Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why the Greens are opposing the $7 GP tax

I note that the US health care system is mentioned more than once as a system that has failed and should not be followed.


Green investors call out Abbott - Warburton review is crap

Investors (you know, those people who we're supposed to be "open for business for") in Green energy are saying they will have no choice but to invest overseas instead of Australia now. The group representing these investors is the Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC), who themselves represent $1trillion worth of superannuation funds. They have called Abbott's Warburton climate review basically a load of shit and for Abbott to ignore it:
IGCC chief executive Nathan Fabian on Tuesday said a pivotal assumption of the Warburton review panel was wrong. 

“The assumption in the review that moneys not invested in renewable energy will simply be reinvested in other parts of the Australian economy are not right,” Mr Fabian said. 

“Investors know they need low-carbon assets in their portfolios and they’re looking for the markets that provide the safest returns, so if you disrupt policies that provide sound investment signals, then that money is going to go to other (geographical) markets,” he said. 

Major institutional investors who have built new funds, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, to direct toward low-carbon assets are reassessing whether to invest in Australia or send to European, US or Asian markets with stable investment frameworks in place. 

“It’s the unexpected change to the long-term framework that will cause investment losses. That’s the thing that’s really got our people agitated,” Mr Fabian said. 

The International Energy Agency says global investment in renewable energy needs to surge to about $1 trillion a year, against about $230 billion currently, if the world is to have a 50 per cent chance of holding global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, seen as the guardrail to prevent runaway warming. more  

Clive Palmer says no to 6month dole wait

Palmer it appears, after colluding with Abbott to repeal the mining tax, has retained his conscience as an Australian when it has come to gov legislation dealing with the poor. Perhaps it's because of this foul compromise with Abbott's mining tax repeal and the resulting public backlash over it amongst ordinary Australians outside the rarefied Rinehart atmosphere, that he now appears to be going populist again and trying to shore up that backlash? Who knows how this loose-canon works? Seriously, does anyone?

So Clive has come out now on the side of the poor, in this case the unemployed. In regards to the gov's proposed 6 month a year without a cent for under 30's (they must be thinking of "normal" under 30's who live off mum and dad's teat until they're 30) he has canned any gov compromise on it:
Clive Palmer has given the kiss of death to the Abbott government's apparent compromise on tough new dole rules for young unemployed people. 

To try to win crossbench support for its changes, the government might accept reducing from six months to one its initial waiting period plan for Newstart payments. But that's not good enough for the Palmer United Party. 

"If we support those things, we have got to say are we in favour of increased youth suicide or are we in favour of increased crime," Mr Palmer told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday. 

Nor does the government have the backing of another key crossbencher. "I wouldn't support allowing a genuine jobseeker to have to wait for (even) one day," Family First senator Bob Day said. more  
Interestingly, Family First is an otherwise conservative party. 

MSM picks up questions of Abbott's citizenship

I posted about this the other day. The question of whether Abbott had renounced his British citizenship before entering parliament. Nobody can find anything.

Now the main stream media has picked up the story, and none other than the Murdoch run ninemsn. These are legitimate questions to answer:
Ninemsn contacted the Prime Minister's Office and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet seeking confirmation that Mr Abbott has renounced his British Citizenship. 

After a three-hour wait, the office replied with this single-sentence statement: 

"The Prime Minister is an Australian citizen and does not hold citizenship of any other country." 

Mr Abbott was born in London in 1957, to a British father and Australian mother and emigrated to Australia in 1960. He is a naturalised Australian citizen, and travelled to study at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship that was only available to Australian citizens. 

Three thousand people have signed a petition seeking the confirmation of Abbott's renunciation of British citizenship. 

Section 44 of the constitution has seen sitting members disqualified before – in 1996 Jackie Kelly was forced to face a by-election when she was found to have been elected while holding both Australian and New Zealand citizenship. Read more  
I'd never heard of this before about the citizenship thing and parliament. I myself am a dual citizen of New Zealand and Australia - not that I'd ever bother running for office, too many dark secrets darlings to be exploited :)  

But how interesting that this has gone more than just a conspiracy theory to be dismissed as online wackos, but has now gained the attention of the main stream press who have picked up the story. They don't generally do that over an online conspiracy theory.

Latest legal appt

Obviously I'm not going to discuss any details of the legal bla of it all, but generally it was a productive meeting going over bits and pieces that needed to be sorted out. 

One thing however I can say, is that near the end of the meeting I related to the lawyer about the psychologist appt I'd had the day before, and that his view was that when damages were considered that what has happened to me should be considered in those damages. And that I'm sure he'd write something for the case in support of that.

