Friday, 23 December 2011

Medical centre stupidity

OK I think I'm over my Christmas bitching for the year. Last year at this time I was in hospital after the Great Kidney Collapse so I didn't go through the week before Christmas in the general community. I was released on Christmas eve in fact. Perhaps that's why this year I've noticed it more, almost a bit obsessed really.

Daughter made the mistake of going to the liquor shop next to the supermarket this morning, and came home with stories of lines out the door, and crowd rage as people pushed in and argued about whether there was one or two lines. 

I had to get a doctors certificate for work today and made the mistake of going to the medical centre down the road that was free, instead the other one near it that you have to pay $30. Last time I went there I only had to wait 20 minutes, but not this time. They first said that without an appointment I'd have to wait an hour and a half, then immediately corrected that to 2 hours. WTF? But I needed a cert so I agreed, and came home for a bit. Did the dishes and checked email, and went back after an hour in case they saw me earlier than 2 hours. I got there and waited, and waited, and waited.... 

An hour and a half later I was really getting the shits. After two hours (a total of 3 hours altogether) I complained profusely at the counter. I've never waited so long for a fuckin doctor in my life! The lady explained that there was only 2 doctors on, and one of them wasn't even seeing people without appts. The other one had appts every 15 minutes. So why the fuck was I told that I'd be seen when they weren't able to do it? They'd have been better telling me they were booked out for the day and I'd have gone somewhere else, instead of leaving me there waiting for 3 fuckin hours! I just couldn't believe the utter and complete stupidity. 

In the end 3 hours was enough. I told them to forget it and I was going somewhere else. Left and went to the other medical centre a short walk across the road, the one that was $30. I hadn't even finished putting my Medicare card back in my wallet and there was a doctor there calling me in. After the 3 hour wait at the other place, certainly a welcome relief. I'm never going back to that first one again.

So I got the certificate finally, bought it home, scanned it and emailed it to the dept head at work. I'm not there until the new year now and I wasn't going to make a special trip into work just for that. I had to make sure they got it though as without one there's some rule that if you have a Friday off next to a long weekend without a cert, then they don't pay you for the Friday, but also the other public holidays attached to that weekend as well. Assholes.

Got sent a lovely Santa thing, thought it was very nice (thanks boys):

 Santa sent me an email stating he's tired of delivering toys. That he's too old to be flying all night across the globe and that starting this Christmas, he's sending his son, Santa Jr...
HO HO HO . . . .
Merry Christmas my dear friends! Behave so that Santa Jr. goes down your.... chimney  :)

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