Monday, September 22, 2014

Virtual Collective Consciousness - the new internet society

What's struck me so much since the Abbott budget, is how fast communities have been able to mobilise and fight back against the pollies in Canberra. Thousands of emails have been sent to the crossbenchers for example, directly from ordinary people, telling them of what it would mean if the gov's measures were voted through. The message has gotten through loud and clear. Such a thing would've been impossible a few years back.

Hence we have some sort of online human consciousness happening, giving us all an ability to be much more active and involved in the political decision making than ever before. The public has become empowered as never before. To educate, communicate and organise. 

I've found out that there's even a field of study about this consciousness, called Virtual Collective Consciousness. 
Hence, the possibility of a leaderless revolution is likely to be (at least partially) explained by the spontaneity, the homogeneity and the synchronicity of the actions of these cyber-activism networks that were catalyzed by social media. This explanation is supported by what we coined virtual collective consciousness (VCC) referring to an internal knowledge shared by a plurality of persons. Coupled with "citizen media" activism, this knowledge emerges as a new form of consciousness via communication tools. 


With the deepening of globalization in 21st century, the new geopolitical landscape allows a new vision of democracy where ordinary citizen might be more empowered than ever before to choose an alternative system and change policies. Carne Ross anticipated such global citizen behavior months before the Arab Spring burst out. In his manifesto "The Leaderless Revolution: How ordinary people will take power and change politics in the 21st century," he provides nine principles on how ordinary citizens can regain control of the decisions that directly impact their lives. We support the idea that these principles should be federated around a global consensus shared by citizens. more   

Doodling terrorist!

Yes they're everywhere these terrorists. They could be anyone, anywhere, lurking quietly, at the ready for a beheading. And of course they're on planes. They've got the Stanley knives and all in preparation for a mass plane beheading. They cover their tracks slyly by camouflaging their constant unstoppable terrorist thoughts in doodles.

This was one such doodle:
'In a land of melting ice creams, sandy feet and fluffy bears, how can anyone be fearful of terrorism. Read more

Luckily however the evil terrorists plan was spotted by a wary passenger, who reported it to the staff and the police came and arrested him. He was released without charge (damnit!) after it became obvious he was doing nothing wrong.

And here he is. As you can see these terrorists are getting pretty good with disguises. He looks like a friendly bloke next door, not an evil dastardly terrorist. 


Morrison's Muslim bashing for votes - 2011

Ah yes, remember this from a while back? Scott Morrison was in opposition and came up with a bright idea; stir up anti-Muslim hatred to gain votes. Appalling. I remember how people were just disgusted with him over it, and now he's part of the Abbott gov:
  THE opposition immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, urged the shadow cabinet to capitalise on the electorate's growing concerns about "Muslim immigration", "Muslims in Australia" and the "inability" of Muslim migrants to integrate. 

Mr Morrison's suggestion was made at a meeting in December at which shadow ministers were asked to bring three ideas for issues on which the Coalition should concentrate its political attack during this parliamentary term. 

The Herald has learnt several colleagues, including the deputy leader, Julie Bishop, and the former immigration minister Philip Ruddock, strongly disagreed with the suggestion, pointing out that the Coalition had long supported a non-discriminatory immigration policy and saying it was not an issue that should be pursued. 

But after Mr Morrison's comments this week on the cost of asylum-seeker funerals and his role in the controversial decision to cut a Howard government program to fund schools in Indonesia, colleagues are privately questioning whether he is trying to pursue an anti-Muslim political strategy unilaterally. Read more

Terrorists spotted!

30,000 march for climate change - Melbourne

After going to the Bust the Budget rallies, was a bit marched out for yesterdays climate march. There were a lot in Sydney I gather, but wow Melbourne; 30,000 people marching for the planet. Here's a couple of pictures and the link to the story. Note Christine Milne of The Greens.

Tony Abbott isn't even going to the climate change summit. He's turning up the very next day to attend the UN security council on terrorism :s  Oh FFS! 


Suicide the leading cause of death in Australia

I would like to know what the gov is doing about the terrible suicide figures above.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

9/11 never before seen pictures

It took this guy over 10 years to deal with what happened and get the pictures developed that he took that day. He has now released them to WeAreChange here. Here's a couple of very interesting ones from the link:


PUP Lambie nailed on national telly - ignorance exposed over Muslims

Lambie recently posted this extremist picture on her blog, which turned out to be a doctored picture of a moderate Iraqi killed herself by extremists.

Here she is on national telly this morning explaining herself. All she does is show herself for what she is; an ignorant and bigoted fuckwit who has somehow ended up, raving fuckin lunatic she seems now to be, in the senate as one of the Palmer United Party. I'm starting to think that she has the mind of a gnat. 


Lying false flag media - interview

It's edited down to only this O'Keefe bloke. Some would say that's very one sided, yeah I guess it is. But hey, all we're getting from the media is the other side. So in the interests of balance really.

It's like saturation bombing. The bloke in Washington simply holds his head down without attempting to interrupt. 


"Beheadings could happen here" - Abbott

Terror! Terror! Run for the hills!

Palmer says no to all welfare cuts, again

Well he's been saying no all along, but nobody in the gov seems to be listening to him. Now he's come out and reiterated again that he won't vote for any of it. 

