Sunday, 30 August 2015

Border Force Farce - Angry Aussie :)

Angry doesn't feel any guilt about calling it a farce either :)


Abbott objects to "Border Farce" phrase

I for one don't feel the slightest bit of shame at calling the whole thing a farce. 


Public Sector Union reacts to Border Farce

The CPSU has written a strongly worded statement directed at the Abbott gov. In response the the Border Force fiasco, and the community anger and danger that members of the force were subjected to as a result of the politicising of their roll.
"While this initiative may not have come directly from the Minister, the culture that led to these events does come from the Border Force legislation and from the Government. 

"Staff expect their Minister and the Government to ensure that Border Force can do their often challenging work in a professional manner and in a way that the community understands and accepts. 

"Immigration and Customs staff moved into the new Border Force organisation on 1 July. Any changes to their work as a result of this new arrangement needs to accord with our community's legitimate expectations. 

"The events yesterday highlight how important it is for Government to build community support and trust, not undermine it by politicising public services. 

"The fiasco yesterday caused serious safety concerns for both staff and people in the community. This included a young female Border Force officer and two colleagues who were surrounded and subjected to extreme verbal abuse at Flinders Street station before having to be removed to a police post. more  

Bill Mayer and Rick Santorum on climate change - video

Never to be US president Rick Santorum crashes and burns. He still goes on like Abbott claiming that renewables will kill jobs.


Abbott gov denies blame for Border Farce - bullshit alert!

How stupid do they think we are?

Abbott keeps saying he knew nothing about it.

Peter cabbage face Dutton, otherwise known as immigration minister, has come out with the most unbelievable excuse ever as to why it's not his fault. See even though he's the one in charge of TERROR!© and all, apparently that doesn't involved reading emails that he deems as "routine". Not only him, but everyone in his office as well doesn't read any emails that are "routine", even though they're supposedly to do with "Border Security". 

Peter Dutton's office received an advanced copy of the press release saying Australian Border Force officers would be cracking down on visa fraud but no-one read it, the Immigration Minister says. 

The operation in Melbourne was called off on Friday after public outcry over the suggestion Border Force officers would be on the streets of Melbourne "speaking with any individual we cross paths with". 

Mr Dutton said his office received the press release but it was neither reviewed nor cleared because the planned operation was routine. more.
Just suppose this may be true. Just how much are we paying these people to sit around and scream TERROR!© but do fuck all? I mean it's obviously too much to read routine emails. What else can't they be bothered doing?

Also, just how routine is a nationally publicised press release? Or how routine is it to be asked about your visa status in Australia? Or your passport? Or your citizenship? I've been here for 30 years in Sydney and it's never happened to me, and I would greatly protest if it ever did. So WTF have we got Australian Border Security even contemplating being out on the streets doing anything of the sort? 

I'd say both Dutton and Abbott are lying through their teeth. 

BTW the press release is still up on the website:


Lieberal Andrew Hastie isn't even enroled to vote - Canning

In true Lieberal couldn't-organise-a chook-raffle style, Handrew Hastie has fucked up his voting enrolment in the Canning by election. You know, the one where he wants everyone to vote for him to save Abbott's political ass.

Dead set. How's he going to keep track of his entitlements if he can't even get it together to enroll to vote? 


Abbott still hasn't shown his citizenship papers

Tone's band of delinquent Keystone Cops was going to roam around the city of Melbourne asking people for their citizenship papers, or whatever.

Thing is, Tone's still hasn't shown us his. Is he a dual citizen of England and Australia, thereby disqualifying himself from being in parliament? Or did he renounce his British citizenship to enter parliament here? 

It's a simple question, and all that's needed is a simple showing of said papers. Zzee papers Tone's, vere are zee papers?

Nothing has turned up in England or Australia. 

Vell Tone's? 

The relevant petition has been updated. It currently has over 31,000 signature for Abbott to show us his papers.
It's a very simple question we ask of Abbott. In his language "If you come here by boat, without renouncing foreign citizenship, you can't be seated in Parliament".. which is precisely why he's ignoring us. 

