Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ombusman already called moratorium tasers

I heard something on the channel ten news just then. Maybe I got it wrong. I heard the NSW ombudsman had recommended something about tasers because they were dangerous. They went on to something else really quick, and as I was preoccupied eating cheese and crackers with a crown lager I missed the rest of it. So I was forced to then fire up the plastic brain and search for it.

Not much luck. Either it's too early and it hasn't had time for Google to know it's there when I search for it, or it was talking about something else. So I checked another one where it was at Nov 2008. The article was entitled "NSW Ombudsman calls for Taser Moratorium".

TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Yesterday, the NSW Ombudsman called for a two-year moratorium on the use of tasers. Despite that, a growing number of Australian police forces are adding the electric stun guns to their armoury. The taser is promoted as a non-lethal alternative to hand guns, but the stun gun is the subject of intense controversy, especially in the United States, where the use has spread to the general public. Critics say Tasers have killed at least 300 people and are widely abused by police. North American correspondent Michael Rowland visited the factory in Arizona to file this report. more

I'll have to watch the Channel Ten news shortly. I want to find out if they're talking about then, or has the NSW Ombudsman come out with something even earlier than Nov 14th, when the Coroner hands down her findings over Curti?

I'm hoping for some sort of justice will come out of all this. I hope Curti's death won't be for nothing.  

*Edit:  Noticed people have been reading this again for some reason, but the links weren't working anymore. They're fixed now.