There's been strong opposition to these budget measures. The fact now that they look like getting voted down is a testament to the community's efforts at telling the senate so. These measures if passed would have changed the very Australia we live in now.
Parliament will resume on Monday. 

The bills contain some of the budget's most controversial measures, including the government's plans to make people under 30 wait six months before they can receive the dole, indexing pensions at a lower rate and raising the pension age to 70. 

They bills will also make changes to family payments, limiting Family Tax Benefit Part B to families with children under six years of age instead of 18, and reducing the income test for the primary earner from $150,000 to $100,000. 

The passage of the social services budget bills will rely on the PUP block, including Motoring Enthusiast senator Ricky Muir, given vocal opposition from Labor, the Greens and other crossbenchers to many of the measures in the package, including the wait for the dole, changes to pensions and family payments. 

Mr Palmer told Fairfax Media his party would not support anything in the bills. "We're just against everything," he said. "We will be voting negative to the lot." Read more

The grim outlook for Australian coal

The coal industry people are trying to paint a better picture, but the simple fact is that China's new rules (coming into effect Jan 1) on coal quality will likely affect about $3billion a year of coal exports. This is in an industry already struggling as demand for coal worldwide is on the wane, with one person saying the industry is "oversupplied".

Whatever the case, coal is looking more and more like a dying industry.
China says it will ban from January 1 the importing of coal with more than 16 per cent ash and 3 per cent sulphur to the Yangtze River Delta near Shanghai and the Pearl River Delta near Hong Kong. They will join the conurbation of Beijing-Tianjin that already has the tougher restrictions in place. 

This will potentially hit as much as 25 million tonnes of Australian coal sold annually to China, according to the Bureau of Resource Economics. Some of this coal can be washed, or blended, to reduce the level of ash, but it comes with a cost to an industry already axing jobs and slashing costs. 

"They've been tossing these numbers around for a while and only now come to a landing," says Mark Melatos of the School of Economics at Sydney University. "It seems to be interesting timing," he says, since it comes directly ahead of the next round of UN talks. 


Kendall says the higher ash product some Australian thermal coal exporters are supplying China was developed at the behest of the Chinese buyers. On his reckoning, the new regulations can hit as much as 40 million tonnes of Australian shipments. This is worth close to $US3 billion ($3.35 billion) at present prices. 

Coal miners can wash the coal, but whether the Chinese buyers will pay a premium for cleaner coal is doubtful. Read more  
So why build a bloody great new coal mine at Abbott Point? 

Of course industry spokespeople are saying it's just a "downturn". Oh really? 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Green World Rising - Last Hours

While the human race faces possible extinction, our politicians argue about burqas and gay marriage. Talk about rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


Terror alert 2005! - Howard distracts from IR changes

Even the language used is very similar. Do they expect us to keep swallowing this bullshit over and over? 
By announcing the existence of a specific terrorist threat yesterday, John Howard successfully shifted attention away from Labor's favoured focus and onto the Government's. 

But in the process he used a megaphone to give suspected terrorists notice of raids. With two big, transformative bills coming before the Federal Parliament, Labor wanted to focus debate on one of them - the proposed changes to Australia's industrial relations system. 

But Howard preferred attention to be on the other - the counter-terrorism legislation that proposes a drastic increase in police powers over suspected terrorists. 

By calling a midday press conference to declare he had received "specific intelligence and police information this week which gives cause for serious concern about a potential terrorist threat", Howard easily trumped Labor. 

He was not asked a single question about industrial relations, which was hastily pushed far down the list of the media's priorities. He had succeeded in keeping terrorism on top of the national mind. 

Howard then announced he wanted to make an urgent amendment today to the Criminal Code to make it simpler to prosecute terrorism suspects. 

Howard said this would "strengthen the capacity of the law enforcement agencies to effectively respond to this threat". Implicit is that a raid and arrests are imminent. more

Investers worth $trillions demand carbon price, investmentment in clean energy

Christine Milne's speech to the National Press Club the other day, she said that things are moving fast now. Looks like she's absolutely right.

Now, ahead of the emergency climate summit in New York (the one Abbott isn't bothering to turn up to) investors worth bazillions have made a joint statement, calling for a price on carbon and investment in Green energy:
Just two months after Australia’s Abbott government achieved the dubious honour of becoming the first in the world to abolish a national carbon pricing scheme, more than 350 global institutional investors representing around $24 trillion in assets have called on government leaders across the globe to put a price on carbon, to help redirect investment on the scale required to combat climate change. 

In a statement published on Thursday in New York, a message drafted through a collaboration of six investor groups warns that while the global finance sector is starting to take action on climate change, stronger government action is needed to accelerate the low carbon transition. 

“Gaps, weaknesses and delays in climate change and clean energy policies will increase the risks to our investments as a result of the physical impacts of climate change, and will increase the likelihood that more radical policy measures will be required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says the statement. 

“Stronger political leadership and more ambitious policies are needed in order for us to scale up our investments.” 

The statement – which will be presented, along with a report, to the UN climate summit in New York next week – also calls on world leaders to forge an ambitious global climate deal, as well as develop plans to phase out subsidies for fossil fuels. more
The Abbott gov is truly now looking like fossil fools.