Thursday, 17 January 2013

Walking wounded

Am a bit injured at the moment. 

My wrist has started turning a bruised colour from the end of my arm to the start of my fingers. The swelling isn't so bad anymore but it's still very painful. Had to take strong painkillers this morning just for that.

There's also my left back muscle that had those really bad muscle spasms. It's still quite sore despite having been settled down from the painkillers.

I've also found more injuries from the hot water cylinder fall; a big mark at the bottom of my back from the milk crate, and another one underneath my right forearm. 

All in all feeling battered and bruised. Luckily David has had some painkillers he didn't need, otherwise I'd have had to go back to the doctor for more. Nurse David also bandaged up my hand yesterday which helped with the bruising and swelling. He's also given strict orders not to try and rescue the cat again!

Yesterday I opened up the pill drawer next to the bed for the painkillers. Got a bit taken aback for some reason. Man, I got a lot of shit in there:

Actually it's worse than it looks. There's 3 different mg's of happy pills in there as I've tried to get a dose small enough to come down with. So that all looks a lot. Haven't tried a second time yet, better psych myself up for that one I think.