Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Former NSW premier accuses Turnbull gov of "Tin pot dictators" - cops raid AWU (video)

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Caught up in all of this is the GetUp organisation. The Turnbull gov really hates GetUp, although it's not politically affiliated with any political party and maintains it's independence,  it's stance is progressive and therefore deeply opposed to the gov on many many issues. It often crowd funds campaigns  in an effort to shed light and clarity on issues the gov doesn't like it doing. It's free to join BTW if you want to become a member. It has a membership currently over 1 million.

So the Turnbull gov wants to silence GetUp, and us. They are now trying to prove that GetUp is actually affiliated with the Labor and Green parties (they're not and vehemently deny this). In doing so the gov has had the federal police raid the Australian Workers Union offices to investigate a donation made by the union to GetUp 12 years ago. This from the GetUp email this morning:

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What the gov thinks it can gain by a witch hunt against GetUp is beyond me. Especially in the age of social media and GetUp's expertise at mobilising a large number of people on a particular issue. It's obviously a threat to our democracy with the union movement and GetUp roundly condemning it as such.

Not to be outdone, former premier of New South Wales Kristina Keneally has called the Turnbull gov a "tinpot dictatorship" over it.