Monday, 30 July 2018

Abbott says pulling out of Paris climate change agreement would be "popular" :s (video)

Once again the gov has maneuvered itself into all sorts of trouble. We just had a "Super Saturday" of 5 by elections in Australia, with four out of the five seats up for grabs being held by the Labor opposition. 

The Canberra political commentators fed their bubbled view to the Australian mainstream media, coming up with the narrative that the gov would likely take at least one seat off Labor in the House of Representatives, that Labor leader Bill Shorten was on the ropes and would have his leadership challenged if he lost a seat to the gov, and that Anthony Albanese was poised to take over the Labor leadership.

Once again, as with the 2016 federal election where a comfortable win was predicted for the gov, the blinkered buffoons in Canberra and the main stream media got it all very wrong. Labor easily won all four seats, but most notably the Queensland seat of Longman. 

Turnbull was hopeless campaigning, patronising and condescending

This was the "knife edge" seat that was supposed to be taken by the gov. Instead Labor clobbered the gov candidate, with the gov vote in the seat collapsing by 10 points compared to the last federal election. This is in Queensland which is traditionally a very conservative state (ie. conservative for Australia) having a stronger vote for the present gov than all other Australian states and territories.

What's more the gov holds a slew of seats in Queensland by only a small margin, including Peter Darth Dutton in charge of gov cruelty of asylum seekers. If such a result as Longman was repeated across the state in the coming federal election the gov would go down in a flaming bloodbath.

Labor's line is simple. Don't give massive tax cuts of $80 billion to the top end of town whilst cutting public services to the less well off. The gov just doesn't grasp that Australians don't like to see less fortunate people getting hard done by, arguing over the crumbs from the table of the well off.

However even after this Super Saturday the gov is still banging on that it wants to have these $80 billion high end company tax cuts. The political stupidity is palpable. It's the Turnbull gov's signature policy so he doesn't want to give it up.

The cracks are appearing now though in the gov over the tax cuts, mostly by panicked backbenchers. A Super Saturday is certainly a long time in politics.

Enter bitter and twisted ex-PM Tony Abbott; the deposed emperor with no clothes who's bent on vengeance of Turnbull for ousting him and ending his 2 year reign of idiocy. All too happy to stick the boot in, he's declared to the media that there's no votes in the tax cuts. Yes folks, no shit Sherlock....

That statement alone is so dumb in it's obviousness. Stating the obvious like it's some sort of major revelation to the gov. What fuckin planet are these idiots on?

But even more stupid is his solution to this now (and yet again) dire position the gov finds itself in by it's own doing. How about doing something populist? 

"There are no votes in company tax cuts," Mr Abbott told Sydney radio station 2GB on Monday.

 The backbencher went on to say he supported the economic arguments for lowering company tax, but said the policy was clearly not supported by voters.

 The government should pursue more popular policies, Mr Abbott said, such as pulling out of the Paris agreement on climate change and cutting back on annual immigration. SBS 
Far out. Abbott thinks that dropping out of the Paris climate thing, along with more cruelty to refugees, will save the gov! Again, what planet are these people on? Or what planet did Abbott grow up on?

I guess though it highlights the fact that the tax cuts are just a part of why the people are using their votes to baseball bat the gov. It's not just the tax cuts, but pretty much everything about this gov's policies. Their love of coal and supporting a reef destroying Adani coal mine comes to mind. Their constant rhetoric and demonisation against those in the community less fortunate than them. Their cruelty to refugees trashing Australia's reputation on the world stage. Their domestic demonisation of whichever minority they feel like picking on that month.

This gov is full of horrible policies and horrible people. Even if Turnbull did ditch the tax cuts, that won't save him or his gov.

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