Sunday, 24 May 2015

Abbott cuts food funding for illness that causes brain damage

Perhaps we should start calling this gov Scrooges instead of Lieberals. Honestly, just nit picking away at services that cost fuck all but are essential for those that use them. Like home care for stroke victims and people ill who need help. Now it's a pissy little $256 a month for specialist food, those that need it having a disease that causes brain damage if they don't get it.


Staggering Duggar hypocrisy - Dan Savage on the Duggar family

Savage speaks of the incomprehensible hypocrisy of the Duggar family, putting themselves out there as protectors of children when Josh Duggar had himself molested 4 of his younger sisters.


Police report:

Congrats to Ireland - landslide Yes victory for gay marriage :)

What an atmosphere at Dublin Castle #MarRef

Congrats to Ireland. Almost two thirds votes for yes. This can only increase the pressure on Australian politicians to get with the bloody times.


23% of US 8th graders think Australia is a dictatorship - WTF?

Dead set. WTF is going on over there? (click to enlarge)

This is the result of a National Assessment of Education Progress report done recently to US 8th graders.  

Here is the question concerned, of which I have snipped above. 

That's not all. 10% think Australia is under military rule, and 12% think the gov discourages public affairs participation. That's nearly half of all US 8th graders who haven't got the faintest idea about a country that is one of their closest allies. 

Is this that stupid US exceptionalism again? That the US is the only really free country in the world or some bullshit like that? *sheesh*

What's next? Will the creationists be teaching that there's dinosaurs roaming the outback? :s 

Zac washes Natasha - awwwww

Their love is reaching new heights :) They've started washing each other now in front of the heater at night. This just done with my camera so not so good quality, especially as Zac is all black it's a bit hard to see him at times. But it's Zac washing Natasha last night.


Saturday, 23 May 2015

Abbott vouched for a peadophile priest - 1997

As the royal commission into church child abuse is well and truly under way in Australia, and Abbott's mate Pell is being demanded by all and sundry to return from the Vatican and face charges against him concerning child abuse here in Australia, Abbott's past concerns with the Catholic church are coming under increasing scrutiny now. In particular, this one.

May I introduce ex Father John Nester. Below is when he was an actual Father in the church. He went to the same seminary as Abbott in the 1980's, St Patrick's in Sydney.

Long story short, Father Nester was convicted of being a peadophile, then appealed in 1997 with Abbott being one who gave a character reference for him. He won the appeal, only to be defrocked by the church in 2001 by the Vatican, those involved citing "significant additional material". He was forcefully laicised by the Vatican. In other words the church considered him a peadophile.

Abbott however didn't. At least not in 1997, despite having gone through seminary with him. The language used by Abbott was entirely contradictory to the person John Nestor actually was. Abbott described Nestor in 1997 thus:

Mr Abbott, then a federal parliament backbencher, told the court Fr Nestor was an upright and virtuous man who he had known since 1984. 

"He was ... a beacon of humanity at seminary," Mr Abbott said. more
In short, Abbott knew Nestor since 1984, yet somehow apparently had not the faintest idea of his predilections.  

I will leave readers to make their own judgement. I have made mine. He is either a liar, defending a paedophile priest as the church was want to do back then, or......... 

References: here, here, and here

Food production - ship of fools

This is the food sequence from a doco Samsara. I haven't seen the doco, but this is truly grotesque. The consumerism and greed that is created by capitalism, humans become pigs at a trough. 

SAMSARA food sequence from Baraka & Samsara on Vimeo.

Canada's tar sands oil extraction - ship of fools

An astonishing look at what is arguably the biggest man made environmental disaster ever on the planet. Unbelievable. I've heard nothing about this until recently. Sheer, utter madness. It makes mining the Galilee Basin in Queensland even more stupid.

Abundant cheap energy from the sun, yet we're doing this to the planet.


Senate to block budget, again

The early positive reaction to the budget is fast dissipating, and the senate now is setting itself to block key budget measures again. Honestly, how many times does the senate have to say no before this gov listens?
Significant elements of the budget may be blocked in the Senate as their hidden and long-term impacts become clearer, despite its generally positive reception. 

The initially well-received pension changes – which save $2.4bn over four years – are under serious threat because the government has now ruled out any reform to costly superannuation tax breaks. 

The plan to force under 25-year-olds to wait four weeks for unemployment benefits appears certain to be voted down and the $5.5bn in cuts to single income family payments remain in doubt despite the Coalition’s insistence that they are necessary to pay for its generous new childcare package. The plan to save almost $1bn by ending so-called “double-dipping” for paid parental leave seems almost certain to be defeated. 

The budget, which abandoned many of last year’s cuts and delivered $5bn in small business tax breaks, has delivered a quick boost in both consumer confidence and the Coalition’s standing in the opinion polls. 
But as parliament prepares to return for four weeks of sittings before the long winter recess, details are emerging about the impact of some of its central policies. more

What if you were left to die at sea?

