Friday, 27 November 2015

Trump mocks disabled reporter - not fit to run a chook raffle

As suffering disability myself having to live off the Disability Support Pension, in my mind Trump has now gone where no politician has gone before. I would be rightly outraged if someone mocked my health issues or mental health issues.

In disagreeing with the memory of a disabled reporter, he mocked his disability. He knew he was disabled as he'd met the guy in times past when the reporter was covering Trumps business shenanigans. 
Kovaleski suffers from arthrogryposis, a congenital condition that limits the movement of the joints and weakens the muscles around them. As a reporter at the New York Daily News in the late 1980s and early ’90s, he covered Trump’s business exploits and met with the developer on several occasions. Politico
Trump claims he doesn't remember. The pictures tells a different story. Trump even says in the video “Now the poor guy — you ought to see the guy..."

What a disgusting and degrading man this is to the whole US political process. He's not fit to run a local chook raffle let alone the White House as leader of the free world. 

He's even worse than Abbott, and that's really saying something. I think even Abbott makes him look stupid. He's grown up in privilege and money, simple as that. He has no brains. 

Cruz says cow scat "kill the gays" pastor Swanson "not explicit" - Rachel Maddow report

Now that fascist fuckwit Trump appears to be losing support over his fascist fuckwitism, fellow loony Cruz is about level pegging with him for the Republican side. This means he could end up being put up by the Republicans to run against the Democrat candidate for the president of the United States.

In doing so Cruz has become the far right religious fuckwit. He was one of the candidates that attended the cow scat pastor Swanson's "kill the gays" extravaganza of "religious freedom" to do so. Cruz has not apologised for his appearance there, making it much more than the proverbial dog whistle, but pretty much an endorsement of Swanson's extremist religious fuckwitism.

Too say that they're not his views is a pathetic token gesture, a crumb for the middle ground. Being there and speaking at the event was certainly more than a crumb for the extremists. However questions asked by the Maddow team have gotten the sum result of two words about Swanson's calls for gay deaths; "Not explicit". WTF?

Looks like Maddow isn't going to let this one go.....


"I'm very comfortable in my role" - Malcolm the messiah (interview)

This the first decently long enough interview I've seen of our smick new shinny prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. 

So far I've been entirely unimpressed with his performance as opposed to his rhetoric, in that fuck all has changed in gov policy since he turfed the Abboteur. However comparing this interview with that last train wreck one of Abbott's shows a stark difference, almost night and day. 

 photo reflection.gif Messianic Malcolm sort of sucks you into a smooth talking vortex. Like a counselor guiding you to an imaginary placid lake like they do. Everything is fine. All is calm. Hear the waves gently lapping at the shore. Abbott is gone. The sounds of nature. Calmness and niceness. A plodding considered approach. I'm not Tony. No troops in Syria. I am genuine. Peace and tranquility. Ahhhhhhh.............

He's very very engaging in what is a close up interview where you can see all in HD. It's evident that there's actually a brain inside his head. What's more he's even able to articulate intelligent thoughts. Without slogans. He seems sort of like a normal human being. 

In this interview he talks of all the latest stuff, but I was more interested in his style and the way he comes across on telly.  I think in all the cacophony of the last few years of pathetic pollies, Australia may have actually stumbled onto a leader capable of, well, leading. I mean after all, if he can hold his lunatic Lieberals together that's pretty promising.



Cats in 39 degrees :)

We had another record breaking day of heat for November in Sydney with it being 39 degrees (102 F). Again hot dry winds from inland Australia. 

The cats spent the day lounging, like they were in some pride or something in the wild. Crazy things went into the kitchen where it was hottest in the house. Seemed to really like it for some reason.

I felt quite sick however by the end of the day. Nauseous and couldn't eat dinner after we made it. Thankfully it cooled down quickly with a change of wind from the south.  

44 years in jail - released to an alien world

Otis Johnson spent 44 years in jail from the age of 25 years old. Before mobile phones, the internet, computers, VHS and BETA, and around the time when colour TV was a new thing.

He went to the middle of New York and couldn't believe his eyes. He thought perhaps everyone had become gov agents or something as they were all walking around with ear pieces and talking into devices. He also couldn't believe how people can walk around looking at those things without looking where they were going. Something I myself still don't understand :s


We are One People - A message to ISIS and the Trumps of this world

The ISIS strategy is to divide the west in fear and hatred of each other. People like Trump are swallowing it hook line and sinker.

In times like these we need to be united together, not scared and hating each other.
   To all those extremists who would divide us, and to our fellow citizens and leaders who must choose how to respond:

We citizens of the world have grown wiser. We see the game to drive us apart. To use horror to make us turn away from each other in fear, and turn on each other in a spiral of brutality.

And we resolve, today, that every act of hate and cynical manipulation will only bring us closer together. We, Muslims and Non-Muslims from every nation of the world, resolve to love each other more fiercely than ever before, to listen more deeply to each other than ever before, and to let the pain of each fresh atrocity committed in the names of our faiths or nations or cultures be the birth pangs of the more united, more loving world we are determined to create.

We will build that world, because the truth is on our side. The truth that we are all one people, one tribe. Our fates are bound together, and together we will rise, undivided. sign world petition here

Thursday, 26 November 2015

HIV+ blokes read hateful messages on dating apps - video

Wow. I never got into dating via computer stuff when I was being very "naughty" :)  I mean why bother when there's sex clubs just up the road where guys are there face to face all wanting the same thing? No messing about.

