Saturday, 21 July 2018

Said hello to granddaughter today :)

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David and I had coffee with my daughter and husband today, along with my new granddaughter. So I had the first hold of her with her being barely a month old. Had forgotten how small newborn babies were. Both daughter and husband very hands on parents, with me noting to husband about his new ability to eat with one hand and hold baby with the other.

Very well behaved. However daughter and husband were worried about her vomiting. They're in the process of getting the feeding regime right. But babies chuck up, it's just what they do. Along with parents doing washing everyday. 

Of course if she spewed that was time to hand her back :)

But they ain't seen nothing yet. I told daughter about her projectile spewing as a baby and toddler, particularly one time a full on spew standing in the cot. It was all over the curtain next to the cot, on the carpet below, dripping down the side of the cot all over it and the cot bedding. Nothing on her though. I walked into the room with my jaw on the floor.... 

To this day I'm a spew cleaning up expert. The cats chucking up a furball are chicken feed to that. What you need is a good long handled toilet brush (as the toilet is where the spew is going) with solid bristles on the end. Not one of those silly useless round bristled things. Along with that a small brush and shovel for cleaning up bits and pieces inside the house. You don't use the brush with the shovel though, you use the solid toilet brush.

The initial spew cleaning off a carpet for example is to brush the spew into the shovel with the toilet brush, getting all the main lumps and fluid into it to flush down the toilet (sometimes this may take more than one time to do it all). After that is scrubbing the carpet with the toilet brush with much effort, getting the bristles to do their work. Whatever bits of spew left that it picks up go into the always ready shovel nearby to be flushed. And viola.

So granddaughter still very young but very nice. Looking forward to seeing her grow up :)

The very proud parents
Me doing a photo bomb, ha ha. The one below is better

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