Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Superannuation Form

I've gotten in the mail The Form from the money guru, to apply to get some of my superannuation released to pay off my debts.

It's from the Dept of Human Services, whatever that is. Some gov bureaucracy. It is entitled "Early release of superannuation on Specified Compassionate Grounds - medical, dental or transport". What a mouth full. It's 9 pages long, and a total of 42 questions. Some of it the guru has crossed off as NA as I'm not applying for dental or transport costs. It still looks pretty bloody daunting though. 

On top of that I have to provide the usual proof of identity, which means getting certified copies made of my Australian citizenship document, and some other things to satisfy them that I am actually me. A hassle in itself. Going to have to look up online for the full list of who I can go to to certify the copies. I don't want to go anywhere near the antichrist police station. I think my doctor will be able to, not sure.  

On top of that I have to provide up to date amounts from the 3 debts as to how much they are presently. That should be easy, will just print out shit from online. Oh, the printer's out of ink, better go get some more. 

The guru is on leave until the 9th, and wants me to make an appt on the 10th to see him. It's closed right now so will have to wait till it's open. Think next week it will be. Oh shit, just noticed that clashes with the HIV head study and the 2 hour psychologist in the afternoon. Will see if I can make the guru a morning appt, if not will have to reschedule the other. 

The pub was open yesterday and so had some beers up there. The supermarket and the whole local mall was still shut yesterday, WTF? Understand Christmas day, but the day after as well? The whole fuckin mall, doors shut tight, a note on them, dark inside and dead as a doornail. And the bloody retailers are complaining about having a tough time of it lately! Going to be fuckin fun today going in there then isn't it. Every man and his dog will be there buying shit. All I need is a few things from the supermarket so hopefully won't be too bad. 

Today is another public holiday here. As Christmas day fell on Sunday then Monday is counted as a holiday. Boxing day as well was on Monday so Tues is also that holiday. They will be back at my work tomorrow, better ring them to make sure they got my doc cert for last Friday. I ended up emailing it directly to the payroll office as everyone else the message was returned saying they were on leave. 

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