to fire the Lieberal gov up there. They're beyond redemption.