Sunday, 14 February 2016

Abbott's anti-gay US trip was paid for by "The Alliance Defending Freedom"

Or as Pauline Pantsdown writes, "was given international flights by a group that directly supports the criminalisation and incarceration of LGBTI people."

What a slimebag.

Al Gore calls for CSIRO cuts to be stopped

The proposed cuts to the CSIRO by the Turnbull gov, so deep as to end climate monitoring, have attracted international attention after the Paris climate talks.

Al Gore has entered the fray, calling on the Lieberal Turnbull gov to stop the cuts. 
“CSIRO’s research has been vital to the world’s understanding of how our climate is changing and it has helped to build a foundation on which we can anticipate future change and risk. For many years, CSIRO’s contributions to climate observations and modeling have been globally recognized and respected, and the decision to cut this effort from CSIRO should be revisited at the highest levels of the Australian Government. Further development of climate modeling and observations by CSIRO and colleague scientific organizations is essential to planning for climate mitigation and adaptation to global warming. This effort needs strengthening, not weakening, after the Paris Agreement in December.” Al Gore   

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Nationals minister likens gays to "rams in a paddock"

Victorian National Party MP (the Nationals voted over 80% no to same sex marriage in the joint party room meeting of the Lieberals last year) Andrew Broad, has compared same sex marriage to "rams in a paddock". 

Perhaps he's had some experience in a Dark Room then?

Needless to say he doesn't agree with same sex marriage. The news article in question is here but most of it's behind a pay wall, but I did find this online.

As well as the report about it all from The New Daily.
Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce is being urged to reprimand one of his MPs who equated same-sex relationships with randy rams. 

Member for Mallee Andrew Broad made the analogy in an interview with local newspaper, Sunraysia Daily, published in the February 6 edition. 

After defending the Federal Government’s plan to put the same-sex marriage issue to a plebiscite, Mr Broad said that he would not call a relationship between a homosexual couple a marriage.

“I think a bicycle is not a tricycle, and relationships can have different names,” Mr Broad said. 

“I can put the rams in a paddock and they might mount one another, but no lambs will come out.” 

His comments have angered Greens senator Robert Simms, who has called on Mr Joyce to step in over the issue. 

Senator Simms, one of the few openly gay politicians in Australia, said this could be the new leader’s first test. 

“It’s first day in the job — he should come out and call his member into line,” Mr Simms said. 

“He needs to ensure that his members of parliament conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate way. Really, he should step in.” 

Mr Simms said he had concerns that similar comments could be made in the lead-up to a plebiscite on same-sex marriage, citing concerns over a potential “mother of all hate campaigns”. 

He called on Mr Broad to apologise and withdraw the comments. The New Daily

Doctors defy gov and refuse to return baby to Nauru - risk 2yrs jail

*Update: videos below

Doctors in Brisbane say they are bound by their medical ethics not to release a baby back to Nauru as it's not a suitable environment for a baby to be in. The baby, called Asha, was injured and burnt in an accident in a tent in Nauru and is in Australia along with the parents being treated for her injuries.

The doctors now face a two year jail term under recent immigration laws passed in Canberra.
Refugee Action Collective’s Mark Gillespie previously said Asha’s parents were terrified at the prospect of being returned to Nauru. 

Doctors for Refugees spokesman Richard Kidd today said the doctors and nurses involved were distressed by the situation. 

“There’s overwhelming evidence that babies and children being put into detention does them great harm,” he said. 

“So for doctors and nurses we just can’t send children from hospital into a place where we know they’re going to be harmed.” 

Queensland Lawyers for Human Rights spokesman Benedict Coyne said the Government should intervene. 

“Clearly there’s a loud message from the Australian public and the community and it’s really up to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Immigration Minister [Peter] Dutton to open their ears, eyes and their hearts to this message that Australian people want clear and concerted efforts to change the border protection policy,” Mr Coyne said. 

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young praised the actions of doctors and nurses involved in the case. 

“Of course they risk their own careers in this because the Government doesn’t like anyone speaking out of turn on this issue,” she said. 

“Doctors and nurses involved in the care of this child are risking two years jail for standing up for the rights and for the medical profession to be able to stand by their ethics.” The New Daily  

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Barnaby our new deputy PM

Popular Saudi Arabian YouTubers post vile video wanting gay execution

These people are sick with hate. I suspect, with the level of hatred they have for gays, that they're indeed gay themselves and projecting their self hatred to all other gays.

