Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Abbott cuts funding to ACON - Housing service ends

We're sort of ready to lodge the Housing form. Under construction for some time, it's about half a centimetre thick. There was more that could be done for it but there's already so many documents in it of proof of this and that the best thing to do is lodge it and take it from there. The bloke helping us at ACON with it reckons it'll probably be rejected first off and then we can appeal to a board of impartial and independent people. I dunno we're just doing what he reckons is the best way to go as he knows all about it.

The application is for priority housing, which apparently you have to just about give an arm and a leg to get on that list. Although we would fall back to the normal list which has only a small wait of 15 years if the whole thing was knocked back. 

Fuck what do you have to do to prove you're eligible? If we aren't who the fuck is? Currently I don't see my pension at all, it pays the rent. That leaves his Newstart for both of us, $470 a fortnight. That's let alone all the health and psychological issues involved, just the money side of it. Still haven't heard WTF Centrelink is doing with this Carers Allowance claim, it's taking fuckin ages.

Another thing that came to light yesterday at the housing meeting was that ACON is ending it's Housing assistance service this month. HIV people will no longer be able to go to ACON for Housing issues. The bloke helping us had been there for twenty years doing housing for HIV people and now was becoming unemployed. Guess why?

The Abbott gov cut the funding. 

So from here we'll be dealing only with our social worker for appeals and the like with this housing application. 

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