Monday, 21 January 2013

Happy pill reduction - attempt 2

Have embarked on attempt number two in trying to come down off some of the happy pill dose. The last attempt was aborted on the first day when I tried to reduce it by 75mg a day. Turned out that was too much of a drop, so I'm now trying a smaller pill and a reduction of only 37.5mg/day. Yesterday was the first day that I got up enough courage to do it.

Glad to say I didn't feel anything like last time. In fact I'd not have known the dose was reduced as I felt fine. Am doing it again today. Suppose I'll do that for a week or so and try another 37.5mg drop. 

The HIV pills are much better now. Must be about a month and a half by now. Not sick at all or just a bit queasy, other than that fine. The biggest challenge is remembering to take them. I'm not exact with the twelve hours apart between the morning and night pills, but I seem to be getting a lot more used to taking one in the evening rather than completely forgetting and having to take it the next day with the morning ones.