Wednesday, 11 July 2018

A tractor assault reminds of childhood one by oldest brother NZ (video) - *trigger warning sexual assault*

A man has been charged with serious offences involving chasing his neighbour with a tractor over some neighbour dispute. This happened in the US but it bought back memories of when it happened to me as a child in New Zealand; my oldest brother driving the tractor at me.
Morris, 72, was booked into the St. Johns County jail on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, a third-degree felony.He was released the next day after posting $2,500 bond, records show.

 Scott Lynch, 53, told deputies a dispute escalated when Morris climbed onto his tractor, drove onto Lynch’s property and chased him down his driveway, yelling, “Run, fat [expletive]!”

 Lynch said he ran for his life, fearing Morris would have run him over if he stopped.

 The chase came to an end when Lynch took refuge inside his garage and shut the door.
At 72 I doubt the tractor neighbour would have given a flying fuck about the charge. At that age I reckon you'd just stop giving a flying fuck about anything really. I'm only 56 and looking forward to that day when I can just do whatever the hell I want and blame it on my age. Alas this hasn't worked for this particular 72 year old :s

All very funny yes, but the person in the US has been charged for somewhat of a lesser crime that my oldest brother did to me as a child. On an isolated farm in Taranaki on the North Island of New Zealand, with no neighbours having any visibility of it. My oldest brother John was of course way younger than 72.

Can't remember how old I was as a kid but John couldn't have been more than 20. He was from the previous marriage of Dad's first wife who died a while after his younger brother Kevin was born. Dad's first wife had cancer in remission but the pregnancy of Kevin took a lot out of her and after that the cancer returned and she eventually died. 

Dad married my mum after that and I was born along with my younger brother bla. The 4 kids of dad's first wife ranged from being pretty annoyed at my and Gary's arrival to positively despising us. John in hindsight hated us. In hindsight so did Kevin - John's younger brother. Their two sisters were pretty neutral I think but however did take pleasure in their brother's torment of Gary and I on occasion. 

I think John was the leader of all that; I remember him pushing my mother one time in the hallway just outside Kevin's, Gary's, and I's bedroom door over some dispute about us. Dad was right beside my mum and didn't do a thing. Mum said something like "Oh stop it John" playing it down. John had no repercussions for that by Dad. So even from a young age I got that John hated me (and Gary) and got away with it.

And it eventuated some time later that I and John were in the paddock immediately next to the house on one occasion that I'll remember for the rest of my days. I was a child, John must have been 20 or more I dunno. He was on a tractor for some reason. He decided to chase me with the tractor.

I remember it had some sort of fork thing at the front that he lowered and aimed directly at me, flooring the accelerator on the tractor. It was going faster than I could run, making me terrified and running to the point of hysteria to get away from him. On the tractor he was laughing his head off. He wasn't obviously going to do me in but he was getting great pleasure out of my complete horror.

I eventually made it to a small gate of the house and got inside, John pulling up the tractor in satisfaction. I remember all this as it was so traumatic for me at the time. I ran the short concrete path to the house, entering it screaming in terror and screaming through tears at what just had happened. 

A small household uproar followed, mostly by mum. John however came in very shorty after laughing and saying it was all just joking and kidding around sort of thing. BS!; I remember to this day the look on his face as he terrorised me on top of the tractor. He was getting off on it. Mum had a bit of a go at him about seeing my complete panic and distress, but Dad didn't back her up on that.

Good grief, this was just going to be a brief bloody post :s  Well I've started now....... Putting some perspective on this in hindsight after decades.......


John was a sexual abuser I found out recently, off Kevin. John fucked Kevin for years when Kevin was between about 6-7 to 12-13yrs old. 

I know this because Kevin himself told me when he came here with his thug son that night and wanted to have sex with David (it was confirmed by my older sister). Everything was on the down low back then and neighbours didn't intervene, even though they may have known what was going on.

When Kevin's son (Phillip) bashed David whilst Kevin looked on. Before which I assume Kevin could mess with my head another time just like he did my whole childhood, evin have his power over me, and have sex with my partner. Little did he know that I wasn't the scared little kid that he bullied growing up with me, but that's another story :)

Sometimes I think about all this and I wonder how the "family" I grew up in was so incredibly fucked up. I wonder where John learned to fuck Kevin? Dad fought in WW2 in north Africa and Europe speaking very little about it. But one time he said "Italy was a filthy country". So what happened to him in Italy in WW2? Was he projecting?

I really have to try to stop trying to figure it all out when I get to about this point. I have learned over my lifetime that Dad wasn't a nice person at all (especially in my teens when I of course hated him, ha ha :). 

Ironically when I had no idea about this post I was about to bla out of the blue, I remember being out in the batch at the back of the town property when I was 15-16 or so and Dad banged on the batch door one morning (I'd put an inside lock on the thing). I was standing there in pajama top and pants when I opened the door, the pants without undies as that's what I was starting to do at the time in my teens.

Will never forget the way he looked at my crotch. It was only a second or two but it was something one will never forget.

Oh fuck.........I'm raving again............. Enough said...........