She agreed. It would be considered as what had happened to both of us as a couple as a result of David's works actions.

So there it is. I have become a part of the whole case. I think that's fair. We've really been put through the wringer with this, as blog readers here would know. Both our mental and financial anguish should be addressed in this. We are a couple and what happens to one affects the other.

Psychologist visit - stress and panic attacks

Went to the psychologist on Monday, the first visit after the horror of last month. I explained much of what happened. The bullshit week we had that saw me having that terrible panic attack on the Friday night. The frustration and anguish experienced in the month. The anxiety about the possibility of homelessness. The whole calendar for last month full to the brim with appts. The uncontrollable shaking I experienced simply over getting a form signed at the real estate agent. The  being driven to tears at Centrelink. The being told to go to charity. On and on it went.......

He was keenly concerned about the panic attack experience. I said the thing that scared me the most about it all was that it completely took over and I was powerless to stop it, despite my trying the normal coping strategies. I explained how it was much more than panic and fear, it was sheer unbridled terror. I explained how my arms and legs had started going numb and how things seemed far off and distant. He thought that sounded like dissociation, where the mind sort of breaks from reality, like an overload or some shit.

Of course I was reminded of the techniques you can use to bring yourself back to the present so to speak. Concentrate on what's happening around you now, not what has or might be. In essence, the present is the only true reality we have. The past is gone, the future is unknown. I bring myself back to now by simply hearing and seeing things around me, being aware of them, the present reality. *birds sing*

It's a bit bloody hard to do that though when your right smack in the middle of an overwhelming panic attack :s

An interesting thing that came out of the meeting near the end. After relating all this and discussing about strategies to deal with it, we talked a little about David's discrimination case. He agreed with me that when it came time to consider damages, that what has happened to me should be considered as part of those damages. 

After all, none of this would have happened had not David's work fucked him over with discrimination and victimisation. Quite apart from both of our mental health issues, the last year of treatment of David by his work now sees us facing bankruptcy. Which may very well be only weeks away at present.

Abbott destroys another revenue base - mining tax

Abbott, in his never ending quest to oppose all things Green and favour all things fossil, has destroyed another revenue base for the Australian economy; the mining tax. I think he's dead set on creating his own budget emergency all on his own. Whatever one's political views are with climate change, it remains a fact that by removing the mining tax he has shrunk even further gov revenue. This comes soon after the removal of the carbon tax, which was BTW working very well. It's simple arithmetic.

So he's done some deal with Clive loose-canon Palmer and got through the repeal of the mining tax. Um, Clive Palmer is a mining magnate....... Something about superannuation too and a cut to workers super. Haven't looked at the details, but seriously what more would be expected of a gov in the hands of investors and a mining bazillionare? Let's just hope Clive keeps his heart when it comes to the Medicare legislation coming up. And the welfare bullshit. 

This from Christine Milne of the Greens and the mining tax repeal:
"Champagne corks will be popping in mining company boardrooms while Australian workers will face less money for their retirement. 

"This is not just about the spending measures associated with the tax. Today Clive Palmer is facilitating Tony Abbott's brutal budget by taking away one of the best opportunities we have to raise revenue from those who can afford to pay. 

"We could be raising billions more in revenue from mining companies, but instead the Palmer United Party has joined with Tony Abbott to abolish the mining tax altogether. 

"Clive Palmer can no longer pretend to be an amusing sideshow who has an interest in helping families or working Australians. He has used the federal parliament to help abolish the tax which was about getting Australians a fair share from our mineral wealth." more 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Abbott's WorkChoices lie

"Dead, buried, cremated" Abbott said about WorkChoices (which bought about the demise of the Howard gov) and even signed a bit of paper saying so.

Now his gov is trying this week to force through changes to industrial relations legislation that brings back much of what WorkChoices was.


Ballina/Byron March in August

Regional areas of Australia protested and marched last weekend as well. This is from the Ballina/Byron march in northern NSW. I note there were no police on horseback at this one.


Sydney Convicts win Bingham Cup - gay world rugby :)

We won! The local Sydney Convicts rugby team has won the gay rugby world cup; the Bingham Cup, in Sydney. We're tough down under you know :)  Actually the video does put to bed the stereotype of the girlie poof doesn't it:
Held for the first time in the southern hemisphere since it began in 2002, the biennial competition was contested by 24 teams from 15 countries.

NSW Governor Marie Bashir, US Ambassador to Australia John Berry, NSW rugby league State of Origin legend Steve Mortimer and local Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull were all on hand for the seventh Bingham Cup decider.