Although one guy asked me once "Are you clean?"  I honestly didn't get what he was talking about and simply said "Yes I just had a shower". It finally clicked later on at home when I had a bit of a light bulb moment.

But seriously, it's amazing the ignorance that's out there on these apps about HIV. It's incredibly stupid to just take it for granted that someone doesn't have HIV just because they say so. They may have it and don't even know it yet, which means without medication the virus is very easy to pass on in sex, even more-so if recently infected. It would be far safer to rely on a guy who was open about his status and his viral load being undetectable.

There was also one about "wearing HIV as a badge". WTF? Spreading awareness and being honest about a disease that has become part of who you are isn't wearing it as a badge FFS. *sheesh*


Greens call out Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) - Canberra

Our arch enemies the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) are one of the far right christian wacko organisations in Australia. Our arch enemies due to their continued opposition to anything remotely gay for the most ridiculous and nonsensical reasons.

The latest barrage from the ACL is outrage at the Safe Schools program, a national initiative that includes educating children about bullying of LGBT students. OMG run for the hills! Of course they completely turn the LGBT into politics and politicise the whole issue, saying that schools shouldn't be used for a political agenda or some shit.

It really annoys me when I see stuff like that. Apparently David and I wanting equal rights isn't about our lives but a political issue.....

Here the Greens call out the ACL over it:


This one's for Trump - "Get em up against the wall!"

I was so very reminded of this after watching the video of Trump getting the black guy thrown out at his political rally. Trump may think he's being very original, but fascism has been around a long time.

BTW in the making of the video they discovered something quite interesting, in that the audience being filmed for it started getting right into the whole thing.

So here's this one for Trump, who wants to live inside a wall and stomp on difference and protest:


Trump says is OK for black protestor to get "roughed up" at his rally - WTF?

This is disgusting. 

A black protester at a Trump political rally was chucked out at the request of Trump from the podium. Yes, unbelievable as it is, Trump decided to single out one person publicly in a crowd of thousands of his supporters, saying "get him outa here". Already at that moment is the element of mob rule.

Mobile phone footage from a member of the crowd records what followed whilst the security attempted to remove the black protester (advocating the "Black Lives Matter" campaign of late). The man is attacked by white members of the crowd. Particularly note the man in the blue shirt during the phone footage with his fists up and attacking the black guy on the ground.

Trump said the next day on FOX "news" that "maybe he did deserve to get roughed up".

What the fuckin hell? That's incitement to violence in anyone's language. Fascism and complete intolerance. 

This from Think Progress, who talked to the black guy who was clobbered at the event:
Southall said he felt unwelcome as soon as he arrived at the event, when Trump supporters physically recoiled from him and his friends. “There was like a six feet space on either side of us,” he said. “The message was: this was not our town. This was not our place.” 

The three tried to get close to the stage so they could have a chance to ask Trump a question. Before the event started, Southall’s friend began livestreaming himself, saying to his camera, “We want to show [Trump] he’s not welcome here.” Upon hearing that, a nearby man knocked the phone out of his hand, prompting Southall to come to his friend’s defense. The three started chanting, “Black lives matter.” 

What happened next was captured on video by a CNN reporter: a crowd of Trump supporters converging on Southall, punching, kicking, and choking him while chanting, “All lives matter.” 

“It was just a sea of white faces,” he told ThinkProgress. “A lady kicked me in the stomach. A man kicked me in the chest. They called me n*****, monkey, and they shouted ‘all lives matter’ while they were kicking and punching me. So for all the people who are still confused at this point, they proved what ‘all lives matter’ meant. It means, ‘Shut up, n*****.'” 

On Sunday, the morning after the rally, Trump told the hosts of Fox & Friends that Southall deserved what he got. 

“Maybe he should have been roughed up,” he said. “It was disgusting what he was doing…This was a very obnoxious guy, a troublemaker, looking to make trouble.” Think Progress  

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Coal won't be around much longer - Greens Australia

The greens have a plan to invest in the future and create new sustainable jobs. The Lieberals are still fossil fools stuck in last century.

You'd think Turnbull could see the writing on the wall as an investor.....


Marriage equality caused the Paris attacks - christians

Well this must be official now according to the christian nutters. I note that this is on the same wacked out show as Jim Bakker's buckets of slop (with a free foldable shovel). Jim Bakker was writing notes during this little performance of stupidity.

So yes, it's us evil gays that caused gods judgement to befall us in the west. Allegedly. Plus he predicts something even worse that 9/11 :s

Dunno what's going on in New Zealand then. They've had gay marriage there for a while and no judgement has befallen them. What gives eh?


Stigma the most hurtful thing about having HIV (video)

HIV stigma and the criminalisation of HIV are the biggest things that affect HIV+ people now. Not the disease itself, but community ignorance and fear. It makes people scared to get tested, when in the end today it's a manageable disease. You're life isn't over after an HIV diagnosis.


Even FOX's Bill O'Reilly is pissed off with Trumps "truth" - freak show alert :s

Bill O'Reilly is even pissed off with Trump now over Trumps racist lying tweet. So what Republican in nearly level pegging with Trump then? None other than Cruz.

Yes Cruz, who unapologeticly attended and spoke at cow scat "kill the gays" pastor Swanson's hate fest.

Talk about a freak show. Racist fascist vs religious hater. *sheesh*   



Kylie and Danni live! - 100 degrees :)