Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hate tweets turned into art

What a good idea. This is a picture of Tom Daley, made up of anti-gay hate tweets after he came out as gay.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Abbott's body language lying - video

Capitalist failure gives rise to fascism - Europe

David told me about this thing from Australian Sixty Minutes about the rise of fascism now in Europe, in particular in Greece. He was seeing bits and pieces of it the other evening at work whilst he was attending patients on the ward. He's not into politics, so it was telling that he was shocked by this and came home and told me specifically about it. 

What disturbs me the very most about this, is how similar the Nazi guy's rhetoric about "illegal immigrants" is to here amongst the asylum seeker haters. The guy calls it an "invasion". I remember a few years back at the height of the Howard anti-immigrant racist propaganda, talking to a drinking buddy in a pub about this. Of course I was of the view that it's not illegal to seek asylum when fleeing for your lives, etc. He turned around and called it "an invasion".

I always thought Abbott got his revolting racist politics from Howards political manipulation of the Australian electorate. Perhaps it does. But I'm starting to wonder now just where else he may be getting his "illegal" asylum seeker rhetoric? Seriously, some of this sounds extremely close to the Lieberal bullshit we're being fed here:


Japan plans whaling again - southern oceans

Japan was told very recently that it's "research" of endangered whales, which includes killing them and taking them all back to Japan for human consumption, is bullshit. Or to put it as they do in polite circles "breached International Whaling Commission rules for scientific research". Japan was ordered to stop all whaling immediately. They have but paused.
Japanese Fisheries Agency officials previously said the whalers would not go south in 2014-15, but Mr Hayashi indicated there would be a voyage next summer, limited to whale observation. 

He confirmed a move back to the Antarctic with "hunting plans" in 2015-16, after Japan prepared a new program. 
"We will carry out extensive studies in co-operation with ministries concerned to submit a new research program by this (northern) autumn to the International Whaling Commission, reflecting the criteria laid out in the verdict." Read more
I don't get this. How can such a clear and uncompromising command given of ceasing all whaling operations, get interpreted by Japan as "well we'll have another go next year"? What part of stop killing whales don't these Japanese fuckwits not understand? 

And seriously, WTF is that "research" sign on their whaling boats when they're were actively engaged in attacking the Sea Shepherd fleet this whaling season down south? What has "research" got to do with ramming the Bob Barker? Do they want to research how to sink protest boats as well?

This issue has been going on for many decades, with both Australia and New Zealand for those decades protesting the killing of whales near our shores. In some cases whales regarded as threatened species. In some cases kills happening within Australian waters. This latest move by Japan to set up their bullshit whale fleet again is a slap in the face for both Australians and New Zealanders.

I think the key is the elephant in the room, that being "commercial" whaling. I hope that the IWC will see through this commercial venture for what it is; a cynical attempt to placate the IWC, obey it's criteria, and engage whaling again under some bullshit new "research" plan. Surely a person of even mere minion intelligence could see straight through this ploy, let alone someone in the IWC.

FSM sighting!

Our lord and saviour, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, has been sighted again. It appeared as a miracle on an internet site, glowing warmly and comforting on the PC screen. Praise to the FSM!


An Easter laugh re Jesus

Well it's Easter Sat now. The shops will be open again and I can buy beer if I want :)  Jesus evidently carked it yesterday not today. It's also a time when crazy shit comes out about Jesus dying and all. Like this very short Christian film. Oh fuck, I soooo burst out laughing .... won't spoil it. Lets just say I found it hysterical when the first bit of colour entered the film in place of the black and white. No prizes for guessing who that might be.

Fuck me man, what bloody nutter came up with this one? 


Latest cartoons :)

My desktop is getting very cluttered. Here's the latest little collection.


Friday, April 18, 2014

"Mediaeval & ignorant" - Brandis on climate change

This idiot is an insult to anyone of even vague intelligence. He has called people like me, who actually dare to decide that the vast majority of scientists are right on climate change and that for us the argument is over, "ignorant and mediaeval"

As examples, he points to Senator Wong and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who he accuses of arguing “the science is settled” to shut down political debate on climate change. 

“In other words, 'I am not even going to engage in a debate with you.' It was ignorant, it was mediaeval, the approach of these true believers in climate change,” he said. Read more  
I'm speechless. A medieval and ignorant person saying I'm mediaeval and ignorant. What a total fuckwit. The fuckin Attorney General FFS!

That's not all. Yes there's more. He goes on to defend his "people have the right to be bigots" quote, and also left us all with this abomination: 
“Now, the left has adopted a reasonably comprehensive secular morality of its own, which it now seeks to impose upon society,” he said. 

