Sunday, 2 August 2015

Gays destroy the economy - christians

More love from the christians........

Yes folks, being as gays are "immoral" then god won't bless the US economy if the people in it are immoral. Get it?

He also mentions the "principles of American exceptional-ism". WTF? Principles? More like a big self absorbed wank at the expense of everyone else on the planet. 

 photo emot-barf.gif photo emot-barf.gif photo emot-barf.gif


Angry Aussie - Gay marriage debate and Choppergate :)

I've been waiting for this one. The critique of the gay marriage debate between Penny Wong and Corgi Cory Bernadi was a bonus. The real meat of this video is the unique and very Australian way Angry gives his take on Choppergate. Indeed Choppergate will be mana from heaven for the Labor party.


Clive Palmer calls for Bishop's head!

I hadn't realised but Clive Palmer (being the mega$ rich he is) donates his entire political salary to charities in his electorate. Interesting.

This segment starts with a timeline of Choppergate and continues with a most interesting interview from Clive. He says half the Lieberals want to ditch Bishop too but are too scared to say anything to their glorious leader Abbott, who appears ready to walk with her hand in hand to her political grave.

I note that this interview was done before Jetgate; Bishops $6,000 jaunt from Sydney to Nowra in a luxury private jet.


Hilarious road rage at cyclist - video :)

I don't usually post road rage clips, but as an ex push bike rider this one was utterly hilarious. Watch until the very end, the funniest bit is there :)


Satanic statue apocalypse! - The Weekly

Those crazy christians are at it again, when a group over there in crazy christian land decided to unveil a statue of satan. The poor dearie christians went into meltdown over it.

Watch as The Weekly examines if this is another one of those "signs of the apocalypse" thingo's the christians are always on about. You know, like SCOTUS legalising  gay marriage.

Personally I'd have preffered a statue of the flying spaghetti monster. I mean everyone knows He is the One and only True God!  


Precious Pynes book launch ruined by protestors :)

Oh the poor dear. The protestors have ruined my book launch. Whaaaaaaaaa...........

Get the feeling the gov is rather unpopular? 

BTW Pyne looks like he's losing his seat come the revolution election :) 


Abbott wrong on history of marriage - ABC FactCheck

It's the lie that just keeps going on and on in the conservative christian world; that marriage was between a man and a woman since time immemorial, so therefore we have no right to mess with it now. 

Even Abbott, well who's not prone to telling the truth anyway, has jumped onto the lie and spreading it as Prime Minister. You'd think someone in that position would at least check the history books first. But no. Even though he holds the position of the Prime Minister of Australia, he chooses to come out with this claptrap. From 2013:
From time immemorial, in every culture that's been known, marriage or that kind of solemnised relationship has been between a man and a woman. more
Seriously? Have any of there nutters actually taken the time to even read their own stupid bible? Let alone the history books. Have they even consulted a scholar or two before getting on the national stage to preach this garbage lie? 

Well the ABC FactCheck has been on the case. I note way back in 2013 as well. I also note the lie still persists, despite FactCheck coming to the obvious conclusion that Abbott was totally wrong to claim this. 
A significant body of academic work shows that marriage and "other solemnised relationships" have not always been between "a man and a woman". Mr Abbott is incorrect. more
The linked article relates to marriage between men in the Roman Empire (including Nero), polygamy as being the most culturally preferred marriage through the ages, female husbands in Africa, twp spirit natve American men, One women and several brothers in Tibet, a man and woman and ghost in China, men and men in South America, and on and on.

Every time I see some christian fuckwit claiming that the current form of marriage was the only one since time immemorial I feel like shouting at them through the screen. *sheesh* 


Saturday, 1 August 2015

Bronwyn Bishop claims $ for committee meetings not meeting :s

Dead set. Now it comes to light that Bronwyn's been claiming travel expenses for committee hearings on dates that the committee wasn't even meeting. WTF is this? A Bronwyn solo committee?

 Here they all are

Abbott's $10,00 Tamworth trip - 2012

 photo emot-barf.gif photo emot-barf.gif

OK, can we all get past the nausea at that picture and move forward?

This was that bullshit trip to the Tamworth music festival the year before the 2013 election that Labor lost to Abbott. He hired a private jet (sound familiar?) at taxpayer's expense, and flew from Sydney to Tamworth for the festival.

The photo and video are examples of pretty much the sum total of what taxpayers got for their $10,000 forked out to Abbott for this. I think this is even sicker than Choppergate.

He didn't even stay in Tamworth for a single night.

BTW, $10,000 is nearly two thirds of my entire Disability Support Pension for the last financial year.

TPP falls over in Hawaii

It's happened again. They can't agree. The corporations lose again. Good job.

Surprisingly the Abbott gov didn't just bend over and let the corporations take control. I guess with the gov on the electoral ropes, the last thing it needs is to agree to a corporate assault on Australia. Especially when those corporations are wanting to attack our health care system.
“Australia had made some excellent progress but unfortunately some difficult issues were not resolved,” he said on Saturday. 