Budget 2015 - ACOSS rips it a new asshole

The cat's out of the bag folks. The Australian Council of Social Services has ripped into SSJoe's latest budget attempt ferociously. Like an angry lion it has torn shreds off it, putting it in the same unfairness bracket as last years. The gov has tried in vain to gloss it over as a warm and fuzzy budget, but in reality under the surface it's the same old crap from last year. In fact they've gone so far as to keep many of the cuts in last years budget. Whether it passes the senate is, dare I say, doubtful in the least, but it certainly does show that this gov hasn't changed it's stripes.

They are particularly scathing as to why middle and low income Australia again must bear the burden, whilst fuck all is done about the high income welfare rorters sucking $billions from the gov teat.

Example. $15billion in cuts. Single income family $49wk cut from family tax benefit with a third of them already living in poverty. Is this what we really want for Australian kids? Whilst the entitled ones can live in Kirribili for token rent?

Some excerpts, the full report is here.
"While ACOSS welcomed the $3.5 billion new investment in early childhood education and care and a more sensible road to pension reform, the overall Budget fails the fairness test because it delivers an estimated $15 billion in spending cuts, with new cuts to child dental and community health programs in this Budget on top of retained savings from the last Budget. 

"It is disappointing that the Government appears to be retreating from its commitment to pursue comprehensive tax reform, which is vital to provide the revenue future Governments will need for essential services. People on modest incomes will pay for inaction on tax reform when they need health care, to send their children to school, lose their jobs or retire. 

"This year's Budget not only failed to reverse the severe cuts to payments and programs from the previous budget, but directly linked unfair changes to family payments to new spending on child care in the current Budget. The cut to Family Tax Benefit Part B to single income families with children over six years would result in income losses of $49 per week for single parent families or more for those with older children. This cut will have dire consequences, particularly when taken together with the freezing of family payments indexation - a condition for the new investment in child care - given that a third of sole parent families are already living in poverty. 


"While this Budget cemented the damaging cuts that will harm people on the lowest incomes, it took little action to strengthen public revenue. We are mystified as to why the government would rule out changes to unfair tax concessions for superannuation and indicate little appetite for reform of negative gearing and capital gains tax, after announcing a review of taxation with 'everything on the table'. A lack of action on the revenue side guarantees that future governments will have no option but to cut more deeply into health and community services or ramp up user charges for essential services.


"The retention of most of the 2014 budget cuts and lack of action to strengthen public revenue tips the scale on the negative side of the fairness ledger as it effectively means that the most disadvantaged and struggling individuals and families in our community are being asked to shoulder the responsibility for restoring the Budget," Dr Goldie said. more  
Read it all. This budget is a bloody shocker. Much of this year's budget is simply renewing the gov's intentions not to give up on last year's budget. Like if they sneak it into this one then they can sneak it through the senate this time or some shit. They just will no give up on attacking the poor and leaving the very wealthy alone. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

Mysterious deep cuts to Abbott's knuckles

No comment as yet by the PM's office. All that's in the article is that his office has been contacted for comment.

Not a good look though is it. Has he been punching walls again, or what? 


HIV doesn't belong in the courts - Positive Life

A very good video showing why criminalising HIV is counter productive to the spread of HIV.


Hah! Lying Sussan Ley forced to scrap prescription increases :)

The lying slimebag thought she was going to get away with it. Just blame it on her predecessor and leave it at that. What, is she not the health minister? Does she have control over her own portfolio? What a sad load of fuckin bullshit.

She was forced into scrapping it, not because she got a big dose of conscience, but because the senate was dead against it and hell would freeze over before it was passed. 

The gov now has a $1billion egg on it's face. Good job senate! Fuck off Lieberals and stop trying to target the poorest sickest most vulnerable Australians. Bloody fuckwits.
In a major setback for the federal government, health minister Sussan Ley has been forced to scrap a plan for a $5 medicine co-payment. 

The overhaul of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme would have required patients to pay more for prescriptions and wait longer before qualifying for discounts. 

Patients have to spend more than $1450 each year before qualifying for cheaper scripts, but the proposal would see that increase by 10 percent a year for four years in addition to increases in line with the consumer price index. 

Ms Ley yesterday said the changes did not have support in the Senate and would be abandoned. 

"I have had conversations with the crossbench and they have indicated they are not going to support it," she said. 

The measure, proposed in last year’s budget, was to have saved $1 billion. Ms Ley said the savings would still be found, but there has been no announcement of from where they will come. 

For patients, the announcement means the existing payment system remains in place. Read more  

Grindr pastor told gay teen he was hellbound - US

This is the pastor out in the news the other day (literally), with his resume and his Grindr picks discovered by Queerty.

Turns out he's real piece of hypocritical work, telling a gay teenager that he was going to hell and nearly driving him to suicide.