We're still hammering MP's and the media to make sure this issue chases Abbott right up to election day, and come election time, we have volunteers in Abbott's Warringah electorate ready to lodge a dispute right after voting closes. 

Stay tuned for more updates, please share, to keep up the momentum, and thanks again for your support. more  
Obviously this issue isn't going to go away. 


Protect the Great Dividing Range - Australian Conservation Foundation (video)

A beautiful video looking at what's at stake with Australia's Great Dividing Range, all the way from Sydney to the Galilee Basin in Queensland (where Abbott wants to build the biggest coal mine in the Southern Hemisphere). Already 70% of the Range has been degraded by logging, coal mining and land clearing.


Saturday, 29 August 2015

"The United States of Ammunition" - The Last Leg

The world scratches it's head at the right to blow each other away...


The CFMEU draws the line at the China free trade agreement

An absolutely fiery speech by the CFMEU national secretary against the China free trade agreement. Labor has been making noises in Canberra that it won't support it in it's present form.


Orwellian and Gestapo Border Force tactics - Melbourne protest videos

The internet is doing a massive WTF? at the Australian Border Force debacle.


Hardly any women on Ashley Madison ever used the site

What a fuckin con job. Evidently most of the women on the site were fake. Only about 1,400 women ever checked their messages, even once.

About two-thirds of the men, or 20.2 million of them, had checked the messages in their accounts at least once. But only 1,492 women had ever checked their messages. It was a serious anomaly. more  

Tony Windsor savages Abbott over boarder force bullshit

What on earth were they thinking? 

Did they assume that suddenly Australia had turned into 1930's Germany? Did they think that people weren't going to be bothered by being stopped in the streets of Melbourne to have their visas checked? Did they think the population would simply comply like sheeple? FFS it's not like Melbourne is any kind of hub for TERROR!©

But they appear to have assumed all of the above. It beggars belief that they thought they could get away with this bullshit.
The statement said officers would be positioned "at various locations around the CBD speaking with any individual we cross paths with … if you commit visa fraud you should know it's only a matter of time before you're caught out".

The quotes were attributed to Don Smith, Border Force regional commander for Victoria and Tasmania.

The statement was widely interpreted to mean the Border Force would be stopping people for random visa checks. The agency later clarified it would check the visas of people "referred to us" by police and other agencies involved in the operation. more
Even if it wasn't a random visa check, WTF are authorities doing checking various people on the streets of Melbourne for a visa? Who the hell carries their passport around everywhere anyway? Mine's expired. Would that be a problem for them then? Do I have to start carrying my citizenship certificate everywhere? Oh it's insanely ridiculous,

Needless to say there was community outrage aplenty. Being stopped for a visa check in the street is very Nazi Germany to say the least. A flash protest happened with the help of social media. The crowd stopped traffic. The whole operation was called off.

Now everyone is asking Abbott a very big WTF?

Tony Windsor has I think the most cutting critique, pretty much chewing up the Abbott gov and spitting it out.

Former independent MP Tony Windsor has hit out at a bungled government operation that would have seen people stopped for passport checks on the streets of Melbourne, telling ABC radio he had no doubt that some in the Abbott government "hopes that something goes wrong domestically". 

Speaking on ABC radio national current affairs program AM, Mr Windsor said the Border Force operation was no mistake, but a "deliberate agenda to create fear in the community". 

Mr Windsor said: "I've got no doubt that some of these people in Abbott's government hope that something goes wrong domestically. That they can taunt a Muslim into doing something so that they can say that we're the only ones that can protect you, the Labor party are too weak to protect you, vote for us," he said, adding, "I think that's an extraordinary agenda to go to an election on." more  

Friday, 28 August 2015

Melbourne's Border Force! - First dog on the moon :)

Flying Spaghetti Monster Mars sighting!

Praise Him, the FSM. The one and only true God. He has been sighted on Mars! NASA is the messenger of the FSM glory!