Thursday, August 28, 2014

March against Abbott this weekend

With the budget still stuck in the senate, now is the time to march against it. This will be the biggest march yet. Be there or be square baby.
What: March in August Sydney 
When: 1pm this Sunday 31 August 
Where: Hyde Park link

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Budget "Illegitimate" - Opposition leader Shorten

You go boy......


"The real motives behind Tony Abbott's budget" - Greens senate

You go girl.......


Senate crossbenchers dig in over harsh budget measures

Nope. Still no sign of the slightest budge from the crossbench senators needed to pass the most unfair and unpopular budget measures. In fact I'd say it's going disastrously for the gov:
On Sunday, Finance Minister ­Mathias Cormann said unless spending was brought under control, it was inevitable that taxes would have to rise if the budget were to be balanced. 

This was perceived as a threat by Labor, the Greens and the Senate crossbenchers. 

The Palmer Unite Party, the support of which is critical, had met on Sunday and leader Clive Palmer told The Australian Financial Review it has not changed its mind on the many budget measures it opposed. 

PUP senator Glenn Lazarus confirmed this with a statement lashing out at Senator Cormann and the ­government, saying he “would not be bullied into agreeing to budget ­measures which are unfair, cruel and unnecessary”. 

“This is simply another hollow and desperate threat on the part of a very arrogant and out-of-touch Abbott government to push through harsh budget measures so they can fund their own pet programs,” Senator Lazarus said. 

“I was voted in to look after the people of Australia, not to take basic support away from pensioners and hard-working Australians. 

“I think it would be political suicide for the Abbott government if they did try and introduce more taxes to the Australian public and I can’t see that happening.” 

Like Mr Palmer before him, Senator Lazarus said Australians did not vote for the more harsh budget measures last year and “if the Abbott ­government wants proof of this, they should go back to the polls”. 

He advocated income tax cuts to stimulate the economy and singled out for specific disdain the proposals to apply a Medicare co-payment and deregulate the university sector, which would cause the cost of a degree to spiral. “Education is one of the most important assets in our society and we should be making it more accessible to our people, not making it more ­expensive and difficult to access,” Senator Lazarus said. more

Operation Budget Repair - first dog on the moon :)

Abbott uses entitlements to attend fundraiser

Another thing poor people don't do; snouts in the fuckin trough. Does it get any clearer than this? Abbott was late to a regular party meeting. When asked why he was late this was his reply:
The issue came to a head when LNP senator Ian Macdonald, who has been a frequent critic of his own side since he was demoted from the frontbench after the election, told Mr Abbott his priority should have been the regular party room meeting, which is held every Tuesday morning when Parliament is sitting. 

But Senator Macdonald was swiftly rebuked by colleagues including backbencher Ewen Jones, who said Senator Macdonald's constant criticism of his own team had "overstepped the mark". 

"I have the highest regard for Ian as a man but the direction he has taken is unfortunate," Mr Jones said. 

Several government sources told Fairfax Media they were stunned to hear the Prime Minister respond to Senator Macdonald's complaint by saying he had to schedule an official function on Tuesday morning so he could justify being in Melbourne for a fund-raiser the night before under entitlements. Read more
Age of entitlement over eh? 
Coalition sources have told the ABC that in explaining the delay Mr Abbott said he scheduled the morning media event at the cancer clinic to ensure the travel costs could be claimed. 

A statement from the Prime Minister's office confirmed Mr Abbott attended a private function on Monday night, but said all travel was undertaken within the parliamentary entitlements rules. more  

Newstarve - better than nothing

At last David is on Newstarve after two months nearly of fucking around with bureaucrats. He got a bit of back pay which will stave off the Capitalist pigs for the immediate future, however it's hardly any kind of lifestyle choice. It's a grand total of $470 a fortnight. We're saved!

Better than nothing though. Will be enough to pay a weeks rent for the fortnight. I still have to get the form done at my doctors for the Carers Allowance, think that's about another $100 or so a fortnight. After the last two times of panic attacks, I can't imagine having to go through one of those again on my own. 

Australia tells World Congress of Families to fuck off - no venue :)

Oh how delicious! The World Congress of wacko Families, extreme far right wingnut churchies, is trying desperately to get a venue for their silly conference in Melbourne this weekend. Because of their extremism, and the resulting media publicity in Australia, venues have been cancelling on them. So far four of them. They still have nowhere to go. How poetic. Australians tell the far right churchies to fuck off :)

The controversial World Congress of Families conservative Christian conference is in chaos only days before its scheduled start, after four Melbourne venues backed out of hosting the event. 

High profile speakers have agreed to speak at the congress on Saturday, including the anti-abortion campaigner and Victorian upper house Liberal member Bernie Finn, and the federal government social services minister, Kevin Andrews. 

The line-up of anti-euthanasia, anti-divorce and anti-gay speakers from around the world has drawn condemnation from civil rights groups. 

“It’s a mess,” Margaret Butts, one of the organisers told Guardian Australia. “We have no venue at the moment – the police are telling us it’s a safety risk because of planned protests and demonstrations. 

“We are frantic at the moment trying to organise something else, we’ve had four venue cancellations. I can’t talk to you because we are just too busy right now.” 

Guardian Australia understands that despite the prominent speakers and hundreds of people expected to attend on Saturday, organisers had not planned event security or liability insurance. more  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Barnaby goes bananas

This is the same bloke who said roasts would be $100 under a carbon tax. Now he's claiming this will happen if the Lieberals don't get their way with the budget:
Joyce said on Monday that if the finances of the nation aren’t turned around, “we’ll be closing hospitals, we won’t have an ABC, we won’t be able to defend ourselves because we will have run out of money”. 

