Saturday, 24 December 2011

Australian trial may point to future cure?

Was emailing earlier and remembered about an article I read recently. It's only early stages of course and much of it seems to be theoretical, but it was interesting to read and see what future drugs may hold for HIV+ people. It's in the Spring edition of Positive Living, page 4:

I'm not holding my breath though. Even if everything was as they're theorising,  a cure would still be a long way off. It would also involve a multi-pronged attack with some very powerful drugs too. It may work for most people, but likely there'd be some not suitable for such treatment. Yes, we have come a long way in HIV treatment, but it can be a very complicated disease to manage even today.

I will be having a very quiet Christmas day tomorrow. Daughter has gone down the coast to her uncle's place, who has organised for her and her brother (who has driven down from Queensland, about 1,500 km drive I'd say) to be there. He's not been down for years as he spent years in jail up there. Yes, he's a total fuckwit, and I'm glad I'm not going. But he is her brother and she does want to see him. She knows he's a fuckwit too, but it is good for them to do the family thing. Hope it doesn't end up in some big screaming match around the Christmas table.....

I've been a bit sick last few days. Dunno, might be something to do with stress, or having the shits with the week. Have had diarrhea on and off all week, and last 3 days my mouth has gotten sore. Seemingly for no reason, painful and red. Hurts a bit to talk. Doctor I saw yesterday didn't think I needed any antibiotics, probably best, as it would be better for my immune system to get the exercise so to speak.  


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