Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Labor has gone ballistic on YouTube :)

Labor YouTube channel
Far out, was just having a bit of a look at my YouTube subscriptions and Labor has gone bananas on it. I didn't know which one to post and comment on as they all look very relevant. You can chose what to watch out of them here

It seems there's an election on folks! 


Jehovah Witness's teach their kids how to bully kids of gay parents - video

Jehovah Witness teach their kids that only straight people will go to paradise

More love from the religious. This time the JW's have a go at the LGBT. In this case little kids in school and their same sex parents.

Watch the animated cartoon telling the young child of JW parents how to teach their fellow kid classmates that gay parents won't go to paradise.

This is child abuse in my opinion.


Crazy Great Bathroom Panic video of the day - glock .45 lady :s

These nutty GBP videos are coming almost daily now. The one's mocking the new anti-trans laws are interesting and funny, the ones in support of the new anti-trans laws are just plain weird and out there.

Today's video is from the lady who recently said she had a glock .45 gun that she'd use for protection against anyone coming in to the toilet who wasn't a lady. Here she's interviewed and can't name a single incident caused by laws allowing transgenders to use toilets. However she says they will come and that (and I quote) "Target is a dangerous place"



Bonus Monty Python like video :)


Bonus video two, crazy preacher in Target goes bananas : 


The Budget - First Dog on the Moon :)

Ted Cruz bites the dust! - clobbers wife in the process

Well so much for the anointed one of god, all the prayers and all. Maybe they didn't pray hard enough.

And so much for Cruz's crusade of evangelical extremists, including of course cow scat Pastor Swanson who hated gays so much he had a whole conference about how to go about killing them, and that the best way to protest a gay wedding was to cover yourself in cow shit and sackcloth and asses. At the same conference Cruz spoke at. A great swathe of anti-gay hatred has been removed from the US presidential race with the demise of Cruz.

I'm sure there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Cruz household now. I think his wife may have a sore face as well after being struck by Cruz on stage.

I wonder how they explain that after all their praying and being so very sure that Cruz was the anointed one of god to lead the US to theocratic oblivion, that now he's lost to loony tunes Trump? 




Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Lieberal budget is a flop - unless you earn over $80,000 yr

Treasurer Scott Morrison is clobbered on the 7:30 report. All he's got is a bunch of meaningless confusing figures that make no sense (birthday cake anyone?). He's also talking incredibly fast like he has some kind of mental problem. Is he a bit manic?

Honestly, WTF is going on with this guy? He's like a droning tape player has been turned on in the back of his head. Did anyone check if he has an MP3 player in his ear?

So that's it. On to the election from here. 

"Spending not revenue problem" = Ground Hog Day :)

Very well done :)

Yes folks, get rid of the carbon and mining taxes, then say we have a spending problem.



Crazy Great Bathroom Panic town meeting - US

I just don't know what to say about this. Mind numbing stupidity? They're like a bunch of kindergarten kids. There's a lady who is trying to get them to understand trans stuff, but she might as well be barking at the moon for all they care. In the end they drown her out by singing "Yes Jesus loves me, the bible tells me so".... I kid you not.....


To asylum seekers locked in Australia's gulags - First Dog on the Moon

Gay Muslims - Australian Imam comes out & life threatened

An extremely interesting look at what gay Muslims face in coming out, even in Australia. In some Muslim countries overseas they still have the death penalty for being gay, which is extremist in Australia but still gets a mention by the Imam in the video. 

Such thinking and attitudes make it extremely hard for gay Muslims to live openly, and they appear to often live a double life. Something that in my personal opinion isn't sustainable in the long run. How can one live an authentic life when much of it is a facade?

Simon used to have a saying that he mentioned often, and he was someone who'd traveled to many countries across the globe in his life. That wherever you find humanity, you will find gays. As it is with Muslim people, no matter what the religion or country, there will be the same percentage of gays existing within the Muslim world as there is anywhere else.

It does surprise me though that such attitudes still exist in Australia among some religious folk. It's not something you hear much about from the Muslim minority here, put it that way. Strange that a minority would be so against another minority like that.


More about Imam Nur Warsame from the ABC:
In spite of this, a Melbourne Imam, Nur Warsame, has taken the bold step of preaching a progressive interpretation of Islam to his own congregation of LGBT Muslims and supporting their sexuality within the Muslim faith. 

