Monday, 28 January 2013

Bedless - when bed bugs bite

My bed got bed bugs. Ack. Have never had them before. Daughter's bed is fine, so they've been bought in by somebody's bag. David doesn't have anything in his bed, so I guess it may have been from Simon? I dunno. Think they've been there for a bit and finally got to a population level that I discovered them.

Have been waking up in the morning itching, just thought it might be something to do with the HIV pills. Then the other night I turned on the light and actually saw some. OMG I nearly freaked. Ewe! There's something really horrible about waking up and discovering that your having your blood sucked by bugs. 

They were about 3cm long the ones I saw. Think that means they were adults. Got this picture from online:

Very hard to get rid of them. Luckily the bed is old and I needed a new one anyway. Chucked it out on the street and washed all the bedding. Ordered another bed online but dunno when it'll be delivered as it's a long weekend. The online tracker thing just says it's "awaiting delivery". So I'm sleeping at David's (any excuse).