Friday, 3 July 2015

HIV+ discrimination conciliation talks - round one

It was an interesting day yesterday. I was just an observer who was there for "moral support" and not allowed to participate in the official discussions. It was a display of David vs Goliath, literally :)  More specifically, David vs a managing director and the corporations human resources lawyer who had to fly interstate to be there.

I can't go into detail here obviously as the discussions are confidential. Suffice to say there was very little meeting of the minds, and lies upon lies from the managing director. So much so I had to stop myself from laughing during her droning monologue. It was like listening to a Lieberal in Canberra being interviewed. So many lies that you have to wonder at the persons mental state and the very real possibility of psychosis.

The talks will have to continue on at another date as David's lawyer wants to view paperwork of theirs. 

To summarise the days events, my view was that they can make up lies and excuses for everything, but at the end of the day it's about humanity and treating people properly. Something that this corporation doesn't see fit to do at this point.