Friday, August 1, 2014

Post drama collapse

I think both of us are in some kind of shock. Neither can comprehend how in a country like Australia is supposed to be, that we got absolutely pushed through the wringer just trying to get help to survive. 

Indeed the rhetoric we face from some fellow Australians is repulsive. That we're bludgers. That we're not "helping ourselves". That we don't deserve it anyway and should just pull our socks up and get a fuckin job. Bla..... Yeah that shit hurts. Those asshole words from the Australia Post fuckwit last Friday are still ringing in my ears. I dunno how long it will be before I get past this latest life shit. All I know is we don't deserve to be treated like that. We're fuckin human beings on our ass. The last thing we needed was to be kicked when we're down, which we were. What happened to humanity in this country?

It wasn't just the red tape that hurt. It was the attitude of some people. Yes the Post Office guy bla.... But to have to prove your innocent when the paperwork and red tape requires it, shows nothing more than welfare recipients on the receiving end of demonisation rhetoric. Centrelink was fine, it was the 5 weeks of bullshit that led up to it that done the damage. I remember one particular person for example (who I won't hint at here) who he seemed to believe that all people who came in were guilty before innocent, and was oh so willing to point out doubts about eligibility and suggestions of more hoops to jump. 

This is from the system that's supposed to be there to help us. To be treated in such a way was abhorrent. Soul destroying. Honestly, I'm really hurting over this, so is David. We just don't deserve it. David has worked all his life, like I did until I got sick. We're both feeling abandoned after last week.  

"War Made Easy" - doco on US warfare

This is an excellent doco I'd never heard of before. It's about how the US war machine prepares the public to go to war with lies. Sound familiar? 

The torrent is available here.

BTW, during the movie there's this big meme that comes out of the US to don't "cut and run", with multiple news people and politicians quoting it (three word slogan? Abbott would be proud). I can't find a video online of PM Howard saying it but I know he did many times, effectively repeating US war propaganda to the Australian population to justify continuing the war. I did however find two news articles, one in 2004 and the other in 2007, where Howard uses the exact US meme of "cut and run":
The Government insists Australia must not "cut and run" from Iraq. more 2004 

The government has consistently berated Labor for wanting to "cut and run" from Iraq, saying this would galvanise terrorists worldwide. more 2007

Clarke and Dawe - the complexities of foreign policy explained :)

$13billion fossil fuel subsidies untouched in budget

"Basically Fucked Card" - income management

In the latest gov innuendo against dole recipients the gov wants to expand Income Management to all dole people. Other than the fact that somebody who's in their 40's and 50's and unemployed, having your money managed by the gov would be soul destroying. Not to mention everyone else.


Gaza pics, WTF?

Some horrific pictures here. Here's one, more at the link. Looks like genocide to me.

There's this from from another site too: 


Protesting against immigration - Texas

I almost thought I was in some bogan enclave in western Sydney. But no, these are Americans coming out with the same sort of crap the Abbott gov is trying to feed us. You know, they're not really asylum seekers, they're just pretending to be. Yep, the terrorists are going to enter Australia one leaky boat at a time apparently.

Watching the video, the message is pretty much the same. Evidently the terrorists are coming one foot soldier at a time, running the gauntlet. 

So of this stuff though is seriously out there. Obama is gay?



Australia Post acts on my complaint

Gee that was quick. I wrote a serious complaint about the Kingsford Post Office the other day after last Friday's shocking treatment of me by one of their staff. 

I thought it was just an auto reply acknowledging the email sent (Australia Post works in slow motion you know) but it was a whole big response. I dunno what exactly they did as they don't say, being an internal matter, but the whole tone of the reply is extremely conciliatory, and of a serious nature:
Thank you for taking the time to contact Australia Post about the recent service you have experienced with our Kingsford Post Office staff member. I can certainly understand the frustration at the service that you have received. 

Please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of Australia Post for the inconvenience this matter has caused. I would like to assure you that Australia Post is working hard to provide all customers with a first class postal service and we are very mindful of our customers' service expectations. 

