Sunday, 4 December 2011


I don't think I'm cut out to work 4 days anymore. Really took it out of me that extra work day. The work was relatively easy, although a bit fiddly. But there was so much of it. Took nearly 6 hours to get through it all. And because it was different sort of work I was getting sore muscles in different parts of my back that don't usually hurt. I stopped now and then and stretched a bit which helped. By the end of the job things were very sore. 

Dunno if the bloke at work (who's had most of last week off) is back on Monday. Think they should get a casual in if he's not. The work load is just too much for me to do everything. On Friday there was a huge panic as suddenly they wanted about 2 days worth of work done on the Sat that I worked. Needless to say I didn't get it all done. Six hours was enough for me. What's left will I reckon take most of Monday to do.

Going out with Simon this afternoon. I don't feel like a big outing at all. Still feel really tired. But I will go as I think it'd be fun. Will explain to him how tired I'm feeling so he knows. Just want to have a meal later at home and go back to bed. Don't even feel like sex. *faints* Feels like I'm drained from the four days of particularly demanding work. Perhaps though it wasn't the fact that it was four days instead of three, but more that it was so full on during that time.

Read today that the Labor party has changed it's policy on gay marriage. It's still a way to go as to getting it into law, but certainly a major step forward for gay equality.

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