Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Abbott - internet is "video entertainment system" not deserving $50billion (video 2010)

I've posted this before but as the internet gets progressively worse with huge demand for streaming video such as Netflix, it's worth looking back to 2010 when Abbott was then opposition leader to the Labor gov. Labor was then rolling out fibre to the premises with a high end capacity for 1Gbps across Australia. 

Abbott in this video describes the internet as nothing more than a "video  entertainment system" not worthy of spending $50 billion on. He even goes on to say it'd be better spent on things that he and Turnbull have slashed funding for drastically, particularly hospitals. (He's also on record as describing social media as nothing more than "electronic graffiti"). 

So instead of a cheap minimum 100Mbps with fibre to the premises (as is now being rolled out across the Tasman in New Zealand) the opposition came up with something that maybe would just cope with the internet in 2010. Today this is what they're still rolling out now in 2017. Those unfortunate enough to get the outdated fibre to the node are stuck with slow speeds of only 25Mbps, if that. 

The Lieberal ignorance of technology will cost billions to fix over time. And it will have to be fixed. What many are getting would be barely able to cope with the internet in 2010, let alone today. This is why the Australian internet infrastructure build has turned in to what has been described as a "national tragedy".

What's more the Turnbull plan has already blown out to over $50 billion anyway, what Labor had budgeted with fibre to the premises. In fact Turnbull has had to buy so much copper to fix the old phone system infrastructure that there's debate about whether he's increased the world price of copper in doing so.