Monday, December 22, 2014

"Cannonball" - newly diagnosed HIV+ video

How many gays are in a closed relationship?

The answer will surprise you. My last relationship with Simon was open, looks like I was well and truly in the minority there:

So much for the gay stereotype of being debached sexual maniacs.... 

US military guns sold in Walmart US

More gun "safe" crap from the US. Yes, you can buy guns with the same specks as the US military in Walmart.


Abbott rearranges the deck chairs

Carbon tax repeal biggest accomplishment for women - Abbott

OMG. I dunno where to start with this. There's so many angles. So many lies. So much sexism. 

Abbott has declared the removal of the carbon tax as his gov's biggest accomplishment for women in 2014. One would ask, mystified, as to what form of mental and linguistic gymnastics he uses to reach such a conclusion? Don't worry, it all becomes clear in his statement:
During a Monday morning interview on the Today Show to promote his cabinet reshuffle, Mr Abbott was asked by host Lisa Wilkinson to nominate his top achievement in his capacity as Minister for Women. 

"Well, you know, it is very important to do the right thing by families and households," Mr Abbott replied. "As many of us know, women are particularly focused on the household budget and the repeal of the carbon tax means a $550 a year benefit for the average family." more
Bloody hell man. For a start there's no way in hell that the carbon tax repeal will deliver anything like that figure back into household pockets. But that doesn't deter Tone. Just keeps on saying it and someone is gonna believe it, although those someone's are a rapidly dwindling number. 

But more importantly it shows what Abbott, the minister for women, actually thinks of women. In Abbott's world the bloke hands all his money to the shella who wields the purse strings with a rod of iron. She stays at home, cooks and cleans, whilst the bloke goes out breadwinning and getting pissed after work at the pub.

Such a set up may well have been the case decades ago, but it's rather rare to find that situation in modern Australia today. How many people can survive on one income for a start? And how many men these days just hand all their hard earned cash over to the missus? How many men would be willing to surrender everything like that today?

Abbott has managed to insult the entire population of Australia in one short paragraph.    

Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Open Carry" - US nutters with guns

Dead set. Look at how "safe" it is in the US with all those guns....  Just a few pics from Google.


How Exceptionalism Fuels US Gun Massacres

Oh look, the highest gun ownership in the world. Isn't that supposed to make everyone "safe"? *pffft*


Peter Short gets conscience vote - dying with dignity


Peter Short, dying of cancer, has done it! Securing a conscience vote from Abbott re the Lieberal party. What an amazing achievement. In the past Abbott has been extremely cruel to dying people (Bernie Banton). Peter Short should be very proud of his accomplishment here.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has promised a dying man that he will allow Liberal Party members to vote with their conscience on a euthanasia bill being developed by a Greens senator. 

Peter Short, 57, said receiving the commitment during a half - hour phone conversation with the Prime Minister on Friday was like reaching "the top of a mountain". 

Mr Short is preparing to spend his final Christmas with his family after being told in January that his oesophageal cancer – first diagnosed five years earlier – had returned and was terminal. 

He has devoted the final stage of his life to campaigning for legislation that would enable terminally ill people to choose when and how they die. Mr Short said Mr Abbott had shown genuine interest in discussing some of the issues a round voluntary euthanasia and listened carefully to his responses. more

"I just can't win"

My wife had been taken to ICU after having a severe heart attack on the ward. I went there and stood by the bed and was present as she woke up for the first time. Looking at me and realising where she was she started crying from the depths. Almost like a little kid. Through the tears and sobs she said aloud "I just can't win". 

It was heart rending to see her like this, after so many years of illness and suffering, only to end up in ICU again after nearly dying. The tears came from her soul, such misery. Such anguish. The sadness all engulfing.

So too can this be with mental health. I can try and try, get treated and work through things. Years of therapy and pills. Progress made and encouragement. Signs of resilience. Confidence. Only to find one day out of the blue I fall flat on my face. At such times I feel the same way about my mental health as my wife did after her heart attack. "I just can't win".

Discouragement. Disappointment. Feeling like just one big fuck up. Tears of pain at events. The horror of mental illness returning. Cries from the very soul. Worthless. 

Such is the nature of mental illness. 
 photo girrafefallingova-1.gif  

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Abbott's christmas hypocrisy - staggering

He's the one who created this charity crisis shortfall. He dares to pose for a photo op like this. FFS. He has no shame. This pic is a bare faced lie. He doesn't care about us poor. He hates us. It's all our fault we're poor. We made bad decisions or some shit. What a fuckin insult to the intelligence of poor people. WTF does he think? Poor people don't have fuckin intelligence?


US fuckwits criticise Australian gun laws - Sydney siege


Is this idiot actually serious? US, gun massacre country of the world, lecturing Australia about guns?

The US regularly has mass shootings FFS. When was the last Australian one? Port Arther, Martin Bryant, prompting Howard's gun laws as they are now. There has been none since. 

How many mass shootings have there been in the US since then? Good grief man, this idiot needs to shut the fuck up. 


From John Howard, ex PM, 2 days ago. I hated his gov but praise where it's due. This was one thing that he got very right, bringing in the gun laws that ended mass shootings and saved countless lives over the years.

