Sunday, 11 December 2011


At work, above the toilet in the blokes piss house, is this sign:

Apparently Occupational Health and Safety, now involves the creation and distribution of such signs (by female OH&S officers) in male toilets. Maybe I'm just being a bit pedantic about it, and it is disgusting if you go for a piss and some pig before you has left yellow piss all over the toilet seat (FFS all you have to do is lift the lid). And then you have to find one without piss on it, which is do-able as they're cleaned regularly. 

But to put a sign up like that is really an intrusion. I mean WTF? It's an insult to have instructions above the toilet on how to control your dick. I received toilet training many years ago as a toddler. Since then I have been able to control the direction of my piss quite adequately thank you, without the need for further instructions to do so. To have said instructions is treating me like a toddler that I'm not.

What's next, stop signs at the top of ladders? 

Just doing a bit of washing today, still need to grocery shop as just haven't seemed to be able to get there. Had the green recycle shopping bag yesterday and had a few drinks at the pub beforehand. Got all the prescriptions (happy pills and blood pressure) and my estimate was right at $72 for the 3 prescriptions. Ended up forgetting the bag and leaving it at the pub with the prescriptions in it. Rang them later at about 2am after waking up and discovering I'd not bought it home, they were open until 3:30am so walked up and got it. Didn't want to wait till the morning as the happy pills I'd not be able to replace without a huge hassle. The dose is so high the doctor has to ring and get special permission from Medicare to prescribe that amount. It's not a problem, but fuck knows what dramas there'd be if I lost a whole months supply.

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