Sunday, 22 October 2017

Lyle Shelton won't accept a Yes vote result - polling shows Yes in front

I guess in some ways you could call it a form of exit polling, asking those who'd voted in the postal survey which way they voted. The results are 59% Yes and 38% No. Pretty well where to polling was at at the beginning of the postal survey. In other words the pathetic No campaign has had zero effect in changing people's minds about marriage equality. It's not over yet so people still need to make sure they get their Yes votes in the mail, but this is certainly looking encouraging.

Shelton has been highly critical of Labor and the Greens for sticking with their party policies of marriage equality no matter what the results of the survey show. Labor still being committed to introducing marriage equality legislation into the parliament within the first 100 days of  gaining office. This surely must be a reflection of just how insecure and unscientific this postal survey actually is.

So it's ironic now that Shelton says he won't accept a Yes vote and will continue to fight on against it. Gobsmackingly hypocritical. Perhaps he's almost conceding defeat already?
And in a warning shot to the Turnbull government as the campaign nears its end, Mr Shelton added that anyone “who thinks that these fights are over if the ‘Yes’ side wins are kidding themselves”. 

“The government has bought themselves a lot more pain,” he said in an interview with The New Daily. 

 It comes as a Newspoll on Wednesday showed 59 per cent of those who have mailed their ballots have voted ‘Yes’, compared with 38 per cent for ‘No’, and after the ABS confirmed 67.5 per cent of Australians had already voted. The New Daily
The article goes on describing Shelton's views on the postal survey, revealing (as if we already didn't know) that he's completely lacking in empathy and barely looks at us as people but as a political LGBT movement. 

One hopes that after this is all over Shelton and his extremist views will be deemed irrelevant and his ACL relegated to oblivion.  A change of gov to Labor would be good too, as it's the extremists in the present gov that are so enamored to Shelton's views. Shelton won't have his mate Barnaby Joyce to run crying to anymore (he was a political advisor to Joyce at one point).