Friday, 13 July 2018

Green Day's "American Idiot" rockets up UK charts for Trump visit (hilarious videos & pics)

Incredibly Trump wanted the UK to block all protests during his visit in a phone call to Theresa May last year. Unlike the protest blimp of Trump in nappies with small hands however, the demand went down like a lead balloon in London.

It appears now that England is stepping up to the plate (to use an American term) and keen on dishing out the sort of criticism of Trump that we all think outside of the US bubble.

Yes folks, Trump is the quintessential American idiot. To think that he was voted in by Americans I guess says a lot about the IQ of the American's responsible for doing so. BTW, we have our own demented Australian's too who vote, so I'm not getting on a high horse here. It must be some kind of western disease that we elect people who are completely stupid and entirely unrepresentative of us :s  I mean FFS, look at our abysmal moronic present Australian gov. *sheesh* But I digress.....

I would have to say though that Trump is far far more stupid and dangerous than even our Australian gov. The so called "leader of the free world" who praises dictators and rants at close allies. Apart from stretching the friendship to the extreme he's made the world look at the US as buffoons, isolating themselves and ignorant of anyone but themselves, living in their bubble of "American Exceptionalism", thinking they're better than anyone else on the planet with "America First". 

So deluded and audacious as to think that the richest country on earth has been hard done by. Thinking that their subversion over many decades of foreign powers to install regimes helpful to the US world chess game, was somehow not their fault. They claim hero status in WW2 as the conquerers of Hitler, but in reality it was late in the war and only after Pearl Harbour that the US entered the war. My New Zealand father was fighting in North Africa against Hitler entirely on the other side of the world long before the US could be bothered to help. Hard done by my ass. We did the donkey work and they walked in at the end and claimed grandier.

And now Trump demands, like a dictator to a close ally, thinking he has the authority to dictate because he's America and America first, to block all protests against him in England - a foreign country from the US. Astonishingly self absorbed and ignorant. Astonishingly bullying. And this is the president that wants to isolate himself and give up on the rest of the world? Whilst dictating to them what he wants, to appease his own ego? OMG the complete stupidity. What a buffoon. 

Putin got what he wanted; an American idiot for president. 
The charge list against Mr Trump is long, unignorable and impossible to tolerate. Morally, it is headed by the racism of the immigration policies he was so proud of in Brussels on Thursday, the cruelty of their enforcement, especially in the separation of children from their parents, the racism to which he gives encouragement at home, and the taunting and visceral threat to the rights and dignities of women, people of colour, and LGBT people, who are all now directly threatened by his latest supreme court nomination. He has ignorantly spurned the threat from climate change, has sucked up to tyrants, has conducted an unprecedented campaign against the free press, launched a trade war, insulted America’s allies, praised America’s enemies and made dangerous mischief in the domestic and regional politics of countless parts of the world. Only this week, heading for Europe, he insulted Germany and said meeting Vladimir Putin would be easy work compared with his meetings in Brussels and Britain. The Guardian

In anticipation for Donald Trump’s presidential visit to British prime minister Theresa May in the United Kingdom this week, a social media campaign in the U.K. is aiming to make the popular 2004 song “American Idiot” by Green Day a hit again.

 This is compounded by the fact that Trump reportedly requested to block all protests in the U.K. during his upcoming visit. In one alleged phone conversation during 2017, Trump complained to May over the criticism he’d been getting in British newspapers.

 In the secure bunker underneath the prime minister’s office, May’s advisers listened in to the call in astonishment at Trump’s demand.

 Amid warnings that Trump would face protests in the streets when he arrived, he told the prime minister he would not be coming to the U.K. until she could promise him a warm welcome.

 For the past couple of weeks, the social media campaign has sought to make the song “American Idiot” the Number 1 tune in the U.K., in time for Trump’s arrival on Friday.

 The campaign asked people to download “American Idiot” between Friday, July 6, and Friday, July 13, to push the 14-year-old single to the top of the Official U.K. Charts.

 Its inspired slogan, of course, is: Make American Idiot Great Again. Citizen Truth