Friday, 31 October 2014

"The lunatics are on the grass" - Brain Damage/Eclipse, Pink Floyd 1973

Dark Side of the Moon was the longest album ever on the English top 100 charts. It finally fell off after 11 years. An iconic album, a themed album. It is timeless. 

These two last songs of that album exploded earlier in my head. It seems the times we live in now have bought a new understanding of Brain Damage and Eclipse. Can't say I've ever really "got it" like I have now. Especially with the current Australian excuse for a gov.

The song came from Roger Waters who got the inspiration for it when he was looking at a beautifully manicure patch of grass, with a sign saying "keep off the grass". Remember as a kid playing on grass? Remember when you weren't allowed to walk on it anymore? A metaphorical take on walking on the grass.

Indeed they want us to walk on the path. Their path......

Some original video from 1973 this one. I nearly creamed my pants darlings. Am a hard core Pinko :)


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