Monday, 29 June 2015

10 years of Fox news predictions about gay marriage :s

No, David and I do not want to marry our cats.


Anti-gay Americans want to move to Australia - seriously

I think they need to do a bit of research if they're going to move to Australia. We don't have gay marriage (yet) but we're certainly gay friendly, much more so than in parts of some of those wacked out US states over there. 

In fact christians here who spit the dummy about gay marriage are either condemned or laughed at, or both. Publicly. In the main stream media, let alone online.

In short if you're so anti-gay you want to leave the US over gay marriage, try Russia or Africa as those sorts of places will be the only places that you'll feel you're beliefs are taken seriously. Seriously. If that fails go join ISIS as apparently they're incredibly anti-gay. You'll have to change your religion though.

Christian predictions of doom collection if US gay marriage - "Murder of the masses"

Right Wing Watch has put together an article citing the most crazy out there christian predictions of doom that will happen with gay marriage. What are they going to do then when all this shit doesn't happen? *crickets*


"Tarka" blood pressure pill still out of stock - WTF?

I just managed to get one box last month that was the last one in the three chemists I tried. Nearly had to make an emergency appt with my doctor that time as my blood pressure has a habit of going really haywire really quick and I was supposed to have one that day.

So this time I rang the chemist saying I needed it this Wednesday. But they're still out of stock. Must be two months now. Have given up on Tarka and seeing my doctor tomorrow.

I've never heard of this. In all the years I've been dealing with chemists and pills and prescriptions, not just for me but for my daughter and late wife who was chronically ill. Have never once had something been out of stock like this.

Doctor said to see if it was there this month and if it wasn't he'd give me something different, is why I'm making a special trip to see him tomorrow just because of this pill being run out. He said then that it'd been happening for a few pills lately and there was "no reason" for it. Weird. 

Businesses spit the dummy at political climate paralysis - Australia

We've had science trying to get through to the Abbott gov without success. Religion has also emphatically tried to tell the Abbott gov that the science is real without success. Now it's the turn of Australian business to try and get through to the Abbott gov. Will they have any better luck? My guess is no, although I do hope I'm wrong. 

These aren't just a few small fly by night organisations either. They represent pretty much the entire current business world in Australia.
Groups included in the “climate roundtable”, which has been meeting secretly for more than a year, are the Business Council of Australia, the Australian Industry Group, the Australian Aluminium Council, the Climate Institute, the Australian Council on Social Service, the Investor Group on Climate Change, the Australian Conservation Foundation, WWF, the Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA) and the ACTU. more
The problem is of course that "Direct Action" doesn't work and is incredibly expensive. A token gesture at climate change designed to make it look like Abbott's actually doing something about something he thinks is "crap". A slush fund for polluters even is how many view Direct Action. They threw out the perfectly good emissions trading scheme which was working marvelously in the scare campaign to win gov ("axe the tax").

This group of businesses aren't just asking for some stable policy whatever that is either. They want something that actually works to make real and deep cuts to emissions, not just window dressing that treats us all like idiots. 
The “principles” agreed to by the groups include that climate policy should: 
  • drive domestic abatement wherever it is efficient and internationally recognised across all sectors of the Australian economy 
  •  make use of internationally recognised abatement from overseas to ease the transition towards net zero emissions 
  • recognise the strategic importance of reducing emissions from the energy sector in achieving the overall goal 
  • use any revenue resulting from climate policy to address legitimate needs directly related to climate policy, and otherwise be returned to businesses and individuals more
Will Abbott listen to business? Probably not. Not unless it's politically expedient for him. Politics is the only world Abbott lives in.

Community protest at Abbott Point - Great Barrier Reef

With Adani looking like it may very well pull out of Abbott point giving the 5 year ongoing delay in approvals to go ahead, this is just some of the opposition the community has been putting up against the expansion of the Abbott Point coal port. 

Indeed, to supply 100million homes with power for the next 90 years with coal as Adani wants, is planetary insanity. Not to mention the immediate destruction of the Reef through dredging.


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Flee US because gay marriage, before gods judgement! - christians

The christians in the US have gone into meltdown. The chook feathers are flying everywhere.


Peter Short's senate submission speech - Dying with dignity

Peter Short died some months ago, leaving his family behind. He's also left behind this senate submission advocating for the right of Australians to chose the time of their death and die with dignity.


Abbott's war of ABC/TERROR!© - Angry Aussie

Is Abbott pissing off Muslims on purpose to get a rise out of them, thereby taking away more and more of our civil rights because TERROR!©? An interesting question. 

Clamping down on illegal downloading for example for the corporations?


The Duggars are praying for the US :s

Good grief.

Republican "relics"; anti gay marriage policies - US Republican

The political fallout is starting in the US after the historic US Supreme Court decision legalising gay marriage across the country. Republicans now have to decide where to go from here. Unlike the past, granting rights to an oppressed minority is one thing, but taking rights away is a whole new kettle of fish. 

Here an honest Republican sees gay marriage for what it really is. Not a political machine to gain power, but simply people wanting the same rights as everyone else. She gets it, unlike many conservatives, and fears the Republicans will become relics of the past if they too don't get it.

