Friday, 27 October 2017

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has been booted from parliament! - Hooray! (video)

Well what do you know. I turn on the PC this afternoon to this screaming headline on my home page. Gov in Turmoil. What a satisfying feeling seeing that.

Australia's deputy Prime minister (and leader of the National party) has been booted from parliament by the High Court over his being a dual citizen of New Zealand as well as Australia, meaning he was ineligible to even stand for parliament. What's more, deputy leader of the National party Fiona Nash has also been booted for dual citizenship.

The icing on the cake was Malcolm Roberts being booted as well. Elected to the senate for One Nation in the last federal election by only 77 primary votes, he was the maniac climate denier.

Now Barnaby has to go to a by election and try and win the seat again. Unfortunately it's come to light he's been playing around on his wife (allegedly). Mr family values against gay marriage as it threatens the sanctity of his?

It just gets better and better :)