Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Embroidery company bans gays - US

I don't usually get involved at all in what shops do in other countries, but this one has incensed me. Probably because it's from a country that has s history of segregation and people living there should know better. This is the story of Herald Embroidery in Kentucky, USA. This is the outside of their shop; it seems guns and beards are fine, but gays and bad language are banned:

Here is a review posted online of the place:  
My wife and I went into this shop to get shirts for my parent's anniversary. We went in holding hands and the clerks gave us dirty looks the entire time. We didn't understand why; maybe they thought we were suspicious? I confronted one of the employees and they directed me to a sticker in the window. It had a pride flag on it and it basically meant gays weren't welcome. My wife and I were heartbroken; we just wanted shirts made! But...we wasted a trip for nothing. Guess we'll get our shirts online next time. So sad about this treatment. ): link
As we live in a very connected internet world now, I have decided to make my displeasure known to them, from all the way down under in Sydney, Australia. I will do this via their feedback area at the bottom of their home page.

Feel free to join me in said task if you so desire :) 


Here is my email just sent. (It was a bit less than that as it's a 1,000 character limit, but they can follow the link to here if they want).
Hello from Sydney, Australia. 

Although I would generally be happy to send greetings from Sydney to KY, on this occasion I cannot. After reading about the appalling discrimination you show to gay people online, I felt I should point out that online means world wide. In short, you are sending your message of hate across the globe. 

Is this how you want to represent yourself not only to KY, but to Sydney as well? That you're happy for someone to walk in your shop with a gun, but two people who love each other are banned? Are you happy that this warped perversion of Christianity, that says love is not OK but violence is, is how you want to conduct business? 

I take it by the sign in the front of your shop that you are. I trust that this message then will be sent far and wide, and customers can chose to enter your business accordingly. 

Thank you for you attention, 

PS. You can read more about my disgust on my blog here: 

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