Friday, 17 January 2014

The price of love

I guess it's the price of love 
I know it's not cheap 
U2 - Ultra Violet  
This has been in my head since yesterday; the price of love.

Love just happens. There's no planning to it. No deciding who you're going to love. Love is something that seems outside of our control. You can't chose who you love. Whether you act on it is another matter, which is the only "choice" you have; to follow that love or not.

I love my daughter. I know she's been a bitch lately and hates me right now, but love isn't something I can switch on or off. Whatever happens to her from here I'll still love her to the end. 

So it's with a deal of pain that the latest happenings with her have unfolded. Have said before that it will hurt all this, how can it not when my own daughter sets out to hurt me? It's not even that that hurts, it's simply the fact that she could be so cruel and vindictive and completely excommunicate me from her life.

But that pain I guess is the price of love, not cheap. 

But what's the alternative? Living a life without love? Not feeling anything? Denying love a chance to take root and grow? Feeling nothing? One would be a gutted human, a walking robot going through the motions of life with no feelings, no love. We wouldn't feel the pain of loss, but we wouldn't feel love either. Such an existence is just that; an existence.

In another way I thought of David, and others around the world who can't help who they love. I thought of those under persecution and even the threat of death because of their same sex love. For many in the LGBT community, the price of love is certainly not cheap.

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