Friday, 20 October 2017

Trans school kid reports being assaulted on train by No voter

No campaign actively advocating homophobia

I would again like to thank Turnbull for this.

A trans youth still in school and who'd never before suffered violence because of who they are, says they were assaulted by a man on a train. They were wearing their school sports shirt at the time, making it obvious that they were a child.

Given the new lows reached in memes some of the No campaign is putting out there it doesn't surprise me. The above graphic is a good example. It openly advocates that it's OK to be a homophobe. Respectful debate? *pfffft*
“My older daughter called me and said Seb had rung, very upset, and needed to be picked up from the railway station,” she said. 

 “When I got there he was in tears.” 

She said Camberwell train station staff were “absolutely lovely” and police very supportive when Sebastian reported the incident. 

The alleged assault is the only violence Sebastian has experienced as a young trans person, with Anna describing his school as “great and so supportive” and their inner-east neighbourhood as “safe and boring”. 

Anna blames the campaign against marriage equality for recent violence against LGBTI people, especially young trans people. 

 “The no campaign has been played out over the bodies of trans children,” she said. 

“They’ve chosen a particular vulnerable population and targeted it.” 

Anna said she was particularly upset that a grown man had attacked a child, while other commuters didn’t intervene. 

“He’s someone who’s very obviously a school kid,” she said. 

“He had his school sports shirt on. There’s no way this person did not know that this was a child.” Star Observer