Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lieberals lose Queensland! Newman loses seat!

I'm in shock. Nobody expected Labor to win the Queensland state election. Newman just conceded defeat, bowing out of politics forever after he also just lost his own seat. A Lieberal bloodbath. They have lost gov after only one term in an unloseable election.

As Paul Keating said when he won for federal Labor as the Lieberals lost the unloseable election, "This is the sweetest of victories!"

The Lieberals are crushed. Humiliated. QLD was their jewel in the crown, the  most conservative state in Australia with their puppet Newman. Now they've lost their own heartland :) 


Newman first premier in 100 years to lose his seat

If the polling is correct, and I don't see why it wouldn't be, Newman will lose his seat tonight. This would make the first premier in 100 years to lose his own seat. Predictions from professor type people are that the Leiberals will win with a small majority and without their leader.


Lieberals chicken out at a challenge to Abbott

What a bunch of weak kneed yellow chooks. Dead set.

So, the Lieberal MP's, so enraged at the pathetic-ness of their once beloved leader, have approached both asbestos Julie and NBN Turnbull to step up and do their duty for the party, and get rid of the clown.

You'd think that they'd jump at the opportunity. but nope. Abbott needs more time to recover, after now spending as long as Howard did without winning a single poll for the Lieberals. Then Howard lost his own seat in the election.

Perhaps they're looking further forward and can see taking over now is a poison chalice. I mean seriously. Can a gov come back from this with just a year and a half before the next election? And the front bench is still all full of Howard era old wood. Career politicians grown up in privilege and not the slightest clue about the rest of us mere mortals living in in the real world. The lot of them need to go.

Perhaps a big clubbing at the next federal election will decimate the Lieberals and give them an opportunity to rebuild from the ground up. Something has gone seriously wrong in that party. How else can you explain Abbott?

Abbott has become the Lieberals version of Labor's Mark Latham. Only much worse, they don't seem to be able to find the off switch on their version. 
The two leading contenders to replace Tony Abbott as Liberal leader are resisting the efforts of their colleagues to draft them to challenge the Prime Minister. 

Despairing of Abbott's ability, Liberal MPs have approached deputy Liberal leader and Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to urge them to run for the leadership. Both are refusing to challenge their leader. more

Remember this today when voting Queensland

This election in Queensland is about more than just Queensland, it's about the Newman/Abbott double act.


Friday, January 30, 2015

The battle for Ashgrove

Election eve and Newman is looking down the throat of almost certain defeat :)


What are you sorry for Newman? - GetUp video

Queensland, vote to save the Reef - GetUp video

Queensland election eve

Latest polling has the the Lieberals and Labor neck and neck at 50/50. Newman though is set to lose his seat and will have to retire from the Queensland parliament. The Lieberals are now going into this election not knowing who their new leader will be.

Australains say Abbott is a dick head - video

There's something very funny about prim and proper looking women calling our PM a dickhead :)  This is the point it's reached, the village idiot has now become a public laughing stock. Oh the humiliation of one once worshiped by the far right wing nuts.


All gays will be cannibals by 2016 - US wacko pastor

More love from the christians.....

Well, they're onto us. Very soon we're all going to turn into cannibals and start to eat each other. *sheesh* Is that like the gay zombie apocalypse? 


Lieberals now actively plotting against Abbott :)

Team Abbott has struck an iceberg. The gov is paralysed. Lieberal MP's have their phones running hot discussing who can replace Abbott. So far the favourite looks to be NBN Turnbull; a moderate who got knifed last time he was leader by the looney right in the party.

Team Abbott has gone into a huddle, attempting to fend off the advancing barbarians, trying to salvage a semblance of political face. This isn't going to end well for the huddled fascists, deluded right to the end and refusing to take the blame for destroying Lieberal hopes and dreams of a new austere Australia. It's mutiny now, with the troops switching sides. 

Will Team Abbott fall on their swords? Will this be a bloody public battle fought in front of the nation? The Abbott opera continues.....
Nervous Liberal MPs have begun discussing alternative leadership options, and the pros and cons of switching to either Foreign Minister Julie Bishop or former leader Malcolm Turnbull are now being "actively" considered. 

Fairfax Media has been told worried backbench MPs have been phoning each other in a state of agitation over the government's continuing woes. 


However, it has been played down by other Liberal insiders who insist the mood is one of disappointment rather than insurrection. Another described a feeling of hopelessness, but dismissed talk of a possible change as exaggeration. 

However multiple sources have said that consideration of radical corrective action, including a possible leadership change within months, is under way. more  

Corporate tax dodgers - sign GetUp's senate submission

The senate is having an inquiry into corporate tax avoidance in Australia and is asking for submissions. GetUp has put together one and is asking for people to sign their name to it, thereby being one submission with thousands of signatures to give a unite voice to the senate from the community. Sign here. I've also put the submission here in it's entirety:
To the Senate Economics References Committee, 

This is a submission supported by thousands of individual Australians. 