The original video was taken down by YouTube for violating hate speech policy. This one is put out by Saudi Arabia Human Rights, and has English subtitles.

BTW extremist christians are also known to want gays to be executed. It appears to be some kind of religious thing.



Men in dresses denounce gay marriage - irony aplenty

Signing joint statement denouncing evil gay marriage

More love from the christians.....

The Pope and the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church have combined for the first time in nearly 1,000 years. They were looking resplendent, both all frocked up to the max.

And what bought about this meeting for the first time in 1,000 years? Why us evil gays of course. They had to make a combined statement, together denouncing the evilness of same sex couples loving each other.

After the signing it appears they had a lovely chat together, looking for all the world like a couple of old queens nattering away. Then they followed it up with a bit of a smooch you know. Evidently two guys kissing doesn't count as gay propaganda on this occasion.

BTW the Russian Orthodox Church leader is the one who the other week blamed the gays for ISIS, saying that people were joining ISIS because of gay marriage :s 
The two men embraced, kissing each other twice on the cheeks and clasping hands before taking seats. “Now things are easier,” Kirill said. Francis responded, “It is clear now that this is the will of God.” New York Times  

Friday, 12 February 2016

Trump is a product of FOX "News" - brainwash alert

Murdoch backed Abbott to the hilt. Looks like Trump is his new baby. Get ready US for bullshit fair and balanced headlines like the above.


Bernie Sanders pinko commy will murder US citizens! - US extremist

Far out. The Commies are coming! Run for the hills! Reds under the bed! 

This rant is an example of the crazy bloody lunacy in the US. He actually claims that Sanders will murder Americans because he's an evil Communist.

Actually he's a democratic socialist, much like many politicians in Australia. But don't let that fact cloud his lunacy. I don't see any secret police coming and murdering people in the night. In fact I'd consider Australia a much more progressive, democratic, and caring society that looks after it's hard done by citizens, than the US.

Have a listen. It really is something. I was laughing my head off through most of it.

BTW, significantly the Oregon vanilla terrorists get a special mention..... 


Last vanilla terrorist surrenders in a fit of rage - dummy spit alert

David Fry - complained about everything, whaaaaaaaa

Well what a fascinating look into loonyville the vanilla terrorists were. The siege is finally over, the last remaining man David Fry surrendering in a massive dummy spit at all and sundry. One would think his life has been very spoilt in comparison to those in many other countries. The phrase spoilt brat comes to mind.

It ended more spectacularly ridiculous than it began. A look at the stupid of the US. Blindly believing rumours and lies, coming up with such a strange and warped view of the world to be living in a psychotic state. Seriously, this man Fry needs some drastic mental health intervention.

Most notably he is the product of US radicalisation. Such is the intensity of the extremism that exists in parts of US society. The US made this man. He was radicalised domestically, entirely within the US bubble. Questions surely must be asked about the sort of society that can produce such extremists.
He claimed that his grievances were not met, complaining that his income taxes were funding legal abortion. 

“I’m thinking that the American people need to know, that when they’re trampling on your rights this much, sometimes it’s better to die,” Fry said. “I declare war.” 

He complained that he was not allowed to legally smoke marijuana in his home state of Ohio but didn’t have money to move to a state where it was legal. 

“As a citizen of the Constitution, I declare war against the federal government right now,” he said. 

The 27-year-old Fry said he would defend himself if fired upon, and he told two right-wing supporters during a phone call streamed live online that he had a gun to his head and would use it. 

He finally walked out, after intense pleas from Florida attorney Krisann Hall and Washington activist Gavin Seim to surrender peacefully. 
Fry asked FBI agents to yell hallelujah when he walked out of a building, and they complied — and he surrendered. Raw Story


Aussie cricketer fondles teammates ass - WTF?

WTF? Seriously, What the fuck?

This was during the playing of the Australian national anthem. As it's sung the cricketer gets his ass fondled by his teammate. 

The guy was doing it for a joke sort of thing, but that's a bit intimate isn't it? It could be considered sexual harassment. What's he saying to the younger guy who he's fondling? I'm more powerful and stronger than you? 


Aussies are rebelling against sending children to Nauru

Dopey Dutton wants to send a whole bunch of babies to the hell hole that is the Nauru offshore gulag. The place where people get sent by Australia if they're unfortunate enough to be so desperate as to flee their country of origin for their lives.

