Saturday, 17 December 2011

Head case

Another busy 3 days at work. They had the casual bloke in both Wed and Thurs night to do another shift on the guillotine. Only a week to go before I'm off on holidays for a week over Christmas and the new year, and they want everything done by then. Needless to say it's starting to look like it's not going to all get done. On top of that the dept head appears to have not the slightest notion of how much there is, even suggesting that the casual bloke not come in on Tues as he thought there wasn't enough for him to do. WTF? I honestly think he lives in some kind of parallel universe sometimes. Apparently he's being pressured from above about labour costs. That's all well and good, but you can't cut back on that machine. In fact I've been saying for ages now that you need two shifts on it permanently.

Am looking forward to the week off. It's only one week and I'm not going anywhere, but I oh so much need a break from work. It's not about the physicality of it so much, but more the politics in the place and bad management. It absolutely shits me having to do more because management constantly organise themselves into a corner. Most of the week off is public holidays, with only 3 days out of my annual leave. 

Got a phone call yesterday from those people doing the study about how HIV affects your head. When I read all the info about it originally there was a bit about some people being randomly selected for further study. So I've ended up being one of them. They've made an appointment to see their psychologist in Jan when she's back from holidays, a two hour thing. Dunno what she's going to want to know. Fuck it'd take more than 2 hours if she started going into anything in depth with my head. I'm thinking I'll give her the contact details of my regular psychologist I see as she'd probably want to know more. I'm a very complicated head case. There are of course privacy issues involved with that as what I talk about with him is confidential, but I see nothing wrong if she wants to discuss my state of mind with him on a professional level. If it's going to help people in the wider HIV+ community in the long term, that would be a good thing.

Ended up not going to Planet Positive. Was just too tired from work. All I felt like last night was a few beers and a good nights sleep. Would have liked to have gone, but just didn't have it in me to get there.  

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