Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Simon explains, Tim busted

Sat at a table at the pub yesterday as David was meeting me there later. I didn't notice, but who was sitting at the next table? None other than Simon, back from the wedding in the Cook Islands.

So he came and sat down and we talked. He was here for only a day and was leaving for Lightning Ridge the next. He appeared oblivious as to the events after his text (calling David a "control freak"), so I blurted out something related to it. He was horrified that Tim had passed it on to David, asking me "why did he do that?". I don't know, they've been a couple for 15 years and you're bound to end up with some sort of familiarity after that even if the relationship is over.

There's more to the story though. To David and I it looked like the text had come right out of the blue, and after only meeting David twice he'd, for some reason beyond comprehension, decided that David was a control freak. Most unfair David thought, who had become rather angry about it. However.......

Tim is schizophrenic. And he doesn't take pills. Schizophrenics often feel threatened by everyone; that they're out to get them. He'd been telling Simon that David was ruling his life and that he was afraid of him. WTF? Simon, not knowing Tim's mental condition, took what he was saying as true. Hence the "control freak" text. He was very apologetic that it'd been shown to David.

Further to this, Tim said nothing to David about what he'd been telling Simon, and chose to only show David that one text without any explanation as to why Simon may have sent it. There's a word for Tim here, I believe it's "shit stirrer". He has a lot to answer for in this whole situation. He seems to have manipulated us all.

I ask Simon to sit elsewhere as David was there shortly and I just couldn't be bothered with a confrontation. Told David the full story when he got there, and he confronted Tim about it when we went back to his place. To sum up Tim's reaction, I think you could use the word "busted".