Thursday, October 30, 2014

Show us the TPP - Greens

It's come to light that US pollies are able to see the text of the Trans Pacific Partnership, as well as Malaysians. Why can't our parliamentarians see it then?


I found where Abbott got his policies - Koch brothers, US

This all sounds so familiar here in Australia. Unfortunately for Abbott and co, they didn't count on the senate and the fact that this is Australia, not some piss weak pushover population. The retirement age increase to 70 that was part of the ill fated budget, along with the changes to social security, remain firmly in limbo in the senate chopping block.

This is the real reason why they want to fuck over welfare. It's no secret that the NSW Lieberals are in deep political shit over donations.


Our special forces for Iraq - can't fight without a visa for Iraq

Good grief. What a way to run a war. Sounds more like Dad's Army to me. The people running the show that is, not our elite special forces. Note the Bishop death stare above, on this occasion well deserved.

So Iraq is in the midst of war. It asks for help. Help comes from Abbott in the form of 200 elite troops to put on the ground. The elites get there. But then..... Well what's more important, paperwork or defending your country from suicidal religious maniacs? According to Iraq it's the paperwork. 

They won't let our troops fight for them without a Visa to enter Iraq
About 200 commandos are in the Middle East waiting to join the fight against Islamic State, but they have been told they cannot enter Iraq without valid visas.


The troops have been waiting for at least a month and some have been waiting for two months. "We are just going through the administration to comply with the legal framework," a government source said. 

A person knowledgeable about the matter said the Iraqi government's slowness was explained by political caution in allowing foreign troops to be seen on the ground. Read more
Dead set. No wonder these idiots got invaded. Talk about brain dead. If this lot of Keystone Cops are running the show there surely must be serious questions about the safety of our troops under them. 


More Centrelink delays :s


So the application for the Carers Allowance came in the snail mail, was filled out promptly by David, and taken straight away down to Centrelink. This was because Centrelink had lost the application form and so another had to be done, although they were still in posession of the medical certificate that was part of the application. Because they lost the form and with us busy with everything else, it was over two months before we realised and contacted them to ask WTF was going on.

That was Tuesday he put the form in, they said they'd back pay to the original date on the  medical certificate, and that it would be processed promptly once being given to them. 

Anyway David rings them this morning to see how long it will take. The answer was basically they didn't know. That the normal time for processing these claims is about a month. That there was a special note put on there but couldn't be read by the lady on the phone as it had private info, but that it would likely speed up the claim.

Bla bla bla bla bla ......

So we're still stuck on a hopelessly small amount of money until Centrelink crosses their t's and dots their i's. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The computers are coming! - 1980

Gays are not pedophiles - answering the allegation

I've posted this ages ago but it's very relevant now after another bit of an altercation with the christian gay haters, who asserts that gays are predisposed or something to pedophilia:

I answered the thing with this video. It's worth posting again for this.


Abbott threatening Fair Entitlements Guarantee for workers

That was set up by the Rudd gov wasn't it? Where workers can get their entitlements if the bosses go under. Abbott now wants to mess with it.


Solar now cheaper than Australian coal - India

Looks like coal's going down the gurglar in India. Well at least Australian coal, which is now more expensive than solar power in India. Hear those "market forces" yet Tone? Tone deaf?
Basically, says IEEFA, the required wholesale power price for imported coal is prohibitive relative to domestic coal or renewable energy. 

“Wind, solar and hydro facilities can be built faster and / or at lower PPAs. Additionally, the use of renewable energy incorporates a zero fuel cost, such that there is an inbuilt deflationary driver – i.e. zero indexation. 

“Given the recent drive by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to prioritise the sustained reduction in inflation, renewables support a series of GoI / RBI targets. Importing thermal coal achieves none of these goals, and more likely contradicts them.” 

IEEFA analyst Tim Buckley said that, while the imported coal price may come down, lowering the generation price to around 9c/kWh, there was no way developers could bank on prices staying that low, considering the uncertainty surrounding thermal coal. 

“(India’s) proposed new coal generation plan is showing signs of significant financial stress and is likely to deliver far lower than expected levels of new supply over the next five years.” 