Andrew Robb has laid the blame for the failure to come to an agreement with the “big four” economies of the US, Canada, Japan and Mexico. “The sad thing is, 98% is concluded,” he said. “I don’t know how sticky it is.” 

A dispute between Japan and North America over the car trade, New Zealand digging in over dairy products and no agreement on monopoly periods for next-generation drugs had contributed to the deadlock, sources told Reuters. 

Trade ministers from the 12 nations negotiating the TPP, which would stretch from Japan to Chile and cover 40% of the world economy, delayed until 4pm local time a news conference that was originally scheduled for 1:30pm on the Hawaiian island of Maui. 

Three sources involved in the talks said a last-minute breakthrough was unlikely due to issues with dairy and auto trade and a stand-off over biologic drugs, which are made from living cells. 

“It would be very difficult to arrive at a deal,” one of the officials said, requesting anonymity because discussions were ongoing. 

Failure to seal the agreement will be a setback for the US president, Barack Obama, given the trade pact’s stance as the economic arm of the administration’s pivot to Asia and an opportunity to balance out China’s influence in the region. more  

Choppergate goes Jetgate! - Bronwyns $6,000 ride to Nowra

Bronwyns been caught with her hands in the public cookie jar again. This one sounds even worse than Choppergate, if that could even be possible.

This one is the end of last year. A cool $6,000 of public money to fly on a private luxury jet from Sydney to Nowra. And yes, it was for another Lieberal party fundraiser.

How much longer can Abbott stick with this poll poison? 
Under-fire parliamentary Speaker Bronwyn Bishop is facing more allegations of extravagant use of taxpayer funds, with new claims she used a luxury corporate jet for a short trip from Sydney. 

Mrs Bishop chartered the flight from Sydney to Nowra, on NSW’s south coast, to a Liberal party fundraiser at a cost of more than $6000 late last year, the Daily Telegraph reports. 

The 160km trip is equivalent to just a two and a half hour drive. more  

Coal power will not cure poverty - World Bank

The argument for decades is that the greenies and climate change proponents are holding back developing countries from using their own fossil fuel resources (or ours) to get electricity and energy, thereby sentencing the countries to be forever in poverty. This requires the assumption that green energy isn't a plausible alternative.

Well times have well and truly changed. Green energy efficiency is improving hugely of late, with large amounts of global investment money being poured into developing it further. It's now possible to not even have to construct a national electricity grid for example with the latest advances in solar power and battery storage. Indeed it's now far mor cost effective to set up solar systems for remote communities than to string kilometres of wires from a power plant. This will only improve as time goes on, the costs of clean energy becoming cheaper and cheaper.

Now the World Bank has come out and said categorically that it rejects the argument that not mining coal is to keep developing nations in poverty. That in fact climate change is instead the cause of poverty.
Coal, oil and gas companies have pushed back against efforts to fight climate change by arguing fossil fuels are a cure to “energy poverty”, which is holding back developing countries. 

Peabody Energy, the world’s biggest privately held coal company, went so far as to claim that coal would have prevented the spread of the Ebola virus. 

However, Kyte said that when it came to lifting countries out of poverty, coal was part of the problem – and not part of a broader solution. 

“Do I think coal is the solution to poverty? There are more than 1 billion people today who have no access to energy,” Kyte said. Hooking them up to a coal-fired grid would not on its own wreck the planet, she went on. 

But Kyte added: “If they all had access to coal-fired power tomorrow their respiratory illness rates would go up, etc, etc … We need to extend access to energy to the poor and we need to do it the cleanest way possible because the social costs of coal are uncounted and damaging, just as the global emissions count is damaging as well.” 

The World Bank sees climate change as a driver of poverty, threatening decades of development. more  

Six stabbed at gay pride in Jerusalem - video footage of attack

Surprise surprise, it's a religious extremist. In this case a very orthodox Jew


Have lost 4 kilos from being sick

Am about quarter way through the course of antibiotics. Bloody great pills they are, and they give me the runs all the time. Lovely. Also been using the antibiotic eye drops every 4 hours. Makes my eyes sting a bit but appear to be working. 

It's only just got to the point where I'm not blowing yellow slime out my nose anymore, but still coughing up brownish type slime from my lungs. Had quite a bad coughing fit yesterday afternoon. 

My eyes have cleared up a lot, but still waking up with stuff solidified around the eyelids. Nothing like before though.

I'd already lost my appetite without the antibiotics just from being so sick and had started losing weight then. Now with the antibiotics I'm off to the throne all day with the runs, and am losing even more weight. Total so far 4 kilos (about 9pounds). I was thankfully a bit heavier than normal so there's a buffer there.   

Gays are causing earthquakes - christians

More craziness from the christians. Yes folks, us gays are causing earthquakes simply by our gayness. Fucks sake.

He also says we hate christians as much as the Nazi's hated Jews. Man this guy needs some anti-psychotics.