Imam Nur, a Somali-born man, lived in Egypt and Canada as a child and moved to Melbourne as a high school student. He has been an Imam for 13 years, and is only the second Victorian Muslim leader to earn the title 'Hafiz', meaning he has memorised the Koran. 

"There have been threats to my life because I am finally speaking out," Imam Nur told ABC News. 

Earlier this year, he said, two men (who he knows are from the Muslim community) came to the front door of his house in Melbourne to threaten him after hearing him speak about Marhaba on LGBT radio station Joy FM. 

"They wanted me to stop talking about gay Muslims. But luckily the Victorian Police were very helpful and I am OK," he said. 

For two years, Imam Nur has run the support group Marhaba (which means 'welcome' in Arabic) covertly in a range of community halls across Melbourne. 

"When I started this group, I knew it was a suicide mission. But I'm cautiously optimistic and I am careful. I look after myself and don't see myself as some martyr willing to die for this cause," Imam Nur said. 

While LGBT-friendly mosques and prayer halls can be found in South Africa, France, the United States and Canada (some as early as the late 1990s), he says it is the first "mosque" of its kind in Australia. 

"I do not want to be linked to the mainstream conservative Muslim organisations, they have done a lot of damage to the LGBT community," he said. 

"I want to be known as an independent Imam who is sympathetic. My calling in this lifetime is to help young, gay Muslims who have been traumatised by the Muslim leaders in Australia." ABC  
It never ceases to amaze me how much damage so called holy books from many centuries ago can still inflict today. Even in modern Australia. 

The Republican lie of a weak US military

Trump in his so called foreign policy bla the other day, asserted that the US military needs to be "rebuilt". I've not bothered to put myself through the sheer torture of listening to a droning fool make statement after statement of mind numbing stupidity. However this is his quote from his thing saying thus about the US military:
[W]e have to rebuild our military and our economy. The Russians and Chinese have rapidly expanded their military capability, but look at what’s happened to us. … Our military dominance must be unquestioned, and I mean unquestioned, by anybody and everybody. Disinfo
Like I said, mind numbing stupidity. Last year the US spend more than the next 11 countries combined on it's military. Seven of those are it's allies. This is supposed to be some kind of military that needs to be "rebuilt"?
Disinfo puts a much better take on the military's perceived weakness, in that the weakness lies in rebuilding countries after they've flattened them; something they were never supposed to do in the first place.
Candidates tend to focus on whichever metric best suits their preferred policy. By looking at the military from all three perspectives at once, though, we can get a more nuanced view of American military capabilities. 

Thanks largely to the effects of waging simultaneous wars for over a decade, the American military is not at peak readiness. Even so, it remains the premier fighting force in the world. 

If the trend of using military forces to achieve political ends like nation-building continues and military efficacy is judged by the results, however, America will continue to struggle to achieve its foreign policy aims. More spending on bombs and bullets will do little to change this outcome. 

A better, and cheaper, investment would be in the skills, knowledge and resources needed to follow up military victories with durable political settlements, to anticipate terrorist attacks and to dry up support for terrorist organizations. Disinfo

Monday, 2 May 2016

Labor reintroduces marriage equality bill - a "promise" for post election

Thanks to Lieberal dithering and delays, the last marriage equality bill has lapsed without action. Here Tanya Plibersek reintroduces another bill. As the elction will undoubtedly be called soon it has no hope of any movement on it, however Plibersek says to think of it as a promise from Labor. If they win there will be no plebiscite and a vote soon after gaining office. 



Example of tax reduced by Super and negative gearing

Here we have someone on $250,000 a year paying less than $18,000 a year in tax, using superannuation and negative gearing. Saving $73,000 a year in tax.

Talk about welfare for the rich! 

*Update: Here we have the usual harping about us dastardly people on welfare. Nothing said about the above however.


Made it to another birthday :)

I've turned 54 over the weekend. Another year gone by.

Life goes on. This is now the 8th year with HIV. Hasn't been the best run and I get sick of all the pills for the various complications I have, but things could certainly be a lot worse :)

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Latest US election witch hunt - transgenders; Betty Bowers video :)

In the past it's been watch out for the gay rapists! Now it's watch out for the transgender rapists! 

The trans-phobia Great Bathroom Panic going across the US right now is nothing more that a distraction from the real issues. Nothing said about climate change, corporate slavery, poverty, crumbling infrastructure and all. No, apparently the biggest crisis facing the US right now are transgendered people going to the toilet :s