Sunday, 8 July 2018

Drag Queen rejected by parents - a very moving "What would you do?" video

This is probably the most moving "What would you do?" clip I've seen.

The scenario is that a gay guy who does drag is meeting his parents for lunch at a restaurant. Because he's heading off to perform soon afterwards he turns up in full drag. The parents loudly reject him attending the restaurant like that, with other diners in full earshot and view of what's going on.

Most are horrified and supportive of the drag queen performer. One women even told the parents that she'd just come from the cemetery as her son is dead and to accept their son for who he is. 

One couple, when the drag son went to the toilet, said they were with the parents on this. The woman saying that if it was her in that situation she'd get up and leave and not put herself through that. It's interesting how she changes her story after the TV guy comes along and she realises it's all being filmed and going to air.....