Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The danger of oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight - Sea Shepherd (video)

The Bunda Cliffs, protecting a large whale nursery.
Two mothers and a calf, southern right whales *click to enlarge

A stunning documentary put out by Sea Shepherd Australia. It's from back in 2016 when BP was still trying to get the OK to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. Sea Shepherd used their flagship the Steve Irwin to tour some of the Bight to document what's in danger if BP drilled there and had another oil spill like the Deep Water Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. 

All that's filmed in this documentary would be lost, with the oil spill reaching Victoria and possible even southern New South Wales on Australia's east coast. This was according to BP's own research, BP itself stating that it would take 36 days before they got any equipment there at all to even start a clean up. Such is the remoteness of the Great Australian Bight.

Black footed rock wallaby, Pearson Island
It's one of the few places left on earth of untouched wilderness. Islands and reefs you've never heard of, even as Australians, teeming with unique life. Part of it is a whale nursery where whales come from other waters to breed before heading off elsewhere. A place of rough seas up to 20 metres and crystal clear waters, where marine life and animals still have no fear of man.

I highly recommend watching this video in it's entirety. We watched it last noght on the telly after downloading it off YouTube using this site to do so, and playing it through the media player. It deserves to be watched properly in HD. It's narrated by Bob Brown, retired leader of The Australian Greens, who also went on the Steve Irwin with the rest of the crew.

Australian sea lion (endangered), Kangaroo Island

Since 2016 BP has pulled out of trying to get an OK to drill there, however other companies are still wanting to. Like Statoil, a Norwegian oil company known for taking risks when no other oil company will.

(*NB: all pictures are from the Sea Shepherd blog).

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