Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Jumping through hoops

Started filling out the dreaded form. It seems reasonably easy, but the ID thing has been a hassle. They gave only 3 examples on the form of who can certify photocopied documents as being true to the originals, to prove my identity. I was sure that my doctor could do it, but all the form said was there was a complete list on their website. No direct link to where it is on their website, just a link to the home page.

Of course it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Tried searching in their wonderful looking search box they have there, but either got some weirded out things that weren't related or nothing at all. Sheesh! In the end I gave up and just Googled. Even that took a while to find the right thing, but eventually I found it, with medical practitioners listed as a profession that can certify documents. So I rang and made an appt for Friday. Don't feel like traipsing over there in the next day or 2. 

Fuck this shit better work after all this hassle. What's it been about 2 months or so? can't remember, think maybe longer, and I've only just now got to the point of filling out the application. How many more bloody hoops do they want me to jump through FFS? I mean it's my money. I'll be able to draw on it without a problem in only about 7 years anyway. Why the hell should I have to go through all of this when it's my money anyway? It's not like I'm wanting to get it out to have a spending spree. I have a life threatening illness and am unable to work the hours to service the debt anymore. A very simple thing, yet this is like some War and Peace bullshit. 

Dunno where I'd be without the $guru. He's been so good. Really knows his stuff. I'd not have had a hope in hell of negotiating with the banks, or knowing how to get the calls from India to stop. Likely I'd have just gone into the bank and told them all to get fucked. Wouldn't have accomplished anything, but would've made me feel a lot better. The guru has also put his name on the form I'm filling out now as the person to contact. So I won't even have to worry about hassling around with that. I could just imagine some bureaucrat in Canberra ringing me about some crazy detail on page 6 or some shit.

Wasn't too bad shopping yesterday. I was in and out quickly. Must have lucked out and got there at the right time. Will get a few more things today. Am trying to take things very easy, sort of do the holiday thing. Don't go back to work until Wed next week. Might try and do a bit more reading of that book, or watching some TV. It happened again yesterday for a bit, found myself sitting on the lounge with nothing on and just staring into space. Sort of like paralyzed in the head. Maybe The Form has fried my brain?    

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