Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Had another huge sleep session last night. Think I sometimes get myself into a bit of a state, overtired and aggravated. Like my brain can't stop crapping on to itself. Yesterday afternoon I was exhausted. Made a very simple meat pie as was hungry but not wanting to make anything major (just wrapped some thawed out pastry around a piece of rump steak and cooked it for a bit. Came out wonderfully, I was surprised). Went and lay down after that as I always feel tired after a big meal, and didn't get up till about 8 this morning. Didn't sleep all that time but was still drifting in and out in the morning. Think a lot of it was nervous energy, like I said my brain not settling down.

Went and got my head read yesterday for the head study I agreed to take part in. They said I could come back for the results in a month if I wanted. I told them I would be interested particularly after the brain injury I got in Jan, to see where my head is actually at right now. They're going to ring me in about a month for that. Other than that I go back in 6 months. It was sort of interesting doing it. Involved tests to memory on a computer, and also the DASS test (depression, anxiety and tension/stress test) that you fill out as a self assessment. There was also other forms to do with how I generally cope with day to day living. 

Supposed to be seeing Simon later today. Still have not the faintest idea how I'm going to feel. Can't have a big session at the pub anyway (I'm sure we'd get on marvelously if we did) as I've got to go to work tomorrow, and have to go shopping for lunch stuff. Probably best to have just a quiet low key meet up anyway after what's happened.  

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