Saturday, 10 December 2011

Simon off to Brisbane

Did the three days at work this week with little drama. I was surprised that the casual only worked one afternoon shift on Wed as there's still so much to get through. Oh well I just did my job and didn't stress about it. You can only do what you can do.

Got paid double time for the last Sat working. It's because we're still in the 2000 award (we made that a condition in our last agreement the union signed with the company to remain in that award). So Sat is on the weekend, and hence is double time all day. A welcome help for me. Have run out of all my prescriptions, is going to cost about $70 to get them all filled.

The Christmas maniacs have started coming out of the woodwork again. I usually don't get annoyed with them this early, but for some reason this year I am. It's probably just me being over sensitive about it all, but FFS some of these people need a good dose of goodwill to man. And you can almost feel the hype in the air to spend up big for the day. People competing with each other to have the best Christmas, spend the most money, eat the most food. There's nothing at all about good will to fellow man.

The latest event with me was when I was getting on a bus on the way home from work yesterday. There were a lot of people slowly getting on and politely moving through as they put their tickets in the machine. Then this guy behind me, seemingly having some sort of a crisis, demanded that those currently putting their tickets in and moving into the bus make room for him right then and there to get his old person grocery cart thing onto the bus. I couldn't go any faster, and the next thing I knew he'd chucked it onto the bus and banging the back of my legs with it. I turned around and what do you know, it's a guy in a Santa Clause hat. How bloody typical. I told him "Merry fuckin Christmas" and finally got on the bus. 

Simon left for Brisbane a couple of days ago. He was going the night before but it was terrible weather, pouring rain and low visibility. So I asked him to leave the next day as I was worried about him driving in the dark on country roads in weather like that. He agreed thankfully, thought it was quite sweet of me. He stayed the night and the next day, leaving at about 8pm. For some reason he likes driving at night getting out of Sydney, less traffic I guess. 

Felt teary after he left. We'd been starting to get on again like we used to. Didn't have sex for the whole visit this time. It was more about reconnecting I think. Like I said, I haven't been in the mood for sex anyway. 

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