Thursday, 1 December 2011

Horrifying hangover

I've had the most tragic hangover all day. Ugh, I didn't realise I'd drunk so much. It was only beer but lost count. 

Battled through work sort of. The other bloke who does what I do but on a smaller machine is sick so I'm having to do all his shit too. He's got, of all things, whooping cough. WTF? So he's off at least until beginning of next week. I hope he makes damn sure he's properly better before coming back to work. That'd be the last thing I need. The doctor at the renal clinic the other day mentioned that it was going around in the community, although it wasn't very common. I wonder where the fuck he got it from?

They told me today at work that I can have the 3 days off between Christmas and new years. Ever since I've been there I've always had that middle bit off. This year though as the other bloke has already arranged to be off then it looked like I was going to have to work. But as it's only 3 days they said yes. Pleased as I'm really wanting a break from the place. And have had my holidays build up after having hardly any days off on the 3 day week, am up to 11 days of annual leave already, and have 5 days long service. Interestingly with the 11 days, as I'm on a 3 day week, that would be nearly a month off. 

Looks like I'll have to work Sat. Dunno for how long. Just this one particular job has to be done and ready for processing Sunday. Can't remember if I get double time on Sat after only working 22.5 hours, not sure. Will find out when I get paid I suppose.

The meet up with Simon went really well. I was busy afterwards as had to do shopping and work the next day, and he was cooking dinner for his friend who's broken her ankle and was going to buy stuff from the butchers for it. We just had a quiet drink at the pub and a chat. Conversation has always flowed freely with us and it was good to talk and see him again. I explained again how I wasn't angry, and he said he thought it was an excellent way to describe us at the moment as being on very different pages. He wanted to have another get together on Sunday and I agreed. He's only here for a week before going back to Lightning Ridge. 

Had a terrible dream a couple of nights ago. Worse than a nightmare, I'd call it a night terror. I've only had one such thing ever before in my life (when I had some K) and thankfully it wasn't as bad as that. But it was still horrible. It's like you can't come out of it when it's happening. I was lying in bed and could hear this massive crunching of plants just outside my window from footsteps, and the breathing and grunting of some kind of terrifying and huge monster. I was petrified that it might see me through a gap in the curtains, and tried to lay completely still. My breathing started getting short and fast and I was worried about a panic attack. It's hard to describe the fear I felt apart from calling it terror. And I couldn't wake up. Eventually I did and sat up in bed, still breathing fast. Fuck it was bad. When I realised it was only a dream I was sooooo relieved. Perhaps it was the pain monster?


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