“And it’s prepared to impose that secular morality on society at the cost of the freedom of speech which it once espoused.” Read more

Hep B&C deaths surpass HIV/AIDS deaths - Australia

Another blow to the HIV stereotype of us all dropping like flies. In many countries now, including Australia, more people die of Hep A and Hep B than do of HIV/AIDS.
Deaths from viral Hepatitis B and C have surpassed HIV/AIDS in many countries, including Australia and in Western Europe, according to an analysis of the 2010 Global Burden of Disease study. 

The analysis was conducted by Dr Benjamin Cowie and Ms Jennifer MacLachlan from the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health, and was presented at The International Liver Congress in London earlier this month. 

“Liver cancer is the fastest increasing cause of cancer deaths in Australia, increasing each year by 5 per cent, so by more than seventy people each year. In 2014 there was an estimated number of deaths of around 1,500 from liver cancer. The predominant cause is chronic viral Hepatitis,” Dr Cowie said. 

Hepatitis refers to the inflammation of the liver. Chronic infection with the blood-borne viruses Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C can result in scarring of the liver (cirrhosis) or potentially liver cancer at a later stage – however these risks can be reduced through access to effective care and treatment.


Dr Cowie said additional resources were needed to prevent and treat Hepatitis B and C in order to address these imbalances in major preventable causes of human death. more 

Clarke and Dawe - on O'Farrell's demise :)

So funny. And probably not so far from the truth.



Message from science

US system is "bible based"

Oh joy. It's Easter, bla. Yesterday was almost like when people go mad shopping on Christmas Eve, and today everything is shut. Including bottle shops as we aren't allowed to drink beer because Jesus died. *Pfffft*

So anyway, what better way to point out the absurdity of Christianity that by looking at it's absurd claims. Like this one, that claims that the whole US system is biblically based. Apparently having bazillions with no access to health care and a population in which half of it is poor, is biblically based......  Happy Easter everyone :s


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Abbott reacts to O'Farrell downfall

Of course there's the usual "what a great moral bloke O'Farrell is bla....", but then he does something very strange. Mike Carlton called it bullying. He takes issue with a female reporter who called the O'Farrell gov "corrupt" and proceeds to lecture her about supposed standards of journalism. He even asks her what proof she has. A role reversal if you will, where Abbott asks a journalist questions. I think he's rattled and loosing it a bit here.

The quote he says is laughable. Fuck, what 1984 planet is this guy living on:
The journalist, believed to be Nicola Berkovic, a reporter for the Australian, had asked: “Prime minister, do you trust this government – the state government – which is proving to be corrupt, to deliver your major infrastructure plans?”

“That is an entirely unjustified smear,” said Abbott. “Let me not mince my words, madam, an entirely unjustified smear and frankly, I think you should withdraw that and apologise because there is no evidence whatsoever for that.”

Abbott asked her to provide evidence for her claim. He later said: “Without wanting to get into an argument with the media, what you have just said is very different from the accusation, the statement, that you earlier made and we need to have decent standards in this country. We need to have decent standards from the media, if I may say so, as well as decent standards from politicians.” more 


Anxious night

Am feeling pretty bad this morning. Had a very strange night. Usually I don't have trouble sleeping at all (often 10 hours a night) but last night was tossing and turning and just laying there. Trying not to toss and turn too much so as not to wake David. 

Of course those times at night can be some of the worst times. Thoughts started going through my head and then I start feeling anxiety. Then I can't get to sleep because the anxiety makes me on edge.

I'm not sure what I'm feeling scared about this time, but I've not had a lot of sleep and remain feeling very anxious. It's not a good feeling at all.  

Premier resigns. Media fails

Our illustrious New South Wales Lieberal Premier, Barry O'Farrell, has been caught fair and square in a bare faced lie to the Independent Commission Against Corruption. He'd had a $3,000 bottle of wine couriered to him as a gift and as well as not declaring it, he denied even getting it. 

But then there was the little matter of this note that turned up at ICAC yesterday morning.....


So he's resigned. Gone. Kaput. Bought down by a bottle of wine. A spectacular fall from grace. It's not often such leading politicians fail so badly, and spectacularly. Although a quick glance at the Ninemsn page this morning, one could be forgiven for being in complete ignorance of the leading Lieberals demise. 

Not one single story on the home page. Even clicking on "news" turns up fuck all about it. This has the audacity to claim to fairly represent news? Oh look, there's a boat that sank.....