Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A little exchange with a bible basher

Must admit I've sprayed everywhere in the comments section of this YouTube christian hate pastor video. Haven't done anything like that for years. Perhaps I'm coming back? I used to love going to war online late at night/small hours of the morning, after finishing shiftwork at 11pm, when crazy US wingnuts were getting up in their morning. They didn't know what to make of me really. I mean some of my views were anathema to them. Back then it was a bit of fun and games and we all knew it in both countries. I even got a few compliments at how well I wrote things. It was all very friendly usually.

This time however is different. This video from over there is from a bunch of pastors united in their abhorrence of gays, to the point that their fuckin site is called "NoGay CivilRights". WTF? I dunno, I became a bit enraged by this affront against me, even though I'm in another country it's still there online with people fuckin supporting it. Fucks sake my bloods the same colour as theirs. Yet they'd like people like me who live in the US to have no civil rights because they're gay. Of course that would piss me off. I'm standing with my US gay brothers and sisters on this one.

So anyway, may I introduce one of these contributors in the comments section who hates gays. Since I replied to him he has deleted his post on the YouTube comments and replied back to me via PM. What? Too gutless to put it online for all to see? (I now note it's been put back).

Well as he had his hate thing online for all to see and deleted it when I took him up on it online, I will now post the PM shit that followed. Read it and weep christian fuckwits:

Oh, what a surprise here. LazerCannon7 is all upset about his sexuality. Strange then he'd be watching stuff about gays eh? Here's a video from his YouTube account:

Wanna condemn me bitch? Well I'm condemning you here and now. You are a self righteous arrogant prick. Go fuck yourself.

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