Monday, 9 July 2018

Trump baby blimp will fly over London when Trump visits (video)

What an incredible insult to the visit of a sitting US president to England. What a slap in the face for him. So pompous and in love with himself, to be depicted as a big baby with small hands must surely be a crushing blow to the man's overused ego. I hope the mainstream media gets lots of shots of it when it's up, and with Trump in the picture. That would be just surreal :)

BTW it sort of reminds me way back in the 1980's when Pink Floyd was getting ready for their Sydney concert (in the Entertainment Centre back then). They had a flying pig, but somehow it got lose from it's tether and drifted off. A message came over the local rock station Triple M asking people to watch out for a flying pig and let them know where it was. Seriously. I heard the announcement myself on the radio at work.

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