Monday, 5 December 2011


Still feeling exhausted. I'm a bit surprised at how tired I am. Is taking longer than I thought to get over those 4 days. I was supposed to go and see the psychologist today, but fell back to sleep and didn't wake up until nearly 10, still feeling tired. So I've emailed him, apologised as couldn't make it today. 

Had a good outing with Simon yesterday. We got the bus from my place into Oxford St. He'd had probably a bit much to be driving to his friends so he stayed at mine overnight. The alcohol limit here is only .05, and it doesn't take much at all to be over. I told him I wasn't feeling very inspiring and didn't feel like sex. He was fine with that, and it was good to have someone there in bed for the night. Left early this morning as he had to go look after his friends dog. Maybe will stop by tomorrow for a bit, is leaving Sydney Wed. 

Dunno where we're going from here. It all seems so complicated now. 

Did washing this morning, and the dishes which have piled up the last two or three days. Been too busy to do them. Have to do shopping, run out of things. It's easy to see how looking after myself takes a back seat when work gets like it's been. I need to make a proper decent meal for example.  

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