The clash follows a momentous week in Australian rugby, with the Australian Rugby Union announcing an inclusion policy to tackle homophobia. Read more


Monday, September 1, 2014

Greens demand debate in parliament over Iraq

Christine Milne, Greens leader, gives a detailed and impassioned speech asking that the parliament itself debate the merits of involvement in Iraq before sending troops, instead of simply being Obama's puppet.



Abbott gov named in submission to International Criminal Court

About bloody time. A submission has been made by a lawyer, Tracie Aylmer, to the International Criminal Court in regards to Australia's treatment of asylum seekers. The submission names senior gov ministers including Abbott himself, saying they have breached Article 7 of the Rome Convention.

Among other things, Article 7 states:
‘Deportation or forcible transfer of population’ means forced displacement of the persons concerned by expulsion or other coercive acts from the area in which they are lawfully present, without grounds permitted under international law. more
Those named in the submission, which was accepted by the ICC, are:
  • Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott 
  • Minister for Immigration and Border protection Scott Morrison 
  • Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Michaela Cash 
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop 
  • Former Chief of the Defence Force General David Hurley 
  • Commander of Operation Sovereign Borders Lieutenant General Angus Campbell - See more
There's this also from prominent Lawyer Julian Burnside at the Melbourne protests yesterday:
  "The way they are treating refugees in Australia is a crime, and there has already been a reference put into the international criminal court complaining of that very treatment," he said, drawing a cheer from the crowd outside the Victorian Parliament. 

"If you feel exhausted keeping up the pressure on the government, if you feel so tired you can't keep going, just support yourselves with the vision of Tony Abbott and Scott Morison in the dock at The Hague." Read more

Video of teenage bashing after coming out to parents - US

More love from the christians.....

This video is pretty shocking. Parents disown their son after he tells them he's gay, ending up getting violent with him. All because of what they believe about the bloody Bible. Disgraceful. 


Sydney march in August 2014 - my picture story :)

It was a brilliantly fine day in Sydney yesterday, with a cool start to the day but warming up to 20 degrees in the afternoon. I'd gone with a winter jacket on but was soon much too hot with it on. As the speakers prepared and the crowd gathered, there were cute and funny placards. I snapped the odd one. This one, two obviously gay boys held one of the best signs; note how the sign is being held up....

Then there was this one, top points for cuteness here. 

This one was interesting in a couple of ways. Obviously the couple look like intelligent and well educated people, yet they hold a sign that many on the right would label as extreme. Abbott and cohorts are called terrorists. Interestingly and not planned, a dark bloke who some would say looks like a terrorist because he's dark, is walking by as innocent as everyone else there.

This one isn't mine, was in the news later yesterday and I got it off the net, the one I posted yesterday. Bottom left is me underneath the yellow topped bloke :) 

We listened to 6 speakers, went quite long in the hot sun but what they were saying was well worth listening to. Experts from health, education, and other areas, who were much more qualified to speak about their fields than those silly bloody ideological pollies in Canberra. This was the MC the Getup guy.

The crowd moved out of Hyde Park and began the march through the streets. Couldn't get up to the front of the march as there were so many people, and took some pictures from where I was in the crowd.

There were some interesting moments during the march itself. I only have a little cheap camera that does stuff automatically (thank fuck) and it seems hard to focus the thing when you're on the move, but sometimes you do get the odd very interesting shots.

This lady in the wheelchair made me laugh. She was puting along quite happily in her chair, with this sign on the top. I thought if these people can protest then surely I have no excuse not to. 

There was also another wheelchair not far in front of her. This one had a sick child in the chair with the parents walking the child in the chair. How heart breaking that the Abbott gov is picking on these people. Indeed as has been said, this was the budget that broke Australia's heart.

This shot was one of the most interesting. Presently we came to this. Yes, the police were on mounted horseback in case of any trouble. WTF? Did they think there was going to be a wheelchair charge down the fuckin street? Did they imagine that I would launch myself in a frontal attack on the cops just for the hell of it? Fuck, I'd probably not get within 10 metres of them before being paralysed in some kind of intense anxiety attack! *sheesh*

The overall picture I found myself a bit surprised at. The people on the walkway at the top looking for all the world like the elite, police on horseback below in defence of the Empire, and the sick and vulnerable protesting in front of them. I do have a bit of an imagination :)

This last one was so cute, the family at the front with the girl on the right holding her sign up. Awwwww...... (I wonder if the cops thought they were going to attack them as well?).

Sunday, August 31, 2014

OMG I'm in the news! - Sydney march pic

Well sort of :)  I'm in this news picture posted on the ninemsn website, and SBS. Bottom left of the picture directly underneath the bloke with the flouro yellow vest. 

Will post my own pictures tomorrow.