Friday, February 27, 2015

McDonalds 4 year old burger and chips - doesn't break down

The chips look as fresh as a daisy. How is this possible? Are they made out of plastic? What does this do to a human body?


Corinne Grant clobbers Abbott :)


Cats on a lounge :)

Natasha has taken up watching the fish in the fish tank and falling asleep there.

Zach follows her around everywhere, and pretty soon he joins her.

Eventually they're sleeping together. Awwww.......

He's also decided he likes the computer chair. 

Net neutrality an evil plot against free speech - christians

The US has resoundingly voted to maintain net neutrality. However christians, for some reason that I can't fathom, reckons it's an evil socialist plot where the gov tells you what to think. WTF?


Men's sexuality is fluid

I'm often asked by confused guys about my late wife, and now about being in a gay relationship. They have trouble reconciling the two in their heads. My answer is always that it's about who you love, not so much gender. That sexuality is very fluid and you can't put it into a box and define it in a limited way. "Straight" and "gay" are really just human labels we put on people and can be very limiting if used as a definition of human sexuality. Particularly male sexuality because of the long held stereotypes associated with men.

As it turns out male sexuality is just as fluid as females:  
Individuals often react to these examples in one of two ways. Either they jump to the conclusion that any straight-identified man who engages in sexual contact with another man must actually be gay or bisexual, or they dismiss the behavior as not actually sexual. Rather, they interpret it as an expression of dominance, a desire to humiliate, or some other ostensibly “non sexual” male impulse. 

But these responses merely reveal our culture’s preconceived notions about men’s sexuality. Look at it from the other side of the coin: if straight young women, such as sorority pledges, were touching each other’s vaginas during an initiation ritual or taking shots from each other’s butts, commentators would almost certainly imagine these acts as sexual in some way (and not exclusively about women’s need to dominate, for instance). Straight women are also given considerable leeway to have occasional sexual contact with women without the presumption that they are actually lesbians. In other words, same-sex contact among straight men and women is interpreted through the lens of some well-worn gender stereotypes. But these stereotypes don’t hold up when we examine the range of straight men’s sexual encounters with other men. 

It’s clear that straight men and women come into intimate contact with one another in a range of different ways. But this is less about hard-wired gender differences and more about broader cultural norms dictating how men and women are allowed to behave with people of the same sex. Instead of clinging to the notion that men’s sexuality is fundamentally inflexible, we should view male heterosexuality for what it is – a fluid set of desires that are constrained less by biology than by prevailing gender norms. more

Thursday, February 26, 2015

F-35 lemon files, senate estimates

Julie Bishop admits a role was raised with Gillian Triggs

Gillian Triggs - Angry Aussie... grrrrrr...

Abbott's taxpayer claims whilst in opposition

Abbottsolutely Hopeless

Day of total drama

Having a house mate can have it's drawbacks.....

So..., it was the late with the first rent thing. Not a promising start. I've told David that he's in charge of the money thing as my head is fucked with money these days. He is not impressed at all. The house mate says he has money in the bank, goes to get it out, and disappears for the day. Ends up out partying and betting at the TAB. He comes home and doesn't have the rent. WTF? Not a good start at all

He goes out again and doesn't come home the night. David sends him a text to come and pack his things and leave. He comes home saying he has the rent with him. He gets here and doesn't have it. David tells him to leave again. I stay in the middle of it all for moral support for David. The tension goes on and on. We just don't need this fuckin shit.

House mate's friend arrives to pick him up. The friend tries to talk sense to the house mate who has every excuse under the sun why he doesn't have the rent. I say David and I have a better excuse, saying we had to go to Vinnies to get food, but the rent was still paid. House mates friend gives a guarantee that the rent will be paid. David relents. House mate sees sense at last.

Fucks sake man. The guy is an adult and he needs educating about the importance of paying rent? Anyway he's staying on a two week probation period, if he fucks up again he's gone. 

David and I both stressed out. I go to bed for a bit and sleep for hours. Just so tired these days..... 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

At home with Tone - Episode 3

UN enters the fray - Gillian Triggs

The UN has written to Abbott telling him to leave Gillian Triggs alone and stop the political interference. Whole letter here.


Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs gives senate statements

This is to do with the human rights abuse of children in Abbott's gulags, locking them up and causing untold mental health issues. The gov cried foul saying the the report handed down by the Commissioner was partisan, going so far as to ask for her resignation. She refused to resign as it's a fixed 5 year term designed to reduce political influence.

So that's the gov's response to jailing kids; shoot the fuckin messenger FFS. Playing politics with children's lives. Repulsive.



The real threat - domestic violence

Abbott is the minister for women.