We write to thank you for your work, and to reiterate the outrage that we feel as a community over the lack of concrete action to address corporate tax avoidance. 

The fact remains that our corporate tax watchdog, the Australian Taxation Office, has had its budget slashed and critical staff pushed out the door. Its audit team has dwindled in size and internally people at the ATO have questioned how they can really 'crack down' to recover the billions lost from corporate tax avoidance while their organisation is being gutted.1 

Despite the pledges of future action at the G20, there are a lot of things the Treasurer could be doing right this minute in line with international action to curtail corporate tax dodging. For example, there was a whole raft of corporate tax loopholes the Government kept open in 2013 — costing Australia $1 billion dollars.2 The Treasurer also recently abandoned an important anti-avoidance measure (by allowing deductions under section 25(90) of the Income Tax Assessment Act) in his Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, which was projected to recover $600 million alone.3 

Despite the fact that we're losing billions in tax revenue from the top 200 ASX companies each year (over half of them have subsidiaries in offshore tax havens), the Government is still refusing to support this Senate Inquiry into the extent of corporate tax avoidance in Australia.4 

Meanwhile, the least well off Australians are being asked to shoulder the biggest burden in the federal Budget – as the Government tries to remove income support for unemployed people, make higher education unaffordable through university fee deregulation, and hit the sick by cutting the Medicare rebate. The double standard is obvious. 

We hope that this inquiry will shine a light on both the immoral tax practices of multi-million dollar companies, and on the Government's disappointing inaction to help fix this problem, despite their strong rhetoric. 


XX,XXX GetUp members Sign  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Canberra Lieberal stereotypes and insults online criticisms

Parliamentary secretary to the finance minister is his title, whatever that is. A Mr McCormack, has now joined the fray. He appears to be a far dinkum Abbott supporter, who also is in agreement that the internet is "Electronic Graffiti". One of Abbott's yes men.

So he's taken it further, basically saying that those who criticise Abbott online are simply spoilt brats in inner Sydney and Melbourne. Or as he put it:
Mr McCormack said unlike the "texting, latte sipping, keyboard warriors who frequent the tapas bars of Melbourne and Sydney", "real fair dinkum Australians" in the country didn't have time to tweet all day but had time to reflect at the end of the day and would be unafraid to give the Prime Minister an "honest appraisal" of his work over a shandy. more
Lovely. Just go out to the country because fuck all of them have the internet out there as receptions so bad, so they've not been corrupted by the online virtual consciousness. Just feed them full of corporate crap and you know they're gonna love you, the epitamy of their wealthy subsidy's for trying to farm a desert. Yeah, just get the dumb fuckin hicks to tell you what you want to hear, that'll fix it :s

Or maybe take the online world seriously and don't dismiss the rage coming through at the gov as being fringe edge graffiti. People have more of an idea what's going on in this country from online media that the PM ever had or will have.

But here's some Murdoch media that will shock you :)  Oh I'm loving this shit. The finger pointing is on!


Unions say put the Lieberals last in Queensland

From the AMWU:
“Queenslanders need skilled, secure, full-time jobs as a base for their families’ future,” Mr Webb said. 

“The LNP have no interest in manufacturing, they’ve encouraged employers to try to drive down wages but the community knows that struggling in casualised, contract or labour-hire jobs for rock-bottom wages is no future for families. 

“The LNP record of sacking 14,000 government employees and driving unemployment well above the national average shows they can’t and won’t deliver job security for anyone.” 

Mr Webb lauded the efforts of AMWU members who had used their holidays to volunteer to spread Queensland’s Unions’ message to PUT THE LNP LAST AND NUMBER EVERY SQUARE on the ballot paper. 

Members have been particularly active in supporting their AMWU comrades standing as candidates against the LNP, by doorknocking, street stalls and talking to electors by phone. 

They’ve supported Arnotts’ delegate Jeff Frew in the seat of Everton, Rowen Holzberger in Southport, Peter Russell in Sunnybank, Shannon Fentiman in Waterford and Brittany Lauga in Keppel. 

Mr Webb said concern over jobs, power bills, cutbacks in health services and larger school class sizes was obvious among members across Queensland, particularly when he visited regional areas like Rockhampton. more 
Oh I'm just totally salivating at the impending Queensland Lieberal bloodbath. It will send Abbott ga ga. Sit back and watch it folks, this is going to be good. Lieberals aghast and tearing themselves apart. Abbott won't have a chance.

You're gonna fuckin get it Newman, and so are you Abbott. My my, how the times are a-changing. 

Protesters interrup TTP hearing!

Some very vocal protestors, did a good job at getting their message across. I just about clapped at the lady protester, she was on fire man :)  Good to see a bit of good old fashioned protesting against the gov.