“Now the only way you can fix it is to fix it early, this is our first budget, I understand the concerns people have, I fully understand them, but what is our alternative?,” Joyce told ABC radio. more
Are Barnaby and SSJoe smoking the same shit? "What is the alternative"? How about not getting pensioners to cough up to go to a doctor? How's that sound? How about raising taxes then, getting the big end of town to pay their way. How about stop sucking up to Miss Piggy? This idiot expects us to believe there are no alternatives?

World Congress of Families - Australian venues cancel

It seems the radical hate group the World Congress of Families is having trouble finding a venue for this weekend as they keep cancelling on them.
Since it was announced a few weeks ago, the conference has been besieged by drama caused by concerned members of the community who don’t want it to go ahead.

Minister for Employment Eric Abetz was originally on the speakers’ line-up but has pulled out, though the Federal Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews is still scheduled to give the opening address, and also involved is virulently anti-gay and anti-abortion parliamentary crusaders Bernie Finn, Fred Nile and Cory Bernardi. Victoria’s right wing Attorney-General Robert Clark is also on board.

After two venue changes so far, the Conference is now scheduled to happen at Brunswick’s Aurora Receptions on Saturday 30 August, though Same Same understands that the management of the venue is now considering cancelling the booking. more

Unfortunately, that one just been cancelled on them too :)
And, unfortunately for the World Congress of Families, Brunswick’s Aurora Receptions just canceled on them too. more
Now the WCF's has written a letter to all Australians, wanting us to stop cancelling on them.
International Pro - Family Leadership Open Letter to the People of Australia 

In the name of fairness, and in response to unremitting and grossly misleading attacks on an August 30 conference in Melbourne, t he undersigned pro - family leaders worldwide wish to bring the following to your attention: more

Gay add banned in Lithuania

There's some law over there about minors and how dangerous the add could be to them. So here it is. Anyone in Lithuania wanna see the banned add?


"Ten years hard labour for gays" - US pastor

More love from the Christians. This nutter pastor in the US seriously wants homosexuality to be recriminalised and gays given ten years hard labour. Fucks sake, what is this loony on man. Yet if I protest at his "sincerely and deeply held religious views" then we are being intolerant? Oh please.....

Centrelink to the rescue!

David's had to go running off to Centrelink earlier this morning, after they sent him a text that he had an interview at the local Centrelink office here, in one hour. He was really pissed off, running around making sure he'd gotten everything you need for a Centrelink visit (I usually take my whole file of important papers just in case) and was out the door. Dunno WTF they want to know about him now, he's already supplied just about his DNA sample to them. Hopefully it's just finalising finally the end to our starvation. Could this week be the end of it? Seven weeks now since first contacting Centrelink with nothing except my lowered pension.


It's done. According to Centrelink both David and I will have money in our accounts tomorrow. David is getting $1,000 in back pay. I dunno how they'll figure all the payments out with mine but at least now the on-the-verge-of-disaster thing has been avoided for now. All we have to worry about now is the fuckin great massive credt card bill. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bigotry, up close and personal

After spending much of my life as a white heterosexual male, discrimination and underlying hatred have been uncommon to me. There's a stark difference in the gay world, and I've had to toughen up a bit so to speak over time, to cope with the odd look or question or whatever. Yet I still wasn't ready for what happened last night.

I've lived here for 8 years now and become good friends with a neighbour across the common area from us. We are diametrically opposed to each other in every political way, yet we're friends. We've both commented in the last years how strange it is that two people from such completely different worlds have ended up being the best of friends. Yes we have political discussions, but they're all good natured and friendly. It's different when the one's being demonised are sitting there in front of you; one of your best mates. 

So his parents are down for a visit. David's never met them before and invites them and him over for a chat and a few drinks. They come over. We have the heater on in the room and it's much warmer than where they were just at and the neighbour's father is right next to it. We are chatting, David and I bounce off each other as we usually do. It's our house after all. I called him "darling" and we flirted a bit, nothing spectacular and we were across the room from each other. 

The neighbour's father gets up soon after saying he's going back nextdoor to get his jumper as he's cold. WTF? Oh please...... He doesn't come back. Soon after the neighbour gets up running after his father as he obviously thinks his father's upset/annoyed or some shit. Hurt feelings at witnessing gayness? I dunno that's his problem not ours. He doesn't come back. Then it's only his mother left there sort of embarrassed and who slowly wandered off. She didn't come back.

David and I are sitting there looking at each other, disgusted at them. I said something to the tune of, the father was too gutless to tell me to my face. I'd rather he'd have come up with the truth and just told us straight out that he was a bigot and was leaving because we were gay (well the gov reckons it's OK to be bigots you know) rather than come up with a pathetic and insulting excuse that he was cold.  

No word from them today. Obviously the father has laid down the law? Declared a reinforced hatred of gays? I dunno. I'm really pissed off with my neighbour friend who didn't stand up for me to his father. I thought we were much better mates than that. Instead it appears his father's bigotry has won out.

Bigotry, up close and personal.  

Fox News confuses ISIS with Ferguson :s

Ferguson looks like doesn't fit the agenda/propaganda of Fox News. I'm not sure what to make of this video. The Barbie doll is raving about ISIS and then on the screen comes live pics from Ferguson US. The Barbie doll gets pissed off and wants to go on preaching about ISIS and the beheaded guy and the death of an American. Why are American deaths made out to be more valuable than others?. And why is a black American's death less valuable than a white Americans? In the end it's a split screen with her on about terror, and Ferguson pictures.