Wednesday, 16 November 2011

80% of debt wiped?

The $guru has been doing his stuff. He has told me in emails that he's applied to the banks to have 80% of my dept completely wiped. 

I am stunned. I had no idea this was a possibility. He said it takes about 2 weeks for this "process". I'm not counting my chooks yet, but if this is going to be something that is actually going to happen, I'm even more stunned. Particularly as he works through a charity and is giving me his services for free. 

The Indian phone calls from the evil bank only stopped for one day. I've emailed $guru again in complete utter frustration at them. So very pissed off about it. They rang me today at work on the shop floor, which I've told everyone only ring me if it's important as we're not even supposed to have mobiles there (security reasons for the mailing we do). I told them for the 4th time in a row that it'd been referred to my financial adviser who was going through the financial hardship channels, and "Don't ring me again please! Thank you". This is so fucked up. It's starting to really stress me out.

I had to email my two doctors again today re the letters that had to be adjusted. Guru emailed them last month and has heard nothing. Looks like I may have to go in and see both of them again in a special visit again just for this.

I was tired as hell today. Hard to get up. Hard to go to work. Hard to be bothered with life. I think this whole money thing is having a go at my moods. It's all too hard when you're feeling down. 

Went early to bed last night, didn't sleep for ages. Just didn't want to be up. Lay there feeling bad, memories swimming around in my head. The odd stab in the heart before the next ones. Fell asleep eventually. Had the strangest dream about being chased by people and escaping to a high cliff top. I never fell, but was always in extreme danger of doing so. I never escaped before I woke.

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