This is not great news for Australia, or more particularly Queensland, which is betting on India’s appetite for imported coal to fund the development of the state’s massive Carmichael coal deposit and the related expansion of the nearby Abbot Point coal port. more
Makes sense. Once the solar panels are up and running there's no fuel costs to drive it. You'd be stupid not to go solar. 

Abbott increases petrol tax - says it's not a tax

Abbott has put the indexation back on the petrol excise. It was taken off back in Howard's day when he was preparing for an election. If there's one thing Australians are very sensitive about it's the petrol price at the pump.

But according to the gov, it's not actually a tax:

 What an insult to our intelligence. 


"Execute gays" - US christian maniac

More love from the christians.

Honestly, how the fuck do people over there get away with saying stuff like that? If he said that on the radio here he'd find himself in court. It's vilification on the grounds of sexual orientation. Inciting hatred/violence against a minority. You just can't say those sorts of things on air here.


GetUp Reef add against Abbott Point coal expansion

How pleasing, now Citibank has abandoned Adani too. It appears the US banks are falling over themselves to say no to wrecking the Reef.

The Australian big four banks however have not as yet said they won't fund Abbott Point. GetUp is therefore asking for donations to put this add in The Australian newspaper:

 Donate here. 

And there's this from

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Fuck me in the ass cause I love Jesus" - video :)

Well yes. Although I don't love a man that never existed. Although some people think if he did exist he was fucking his disciples. Strange isn't it there's nothing about anal sex in the bible?


A little exchange with a bible basher

Must admit I've sprayed everywhere in the comments section of this YouTube christian hate pastor video. Haven't done anything like that for years. Perhaps I'm coming back? I used to love going to war online late at night/small hours of the morning, after finishing shiftwork at 11pm, when crazy US wingnuts were getting up in their morning. They didn't know what to make of me really. I mean some of my views were anathema to them. Back then it was a bit of fun and games and we all knew it in both countries. I even got a few compliments at how well I wrote things. It was all very friendly usually.

This time however is different. This video from over there is from a bunch of pastors united in their abhorrence of gays, to the point that their fuckin site is called "NoGay CivilRights". WTF? I dunno, I became a bit enraged by this affront against me, even though I'm in another country it's still there online with people fuckin supporting it. Fucks sake my bloods the same colour as theirs. Yet they'd like people like me who live in the US to have no civil rights because they're gay. Of course that would piss me off. I'm standing with my US gay brothers and sisters on this one.

So anyway, may I introduce one of these contributors in the comments section who hates gays. Since I replied to him he has deleted his post on the YouTube comments and replied back to me via PM. What? Too gutless to put it online for all to see? (I now note it's been put back).

Well as he had his hate thing online for all to see and deleted it when I took him up on it online, I will now post the PM shit that followed. Read it and weep christian fuckwits:

Oh, what a surprise here. LazerCannon7 is all upset about his sexuality. Strange then he'd be watching stuff about gays eh? Here's a video from his YouTube account:

Wanna condemn me bitch? Well I'm condemning you here and now. You are a self righteous arrogant prick. Go fuck yourself.

Hi Stacy?

I got into a bit of a thing with a conservative US christian lady in the US, who endorsed this revolting hate rant from over there, with Pastors getting together to condemn gay marriage. It started getting a bit much for the YouTube comments section and so I PM'd her and invited her to view the blog. So far she's chickened out at the "adult warning" thing. I've explained it's pretty much because I discuss some things best left for adults is all. Blog Surfer doesn't allow porn anyway. So anyway I suggested she come and see what a gay person is really like - look, no horns.

Not holding my breath though. Her YouTube profile is here.

Gov refuses to rule out including PBS in TPP negotiations - senate

The finance minister Cormann is a chip off Joe's block. Arrogant prick he is. Thinks we're all stupid and can't see through his doublespeak.

This is from the senate, Cormann being asked a simple question whether Australia's world leading Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is up for grabs in the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. He weasels his way around an answer, never rules out the PBS, and appears to think he's so clever for doing so. This is whilst the US corporations are salivating over getting access to our PBS.

The funniest line was when he says the gov "isn't seeking" to change the PBS. *pfffft* well the bloody US is. That shits been in the TPP right from the start and the US just refuses to budge on it.