Grass roots momentum is growing. The churches have stepped in and have said they will lock their doors and provide sanctuary for these desperate people, and won't let them be taken by the gov to Nauru. 

There was a thing this morning at Bondi Beach depicting WTF the gov is planning to do; locking up babies in hell.  


Another key minister forced to resign from gov - Stuart Robert

That makes three front bench ministers so far since Turnbull took the reigns. They appear to be dropping like flies.

The latest one is Stuart Robert, shining star Lieberal. He went on a private business trip to China but represented himself as part of the Australian gov in doing so. A clear breach of ethics.

What a stinking cesspool of corruption this gov is.
Mr Robert previously said he travelled to China in a personal capacity and not as a Government representative. He said he was confident he did not act inappropriately. 

The ABC has also been told Mr Robert has routinely used his ministerial office for fundraising events. 

His response to questions about it was that he uses his office for parliamentary business. 

Yesterday the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) says Chinese officials believed they were meeting Mr Robert in an official capacity when he travelled to Beijing last year. 

Labor senator Penny Wong pressed DFAT head Peter Varghese about the trip during Senate estimates. 

Senator Wong asked whether it was appropriate that a minister "rock up to one of these meetings" without informing the department first. 

Mr Varghese said they were questions of judgement for the Minister. 

Senator Wong also pressed the matter with Graham Fletcher, First Assistant Secretary of the North Asia Division. 

"It's plain that the company and the Chinese Government thought they were dealing with Mr Robert in his ministerial capacity?" she said. 

Mr Fletcher responded: "Yes". ABC  

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Taxing the rich more (progressive tax) violates the 10 commandments - christians

This is so very wrong on so very many levels I wouldn't know where to start. Suffice to say that it appears to be the US failed experiment morphed into the bible in some latest weirded out interpretation of said bible.

Apparently somebody on low wages doesn't work as hard as somebody who has made money off the back of them. The rich have "worked hard" for their money and those who are poor shouldn't begrudge that, or something like that.

Gina Rinehart comes to mind.



Australian pirates win against Dallas Buyers Club lawsuit :)

Pirates give the finger to evil overseas corporations. Pirates unite!

A while back the copyright holders of the Dallas Buyers Club movie took to court an Australian ISP in a landmark case. They were wanting the details of nearly 5,000 Australians who had downloaded the movie via torrents "illegally" to take these individuals to court over it.

After a two year court battle they have failed to do so, and have now abandoned their case.

Yes darlings, us Australian pirates, the most downloadingest country in the whole wide world, have beaten the evil corporations! Suck shit corporations! *waves sword around menacingly* 

Take that stupid northern hemisphere-ian evil assholes who want to rule our world from afar. What are you going to do, take half the bloody country to court? *pffffft* Take that Murdoch, take that pay TV, take that media moguls who want to drip feed us entertainment at an outrageously expensive price and punish us for rebelling. Hah! We win again!

Apparently the corporations have in the past won in other stupid northern hemishere-ian type countries. Well folks we work to our own rules down under. To all other evil corporations who want to suck half of Australia dry over watching a $5 movie if rented, I double dog dare you to come down under and try it on with us. Go on fuckwits.
The copyright holders of Dallas Buyers Club will drop legal proceedings against ISP iiNet and its customers over illegal downloading of the movie, bringing an end to the nearly two year battle. 

The law firm representing DBC LLC, Marque Lawyers confirmed late yesterday that they would not be making any further applications after its last bid in December was blocked. 

The firm said that there was simply nothing that could be done to get the outcome they sought, so there was no point in proceeding. 

After initially finding in favour of the movie owners, but with a stringent set of conditions, Justice Nye Perram of the Federal Court dismissed the Dallas Buyers Club LLC case against iiNet entirely late last year. DBC LLC had until February 16 to appeal, in a now landmark ruling on movie piracy in Australia. 

DBC LLC was attempting to get the names and details of nearly 5000 iiNet account holders it accused of illegally sharing the film, hoping to recoup some of the piracy costs. 

Dallas Buyers Club LLC was originally granted access in April to the 4726 iiNet account holders who allegedly shared the film over torrent networks. 

However Justice Perram put a stay on the order until the studio satisfied him on the details of how they would communicate the alleged infringement to account holders. 

He was concerned was a tactic known as speculative invoicing, where the company issues a demand for a sum of money that is often much more than they are actually owed and threaten legal action if the money isn’t paid. The alleged offender usually has no idea what they owe and pay the money to avoid legal costs. Business Insider