Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Rainbow's end?

Despite massive support for the new rainbow crossing at Taylor Square, the roads minister in the state gov, Duncan Gay, is adamant the crossing will be removed at the end of this month. At a cost of $30,000 of public money. Why? From what I can gather it's a case of politicians arguing about nothing really. Meanwhile everyone else in the community is scratching their heads at the inability to see logic. 

Why spend $30,000 to get rid of it? Why not just leave it there and extend the trial period? Originally I though the trial period was a year, but no it's only a month. It's already a huge attraction, with people there all the time taking pictures. The State roads minister has bloody rocks in his head. Even that State Labor opposition has now called for the thing to be kept, along with the Greens.
The Greens have also maintained pressure to have the crossing made permanent with Greens MP Cate Faerhmann urging Gay to reconsider his decision in Parliament last week. 

However, during Question Time, Gay stood firm in his decision against making the crossing permanent at least until an assessment is completed at the end of a 30-day trial. 

Meanwhile, the Lord Mayor Clover Moore has also written to Gay requesting the trial be extended for at least another 12 months. more
So, according to Duncan Gay's logic, he wants to spend $30,000 to remove it and then look at an assessment about it during the trial period. The assessment will undoubtedly come up positive, and so then to put the crossing back will cost another $60,000 or so. Why not just leave it there while the assessment is completed?

I thought I better take another picture then in case it does end up going. It looks even better now that they've put the other flags back after Mardi Gras too.