ALEXANDRA KIRK: If you apply Senator Leyonhjelm's argument to this week's siege in Martin Place, which is presumably what's prompted him to say this, the suggestion is that if one of the hostages had been armed, in other words, had a concealed gun, they could have protected themselves against the gunman. 

JOHN HOWARD: That's an example - with the deepest of respect of generalising from a particular set of circumstances - the truth is that in countries that have laxer gun laws, the likelihood of people who obtain a gun legally then using it for murderous, even terrorist purposes is much greater. 

There's no country in the world that can have a system of gun licensing and registration which can guarantee that somebody who gets a licence and buys a gun in accordance with the law won't later on use that for a purpose perhaps he or she never had in mind when the gun was purchased. 

It's just an exercise in logic to understand that the more guns there are in the community, the greater the likelihood of mass murder. more  

Update 2:

More stupidity from the US with messages of support :s


Australians reject Islamophobia - Sydney siege aftermath

A moving article by a Muslim immigrant from Indonesia. She describes what it's like being in a minority, something gay people will well understand. Indeed, any hatred that's directed at Muslims comes from ignorance and fear. Exactly the same as hatred directed at gays.

I have the same advice as I say to people who think gays are some terrible evil satanic something or other. We're just people like everyone else. Get to know us, understand us, and the hatred and fear will evaporate. This is much of what my blog is all about. Simply raising awareness of who we are. We're not monsters.

Of course being gay and HIV is a double whammy. A minority within a minority. The discrimination that happened at David's last work wasn't because he was gay but because he was HIV+.

Yesterday I picked up some medication at the local chemist, not HIV meds just regular stuff. Whilst waiting for the script to be filled I sat on one of the two chairs there. A middle aged woman sat next to me and I could tell out of the corner of my eye that she was starting to stare. Got two rings from David on my right hand, and one on the left. Also a large silver wrist bracelet thing that he gave. Thick earring with a ball on it I've had for years, chain around neck. Seemed obvious to her that I was gay. I thought meh, whatever, as she continued starring. It was busy with people everywhere waiting for scripts and shopping.

Then a thought occurred to me, what would the lady next to me think if she found out I was HIV+? Would she move from the chair? Would she think she could get it by simply being in such close quarters as this? I dunno, but these thoughts sometimes go through my head. As always the stigma, fear, even hate, comes from ignorance and not knowing me. 

Being a minority 

Honestly, I have never felt like this before, especially when I was in Indonesia where Muslims are the majority and I’m part of the group. In contrast, only two percent of the Australian population are Muslim. Now, I feel what it’s like to be part of a minority group in Australia. 

Deep in my heart I began to feel ‘Oh this is how it feels to be in the minority’. It’s a feeling that you can never understand until you become one of them. These fears and worries are feelings shared by minorities everywhere in the world. All these thoughts challenge me. I try my best to show people around me that as Muslims we have manners, good behaviour and personality. I hope people around me look at me as a Muslim and not as an extremist or terrorist. 

Being part of the Australian community 

I’ve been here in Australia for four years. In this time I have started to volunteer in a multicultural friendship group in the suburb where I live. I decided to volunteer because I wanted to make friends with other people regardless their nation, race and religion, and so I could practice my English as well. I’m proud to tell them about my country, Indonesia, and I am pleased to tell them about my religion. Everyone there is very friendly and responds with a positive attitude. I believe that misperception about Islam happens because people have little knowledge or experience of it. 

Mosques in Queensland have an important role and are active in providing balanced information from the media about Islam. For instance, a few months ago, a community at the Gold Coast Mosque held an open day. Everybody was invited because the event was advertised in a local newspaper. The Muslim community welcomed all people to the mosque, regardless of religion and race. There is only one objective that they can enjoy a barbeque, a lovely part of Aussie culture, and the same time had an opportunity to have informal but fruitful conversations to encourage better understanding about Islam. People were able to actually enter the mosque and see what was going on in the mosque. I think what they have done is so incredible. - See more  

Huge worldwide stock market crash looming?

I dunno, but the alarm bells are ringing. Not a pleasant thing for Australia with incompetence running the show. SSJoe wouldn't have a fuckin hope in hell of dealing with it.
All these factors are aligning to a point where a worldwide recession is imminent. When people fear that something bad is about to happen, they stop buying non-essentials and begin stocking up on essential items. This is already happening now in Russia, Europe and the US. 

Sooner or later, major manufacturing companies across the globe will experience serious falls in demand, they will begin laying off workers, stock prices will start to fall, panic will set in on Wall Street and the whole house of cards will begin to collapse. 

Banks will call in loans, companies will go to the wall, and unemployment will soar. The real estate market will collapse, foreclosures will be widespread and poverty will be redefined to include what was once the middle class. 

When this happens we can be sure of one thing. Banks, too big to fail, will again be protected. The excessively wealthy will come out of it relatively unscathed and the resultant greater inequality that follows will cause civil unrest the likes of which most people today have never seen. 

Whether 2015 is the year these economic imbalances will converge with political uncertainty to create a perfect storm is a matter of conjecture. But be assured the clouds are gathering. No one knows when the conflicting forces will create a chain reaction. But wiser economic minds are sure they will. more  

Tori Johnsons partner thanks Australians for support - video

Russia will nuke the US because gays

More love from the christians.....