I would like to inform you that I have raised this issue with the Regional Manager for the Post Office, and have complete confidence in the steps taken to assist in avoiding this in the future. 

Thanks again for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention. If there is anything else that we can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. I hope you have a nice day and we hear from you shortly.  

Thursday, July 31, 2014

GP copayment will cost more - The Feed

The Wilke Report

This is new. Independent senator Andrew Wilke reports on the state of the budget in the senate.


Clive Palmer calls Sloppy Joe a liar

Clive Palmer has lambasted the gov in an extraordinary hissy fit of truth. Sloppy Joe's doing his usual huffing and puffing heating up the atmosphere, claiming if the senate doesn't pass his budget then Australia will lose it's triple A credit rating. Yeah right...... 

Anyway Clive Palmer has blasted him with both barrels. Including telling the gov the budget is fucked and we should go to an early election.  
Mr Palmer said: ''The budget strategy has failed. They don't have the numbers and we need a strategy for growth.'' 

He said Mr Hockey's suggestion that the AAA credit rating was at risk was a lie. 

''I've been in business for years. The budget savings amount to about $30-40 billion, our economy is about $1.5 trillion,'' he said. 

''There were about $17 billion in measures from the mining tax; we wanted to keep about $10 billion worth. They could have got rid of it and implemented about $7 billion in savings, but they decided to link it all together, take their marbles and go home.'' Read more

Centrelink forms lodged!

The trip to Centrelink was almost an anti-climax. After a month of being clobbered by red tape and incompetence from various quarters, the Centrelink experience seemed rather calm and placid. In fact I almost felt at home there in comparison to the bureaucracy encountered in the lead up. This month long drama (so far) has all been so David can get a massive $300 or less in a Sickness Allowance; a temporary stop gap measure to give people some money who are ill and have a job to go back to.

We got there and there was hardly anyone there. Have never seen the place so empty. So David was called in only about half an hour. The ID was enough, the forms all correct, and officially lodged. It takes now about two weeks he said to process the forms. There'll be a bit of backpay, not sure the dates they'll go back to, just glad to get the bloody things in. 

We were both feeling quite sick, nerves I'd say. I was waiting with almost expectant anticipation for something to foul up everything, but it all went entirely smoothly. The bloke doing it was quite funny too. He couldn't believe the fuck up with the birth certificate; a month to get it from Births Deaths and Marriages in the city.

And so now we wait for Centrelink to do what they do to process the forms......  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hello Brazil :)

I would like to say hello to Brazil. For the first time Brazil has made it into the top ten countries reading the blog. So pleased. It's the first time any South American country has done this. How lovely :) x x x 

These are the latest page views for the week:


Torrent terror! Gov wants to block us downloading shows!

Eeeeek! Oh no! Being poor as we presently are, we can't go out and find ourselves very isolated at home. Indeed poverty can be that way. So yeah we download the odd show or two, free entertainment all available for nothing online. Currently we're following Under The Dome, True Blood, and the new Wentworth from Australia (modern "Prisoner"). We also watch the two that aren't playing at the moment as it's between series, Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. Yeah big deal man. Shoot us.

So Brandis in the gov now of course, being in the pocket of corporations, wants to have a go at stopping this. I mean FFS why? He wants to be so mean as to stop a pensioner from getting some free entertainment? Something that will add some little bit of enjoyment to their lives. I mean seriously, how much money are these companies making anyway? Fuck, a few domestic downloads in Australia's not going to kill them. Good grief. 

There is of course the thing that we Australians are the (per capita) biggest ever illegal downloaders on the planet. So is that our fault? Watch the video and the true picture comes to light, especially when they talk about how much pay TV costs in Australia. It's so expensive it's completely un-accessible for many people. Plus there's Australia's isolation. Free to air network TV here often seems to put off playing shows like this for months. So why wait when it's all there online?


Greens call for gov to abandon Work for Dole