Wednesday, 7 December 2011

No whooping cough

Back at work today, and the sick bloke was back. They've also got the Mon-Tues casual in tonight to do another shift on the guillotine as there's so much work. Thank fuck for that.

Asked the sick bloke WTF? Whooping cough? Apparently once they tested for it it wasn't, but was a very bad virus. He had the same antibiotics as they give for people with whooping cough though, and he had all the symptoms. The doctor even gave him a mask to wear so as not infect others when he first saw him. And no he hasn't been immunised.

So I told him he was like Typhoid Mary. Suppose a bit rich coming from me with HIV, but at least I can't give someone it by coughing. He seems completely better which is good. Fuck, I don't want to get that virus, whatever it was. He reckons he got it from the air conditioning at work, but I don't agree with that. We'd all have it if that was the case.

Simon stopping by for a little later on, on his way out of Sydney. It's been an interesting visit. We get on well but I can really notice the areas of difference now. He doesn't understand that HIV will make me tired. Or why I may get down for apparently no reason. I think I do still love him, but because of these differences the barriers have gone up. I trusted him with my feelings and eventually they were hurt. I haven't felt like sex lately anyway, but interestingly not even with Simon either. Before we always had sex.


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