To me this is a direct message to the Lieberal party in Australia and Tony Abbott.


Please help the GetUp cause for gay marriage - Australia

GetUp has launched a new push for marriage equality in Australia with the purpose of funding thus:
  • The costs to hold marriage equality rallies in capital cites around Australia, to keep attention on the campaign in the media, spread the excitement through the community, and sustain pressure for a Liberal party free vote on the bill, 
  • Commissioning polling to show on-the-fence MPs just how overwhelming the support for marriage equality is in their electorate, 
  • Printing posters and putting them up all over key electorates, so that everyone knows to get in touch with MPs who are yet to announce their support, 
  •  Resourcing grassroots organising in these target electorates, to make it really easy for these communities to pull together and speak up for equality.
If you so desire you can contribute here. I would myself but as you know we've nothing to spare. 

I can't believe it has taken this long in Australia, the country that in past years and decades has been at the forefront of social evolution. 

Our federal parliament is crammed full of bigots and christians who yearn for the 1950's; unrepresentative swill who got there fuck knows how. Lieberal and Labor party machinations that locked out the grass roots representation from mainstream Australian society. 

Incredibly, the very notion of Abbott allowing a conscience vote in Canberra on the issue is igniting dissent and backlash in the Lieberal party itself. I can't believe that that is representative of the mainstream public that voted Lieberal.

This is no longer simply about marriage equality for Australian gays. This is about our democracy itself. This is about Australia itself being equal with the rest of the western world. 

Are we to allow our politicians to trash our views like this? Are we to just give up, again, and shrug our shoulders at Canberra? Are we to let conservatives in Canberra hijack our democracy and our international reputation for their own ideological ends?

All I know is that David and I want very much to get married, as I did with my late wife. Aside from everything else, as Panty Bliss said in Ireland, this is personal. That in itself is cause to fight for. 

Please help the GetUp campaign above if you're able. 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Adani looks like pulling the plug on Abbott Point - India

Hah! Oh what a sweet victory this will be for the planet if Adani does go ahead and pull the plug. All the efforts of various environmental groups and grass roots political organisations look like they're about to stop Adani in it's tracks. After 5 years and a change of gov in Queensland, it's all seeming a bit too much now for the company. In any case, humanity wouldn't survive in anything like it's current form if India spent the next 90 years powering 100million households with Australian coal.
Adani's Australian ambitions ran into a new dispensation following an election in coal-rich Queensland, leading to a policy reversal and heightened pressure to protect the Great Barrier Reef. However, sources also say that softening international coal prices has made the going tough. "The management is wary of relentless attacks by Greenpeace, which has been opposing the project due to environmental issues," said a source aware of the development. 

The project's success depends on environmental approval to deepen a port on the fringe of the Great Barrier Reef in order to ship the coal. The Australian authorities had rejected a plan to dump soil dredged at the port of Abbot Point into the sea, about 25 km from the reef. 

With pressure from the green brigade increasing, 11 of the world's biggest banks, including Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan Chase, had publicly ruled out providing financing to Adani, citing environmental concerns. more from India  

"All eyes now on Australian marriage equality" - Human Rights Campaign, US

 In the wake of the US decision to legalise gay marriage across the nation, the US based Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is now turning it's attention to Australia and marriage equality here. HRC says it has 1,5 million members and supporters across the US, and will support Australia's efforts to get that fuckwit Abbott out of the way.  
Australia, which currently allows civil unions between same sex couples, is the next country with an opportunity to approve nationwide marriage equality. Support for legalization of same-sex marriage has hit an all-time high of 72 percent among Australians. Yet for the past six years, the decision to legalize same sex marriage has been held up in parliament for a variety of political reasons. After today's U.S. decision, the world will now focus on whether the Australian Government will allow its members to vote their conscience on marriage -- despite Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s steadfast reluctance to allow such a vote. 

Riding on the momentum from the successful same sex marriage referendum in Ireland - the first time a country’s citizens had voted for such a measure -- the leader of the Australian opposition Labor Party, Bill Shorten, earlier this month introduced a bill to legalize same sex marriage across Australia. Mr. Shorten said: ‘Our laws should be a mirror reflecting our great and generous country and our free, inclusive society.’ 

However the Coalition government led by Prime Minister Abbott, refuses to allow members of his ruling coalition to vote their conscience on this matter. It is worth pointing out that 77 percent of Australians think that he should free up Members of Parliament to vote as they wish. Abbott has long opposed measures to recognize same-sex marriage for a range of personal and political reasons, including, as he has said, being the last holdout in his family for “the traditional position.” 

According to Australian Marriage Equality national convener Rodney Croome: "Australia is now the only developed, English-speaking country that doesn't allow same-sex couples to marry." But that could all change soon. Love can’t wait, and Australians should not have to wait any longer for marriage equality. more

Christians compare SCOTUS ruling to 9/11 terrorists - US

I've not had a chance to go into much of the christian reaction to SCOTUS legalising gay marriage across the US. Suffice to say at this stage they're going to be really pissed off at all those evil people who dare to love who they fall in love with. This caught my eye though, from that ghastly Bryan Fischer.