Friday, 2 December 2011

Gay marriage?

I'm working tomorrow (Sat). A lot to do, and it will be the first time I've worked more than 3 days in a week since August. Has been busy as the other bloke is still off sick. I've had to spend a couple of hours a day doing his stuff on top of all mine. People reckon it sounds a bit strange him having whooping cough as the vaccination against it has been around for years. In fact I think I would have been vaccinated years ago too. Unless it's because he's about 15 years older than me he may not have. It's possible it was only a very bad throat infection. Wouldn't surprise me after me dealing with weeks and weeks of the Yellow Slime Disease. 

Feeling tired and haven't been eating properly the last few days. That seems to happen to me when work gets really demanding like it has been. Don't think working even only 4 days every week would work too well for me. 

One thing that has been noticeable is how quickly I've been able to get through the other blokes stuff. Was talking with the dept head today and pointed out that I'd finished all what would have been given to him in a bit over an hour and a half. WTF? Am I supposed to carry this guy who spends all day fucking around with the same amount of shit? I've had this conversation before with him, and nothing ever seems to happen.

Excited to hear what's happening at the Labor Party conference. It appears Australia is about to take the step federally to legalise gay marriage. I have no desire to myself, but of course see no reason why others who want to be married can't, simply because of their sexuality. 

Julia Gillard has ordered the Right faction to stop squabbling and let delegates vote as they wish on proposed changes to Labor's policy platform concerning gay marriage.
 Ms Gillard's intervention ensures that Labor's platform will be changed to endorse gay marriage.
It also absolves her from claims that a changed platform would amount to her authority being diminished.
However Ms Gillard has also insisted MPs be given a conscience vote in when the matter comes before the Parliament.
Ms Gillard sounded out factional bosses this afternoon at the ALP national conference in Sydney.
She has called on the party to change its policy from opposing gay marriage to embracing a conscience vote.
The Left wants to go further and push for a policy of outright support.
There are enough defectors from the Right to ensure a close result and sources have told that Ms Gillard's position will be upheld by 10 votes or fewer.
However, the Right has split and the ultra-conservative part of the faction allied to the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association has lost the battle to stop changes to the party platform that will give same-sex marriage the same status as heterosexual marriage.

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